What’s The Difference Between Challah vs Brioche?

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Whether perusing your local bakery or simply looking for the perfect French toast recipe, you’ve probably encountered both brioche and challah bread. However, aside from challah bread having a braid shape you may be unsure what the difference is. After all, both brioche and challah bread have rather similar colourations on the outside and a similar texture within. However, the differences between challah vs brioche is actually quite substantial.

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What Is Challah Bread?

Challah bread has deep connections to Jewish tradition. During Jewish holidays it is a common sight for challah bread loaves to be served at the table with dinner. Challah is also typically made to resemble a regular albeit braided loaf in shape. However, during certain celebrations, it will be made into a circular shape.

What’s The Difference Between Challah vs Brioche?

How is Challah Bread Made?

As challah bread originates from the Jewish religion, the dough does not and cannot contain any dairy such as butter or milk. Due to this, the recipe for challah bread dough is made from the ingredients of flour, eggs, water, salt, yeast and sugar/honey. Additionally, the dark brown exterior of the loaf is accomplished by an egg wash. Usually, it is also topped with sesame seeds or poppy seeds.

How is Challah Bread Served?

Due to the number of eggs used, challah bread is quite orange on the inside. However, its light texture and slightly sweet taste make it excellent to either eat by itself, with spread such as honey or jam or on the side of a savoury meal.

What is Brioche Bread?

Brioche bread is a bread of French origin. Unlike challah, brioche bread is far from kosher. In addition, this is bread is sweeter and somewhat more versatile as its dough can be used to make either regular bread loaves or pastry-like buns or rolls.

What’s The Difference Between Challah vs Brioche?

How is Brioche Bread Made?

Brioche bread uses many of the same ingredients that the challah bread recipe uses. Additionally, like with the challah dough, the outside is washed with eggs in order to make it dark brown. Although instead of seeds, salt is usually sprinkled on the outside of this French loaf. However, there are key differences in how these breads are made. Brioche is not kosher at all due to using dairy products like butter, milk and cream in its recipe. Additionally, brioche bread isn’t braided but rolled in six parts and added to a baking tray.

How is Brioche Bread Served?

Brioche is one of the most versatile breads in existence. As mentioned before, the dough can be used for making rolls and buns which make excellent bread to have either by itself, with butter or as the bun for a hotdog or burger. Additionally, it is also well suited to being used with sweet ingredients as well as savoury foods such as chocolate spread.

Challah Vs Brioche – Which Should I Use?

For savoury dishes, whether you use challah bread or brioche will ultimately come down to personal preference. However, your dietary requirements such as lactose intolerance or religious beliefs may also play a factor. If so, you should go for challah. However, if intending to eat with something sweeter, the richer taste of brioche will likely be your best option.

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