Is Red Velvet Chocolate? And What Is Red Velvet Cake? ANSWERED

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Red velvet is one of the most popular sponge cakes. It now comes in lots of different shapes and sizes, such as cupcakes. Red velvet is a cake that is made using a variety of ingredients. Some ingredients are traditional baking ingredients – such as eggs and flours – and other ingredients that you would not think would go into a sponge cake – such as vinegar, buttercream and cream cheese. Red velvet has a very distinctive flavor. Many ask, is red velvet chocolate?

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It is hard to see which taste group to place red velvet into. It does have a distinctive and complex taste. The taste of red velvet can change dramatically when paired with an icing. In this article we will question if red velvet cake is chocolate and how best to compare red velvet in taste.

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What Actually Is Red Velvet Cake?

Today red velvet cake is one of the most popular sponges on offer, especially in western countries. Many people use red velvet cupcakes a s base for their cake art as red velvet cake has such a distinctive color. Red velvet tastes very similarly to a mix between a vanilla cake and a chocolate cake. Although, string ingredients such as vinegar, cream cheese and buttermilk bring acid to the mixture, which creates a particular tart tang like flavor. 

Red velvet is made to be very lightweight with a fluffy, moist texture. Traditionally, red velvet cake is free from food coloring as the ingredients, such as beets, can turn the mixture a red color on their own. Today, depending on who is baking the red velvet cake, red food coloring is added to produce an extra punchy red shade. This is not overly common but both methods are used when baking red velvet cake.

red velvet cupcake with icing and crumbles and a macaron

Are Red Velvet And Chocolate The Same Thing?

No, red velvet and chocolate are 100 percent not the same thing.

Chocolate is very rich in cocoa powder, whereas red velvet only features a small amount of cocoa in its recipe. Cocoa powder when used in cake recipes tends to make the cake look a very deep color. This works both for red velvet and chocolate cake. The cocoa powder used in red velvet reacts with the other ingredients, such as buttermilk or vinegar, to create a bold red color.

Chocolate cake is normally paired with other chocolaty items – such as icing or ice cream – whereas red velvet cake is traditionally paired with cream cheese.

Is Red Velvet Chocolate Or Vanilla?

The quick answer is neither!

Red velvet has its own flavor. It is true that red velvet may have elements of both chocolate and vanilla but it still stands alone in its distinctive taste. Red velvet makes it familiar to a vanilla flavor as it is normally paired with a vanilla icing. The flavor of red velvet cake can also be compared to chocolate cake as it has a slight distinctive taste which comes from the cocoa powder that both recipes contain.

Why Does Red Velvet Not Taste Like Chocolate?

Red velvet cake does not taste like chocolate because it is not chocolate. It simply does not contain any chocolate. Red velvet cake does contain cocoa powder which chocolate and chocolate cake contains too. This presence of cocoa powder does not mean that red velvet will taste like chocolate. Not all ingredients taste like eggs just because they may contain a small amount of eggs.

The reason red velvet does not taste overly chocolatey is that the cake mixture recipe only contains a small amount of cocoa powder.

sliced cake on white ceramic plate

What Flavor Is Red Velvet Supposed To Be?

What is red velvet flavor? Well it is tough to explain but we will try our best! Red velvet has a familiar taste of chocolate cake and you can taste the cocoa powder that is faintly added to the mixture. Due to the cocoa powder, red velvet cake is very sweet but has a slightly tart taste too. This tart taste is present due to the cream cheese being added to the mixture. The overall taste is very comforting as the texture is soft and lightweight. We strongly recommend that you try a red velvet cupcake to see if the red velvet taste is to your liking before you go ahead and bake yourself a whole sponge.

Is Red Velvet Chocolate Cake Dyed Red?

