Does Paneer Melt – Paneer vs Cheese

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If you’re wondering, “Does paneer melt?” the answer may surprise you. Paneer is a dish popular in classic Indian dishes such as Shahi paneer. It is also popular in other parts of the world, though it goes by many other names. In this post, we’ll be examining whether or not paneer melts while also comparing its qualities to cheese. Stick around to see how similar and how different paneer and cheese really are.

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Does Paneer Melt – Paneer Vs Cheese

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Can You Make Paneer Melt?

So, does paneer cheese melt? Actually, it doesn’t!

Because paneer is structurally different from traditional cheese, paneer won’t melt.

It can, however, become so soft that it breaks and disintegrates into a dish. But this isn’t the same as melting.

Is it Possible to Melt Paneer?

It is not possible to melt paneer because, unlike cheese, it doesn’t have the structural makeup to be able to do so.

Instead, paneer pieces are often used in Indian cuisine to provide a soft and creamy texture. This has now also become a bit more popular in Western society, with American interests peaking towards Indian dishes.

Does Paneer Melt

Does Paneer Melt?

Does Paneer Melt When Heated?

In truth, paneer isn’t exactly cheese in the classic way we think of it.

Though paneer is similar to cheese, it doesn’t contain the same ingredients or follow the same processes when made. Thus, paneer doesn’t actually melt when heated.

When heated by normal means paneer will not melt. It may, however, break apart and liquefy after time. This is what happens when paneer gets too soft. It will eventually crumble and disintegrate.

Does Paneer Melt in the Oven?

No, paneer doesn’t have the chemical makeup to be able to melt. Thus, it is impossible to melt paneer in the oven. Remember, however, that homemade paneer and fresh paneer may become too soft and may break. But this isn’t the same as melting the paneer.

Does Grated Paneer Melt?

Unlike grated cheese, grated paneer won’t melt.

Still, it is a delicious option to top salads, soups, and other goods. This is especially true if you are looking for a low-fat and low-calorie option for dieting.

Because paneer does not contain the amount of fat that cheese typically does, it is a fresh addition to food that won’t make you feel guilty for having consumed it.

Does Paneer Melt – Paneer Vs Cheese

What Happens If We Heat Paneer?

Most of the time, when paneer is heated, it will hold its shape. The consistency of the paneer, however, may get soft.

When making paneer, you may also notice your paneer grainy. If this happens it may be because you added too much acid, like lemon juice, to the paneer recipe.

Also, if you heat paneer too long while making paneer recipe, the result may be grainy as well.

How Does Paneer Cheese Not Melt?

Because casein proteins are held together by calcium in cheese, the acid in paneer creates a negative charge in these proteins. The result of this process dissolves the calcium glue and leaves paneer unable to melt.

Why Did My Paneer Melt?

If you see paneer pieces floating around in your dish, you may be wondering, “Why is my paneer melting?” In essence, your paneer hasn’t melted. Paneer differs from cheese in that it doesn’t melt. What you are probably witnessing is your paneer breaking apart. This can happen when paneer is too soft or has been made from skim or reduced fat milk.

How Do You Keep Paneer From Melting?

You don’t have to do anything to keep paneer from melting. That’s because paneer naturally does not melt! Whether you want to use your paneer in a popular dish like Shahi paneer or want to use it on its own, you don’t have to worry about paneer melting when heated.

indian cottage cheese with naan and rice

How Can I Soften Paneer Quickly?

Try to steam, soak, or fry paneer to make it soften more quickly. These are all common ways to cook paneer, and any of these methods will work well to yield the soft and creamy paneer you desire.

How Do You Melt Paneer Cheese?

If you make paneer cheese soft enough, it may technically “melt” or vanish into the liquid you have it in. This is usually the case when soaking or steaming the paneer for too long. It may eventually break apart or liquefy.

What Goes in Paneer?

Paneer is made with hot milk and an acidic component. This component can be lemon juice, citric acid, or even vinegar. Paneer heated then separates into curds and whey, from where the curds are extracted and drained.

Thus, the process of making paneer is similar to making cheese, but different. Cheese is often formed with milk, rennet and/or emulsifiers. For example, mozzarella cheese has cow’s milk and rennet. Paneer is made with milk, but there is no rennet or emulsifier added. Instead, an acid, usually fruit-based like lemon, is used to draw the curds out.

Paneer is touted for its health benefits, including being low in calories and low in fat. It is also vegetarian which is dissimilar to most cheeses.

You can find paneer being used in many classic Indian dishes. In America and other western countries, however, paneer is often referred to as “cottage cheese”.

Why Is My Paneer Breaking?

Sometimes when you cook paneer, you may notice it breaking. This is because it has become so soft that it breaks apart in a dish. This can be a catastrophe when using a paneer recipe that calls for the paneer to be cubed or in a formed shape.

To prevent this from happening, be sure to only use full fat or whole raw milk when making or choosing paneer. Both paneer and cheese come in skim varieties, but it is the whole milk version of these that make the best paneer and cheese.

Does Paneer Melt? Not in the Way You Might Think…

Paneer is a fresh spin on cheese, that in actuality, isn’t really cheese at all.

It is made differently than traditional cheese and is the result of milk combined with acid without the use of rennet or emulsifiers.

But the biggest difference between paneer and cheese is that paneer doesn’t melt! Instead, it holds its shape even when heated.

Remember that there are times when paneer will still seem to melt. This just means the paneer has gotten too soft and that it is disintegrating. But as long as the paneer is made with raw whole or full-fat milk, liquified paneer isn’t typically a common occurrence.

Grab your naan and try paneer for a delicious meal today!

delicious indian cottage cheese masala


Why does paneer not melt like other cheese?

Wondering why does paneer not melt? Paneer is made differently than cheese, and thus, its structural makeup doesn’t allow it to melt. 

Is paneer supposed to melt?

No, paneer is not supposed to melt. 

Why did my paneer melt while cooking?

It has probably gotten too soft. It also could be that you made an error in the cooking process. Remember to only use full fat or whole milk when making paneer.

Does paneer melt when cooked?

No, typically paneer should not melt when cooked. 

How do you keep paneer from melting?

Paneer doesn’t usually melt. If it does, you may have had it submersed in liquid too long or made an error in the recipe. 

Does paneer melt when baked?

No, paneer does not melt when baked.

Can you melt paneer cheese?

You cannot melt paneer cheese in the traditional sense. You can, however, make it softer by frying, steaming, or soaking it. 

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