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Anna Brooks



Passionate food lover, writer and inspiration behind “CooksDream.com”

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Shenan Davis-Williams


Food Writer

Hey, I’m Shay – an amateur, yet unforgivingly enthusiastic, cook who loves to develop and grow recipes that are easy and accessible for all

Carlos Liuzzi

‘Tech Guy’

Keeping the wheels on an adventurous magazine that wants to deliver more!

A Shared Dream…

Experimentation, failing, discovering, uncovering; all ways I’d describe what I did for years whilst cooking without any true outlet beyond the dinner table…

That is until now!

I’m Anna Brooks and I will forever be an amateur cooks and student of food. It’s cliched to call it “my passion” but food provides me an overwhelming sense of intrigue in all respects – always rooted in practicality, and sometimes just a bit of good ol’ fun!

Cooks Dream is therefore not about eye-watering complexity – the Dream is simplicity. Which means me and the team here at Cooks Dream publish down-to-earth, heart-warming and practical articles for everyone – including those side-line #Foodies who are equally intrigued and appreciate the food they eat each and every day.

A shared dream at Cooks Dream


When Anna started this team, one of the most common questions from new team members was “what’s the mission?” But Anna didn’t really have a catchy slogan… what she had was better!

She described to each person on our small team how she wanted the readers of our online magazine to FEEL when they were visiting us;

Cared for, like we’d read their minds and understood what the questions behind the questions were – and always make you feel like we’re 2 steps ahead and “have your back”.

The other significant aspect of the feeling was NOT making our readers feel unsophisticated or patronised – as with so many food-magazines which make assumptions about ingredients you have available – and the “maturity of your palate”.

If it’s hearty classics, the basics of ingredients, or intrigue about takeaway food your family regularly enjoys – you should feel seen.

When Anna described it this way, we could ALL relate to what she was passionately conveying. It’s been a fantastic foundation and guiding light for our small team of #foodies and we’ll continue to keep our readers at the center of our minds in everything we do because of it.

A Welcome From Anna

Hey, I’m Anna; writer, editor and amateur cook extraordinaire!

Food has been my life and my passion for the most of my life – it’s crazy to think I didn’t pursue a career in cooking. I’m obsessed!

However, keeping cooking as an obsessive hobby has worked for me – my passion grows as the years pass by – maybe I wouldn’t say the same if it was also my day job!

I hope you find cooking inspiration, entertainment and “stop and think interesting tid-bits” throughout my writing – and I’d love to hear from you if you’ve got anything you want to share.

Food feeds the soul – so get eating!

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