Red velvet cake is mostly memorable for its bright, deep shade of red. Other cakes look more natural compared to red velvet cake. It is easy to see why many believe that red velvet cake has a lot of red food coloring added to it. Traditional red velvet cake has a contrasting color icing, such as a bright vanilla white frosting that either is placed in the missile of two sponges or on top of the cake. If you are making red velvet in a traditional way, you would not add red food coloring to the mixture. The acidity for the vinegar will be enough to make your red velvet cake turn that bright red color that it is famous for.

How Is Red Velvet Cake Different From Chocolate Cake?

Red velvet is different from chocolate cake in many ways, including ingredients, texture, color, taste and recipe method.

Red velvet cake has added dairy ingredients, such as cream cheese. These are vital when making red velvet cake have its distinctive taste. Chocolate cake does not contain as many dairy products and is any easier flavored cake to make dairy free.

The texture of red velvet cake is lighter than chocolate cake. Meanwhile, chocolate cake has a solid, sometimes dense texture that keeps the sponge together.

The color of chocolate cake is a dulled brown while red velvet cake has a deep red color.

The taste of red velvet cake is a lot richer and more distinct than chocolate cake. Chocolate cake tastes of a dulled down chocolate flavor which can be paired with almost anything.

The recipe is a lot simpler if you do decide you would like to make chocolate cake. Red velvet cake is still an easy cake to make but with its added ingredient comes added steps in the recipe.

Spectacular red velvet cupcakes

What Is Red Velvet Cake Vs Chocolate Cake?

There is quite a huge difference between red velvet cake and chocolate cake. Some people love both and some have a preference for one of the other.

When tasting red velvet and chocolate cake initially, there is some familiarity between the two. The difference between the two cakes is that red velvet cake is richer and described as finer than chocolate cake. Both red velvet cake and chocolate cake are sponge cakes but chocolate cake tends to be denser in texture.

What Kind Of Chocolate Is Red Velvet?

This answer is pretty simple, most red velvet cakes are made with any chocolate. Although, both red velvet cake and chocolate cake do contain cocoa powder. Red velvet cake does have a lot more to its recipe. This cake also contains other ingredients like buttermilk, vinegar, and cream cheese. These ingredients are all vital to creating its distinctive flavor and texture.

When compared to chocolate cake, red velvet cakes are richer and lighter in texture.

How Much Chocolate Is In Red Velvet Cake?

There actually is not chocolate in the red velvet cake but there is cocoa powder!

To set the story straight, red velvet cake is not a chocolate or vanilla cake that has had a lot of red color dye poured in. Red velvet is made from other ingredients that add acidity and create a different unique flavor.

Red velvet can be compared to chocolate cake as it does have a slightly similar taste. However, there is no chocolate involved in a red velvet cake recipe.

In fact, red velvet does share an ingredient with chocolate cake which is cocoa powder. But the former contains very little compared to the amount chocolate cake contains.

Red Velvet FAQs

Why Is Red Velvet Cake So Popular?

Apart from the fact that red velvet cakes look very impressive and are perfect for getting creative with the design, red velvet cake is popular because of its distinctive taste. Red velvet cake is naturally very rich tasting with many even comparing it to a velvety taste. Some say that red velvet cake tastes like very dark chocolate and this may be because it is made with elements of a chocolate cake it is made from such as cocoa powder and buttermilk. Even though some say that red velvet cake tastes like a dark chocolate cake, I know many youngsters who can not stand dark chocolate but LOVE the taste of red velvet cake. Red velvet cake traditionally is made to have a very fluffy texture and is usually paired with a huge amount of vanilla icing on top. Maybe the extravagance of the cake is why it is so popular?

Red Velvet Cake Fits Into A Category Of Its Own

Red velvet is not chocolate as it does not contain any chocolate within its sponge cake mixture. There is no denying that red velvet does hold some similarities to chocolate cake. But there are more differences than similarities. The ingredients that makes this vermillion sponge cake close to chocolate is the use of cocoa powder in its recipe. Although, the use of cocoa powder is few and therefore does not give an overpowering chocolate taste.

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