Whataburger Cup Sizes EXPLAINED – Why Whataburger Drink Sizes Are So Big

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Whataburger cup sizes aren’t like your average fast food restaurant. Whether you’ve never been to Whataburger or are a Whataburger fanatic, know that when it comes to drinks, this popular restaurant franchise doesn’t disappoint. So, what’s so special about Whataburger drink sizes and what drinks do they offer? Stick around for those answers.

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The History Behind Whataburger’s “BIG” Branding

Whataburger is a fast food burger joint developed by Harmon Dobson in 1950. It is said that Dobson was on a mission to create a burger that was so big and so delicious that his consumers would exclaim, “Whataburger!” after tasting it.

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Pretty lofty goals, right?

Well, Dobson succeeded. Today, the Whataburger chain is immensely popular. Having gotten its start in Texas, there are now over 900 locations across the nation with the most in Texas. Still, Whataburger chains can be found checked across the nation. The first ever Whataburger restaurant outside of Texas was founded in Florida. Beyond Florida, this beloved burger restaurant is also found in Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, and more.

Know that as of right now, Whataburger locations can only be found in southern states. More recently, Whataburger has announced expansion plans to include Tennessee. Still, if you consider yourself a Yankee and live up north, you may be waiting a while to see a Whataburger open up near you. But hey–one can dream, can’t they?

Marketing Strategies

Whataburger knows how to grab attention with their larger-than-life cup sizes, and they make sure to capitalize on this unique selling point in their marketing campaigns.

One of Whataburger’s go-to tactics is emphasizing the value customers get when they opt for a larger drink. They’ll often run promotions where upgrading to a medium or large comes with a discount or a freebie, encouraging customers to go big. They also play up the “everything’s bigger in Texas” angle, reinforcing the idea that their generous portions are part of what makes them a Texas icon.

Another way Whataburger leverages their cup sizes is through limited-edition specialty cups. These eye-catching designs tied to holidays, sports teams, or local events come in larger sizes, grabbing attention and encouraging customers to collect ’em all. It’s a smart way to drive sales while generating buzz and brand loyalty.

Whataburger also gets playful with their cup sizes on social media, running hashtag challenges inviting fans to share photos of themselves with their giant drinks or asking followers to guess how many ounces are in a large cup for a chance to win prizes. This user-generated content spreads brand awareness and reinforces the idea that Whataburger’s oversized cups are a beloved part of the customer experience.

In a crowded fast-food market, Whataburger’s cup sizes give them a unique angle to compete with the big dogs. They’ll even call out the competition directly, with cheeky lines like “Our small is bigger than their medium.” It’s a bold way to differentiate themselves and plant the idea that customers get more bang for their buck at Whataburger.

Why Are Whataburger Cups So Big?

So, now that you know a little bit of the history behind Whataburger branding, it’s time to discuss why Whataburger restaurants serve cups that are so big, The answer? It fits the theme!

That’s right. Having originated from Texas, where everything is said to be bigger, it just makes sense. Whataburger is also known for crunchy fried chicken tenders and delectable burgers that feature a 5-inch bun. So, it’s no wonder that Whataburger would also feature supremely large drinks. Many customers that have ordered a “medium” or “large” size drink have confusingly walked out with a cup size that was at least double what they were expecting.

So, how big is big when it comes to Whataburger cup sizing? I’m so glad you asked!

What Size Are Whataburger Cups: Whataburger Cup Sizes OZ

Whataburger has four cup sizes. The following are the cup sizes along with the amount of liquid they hold:

  • Kids Size – 16 oz
  • Small Size-20 oz
  • Medium Size- 32 ounce
  • Large Size- 44 oz

As you can see, Whataburger large cup sizes can’t be ignored. When engaging in a Whataburger cup sizes comparison it is obvious that Whataburger is overly generous with the number of liquid goods they serve to the people.

For reference, know that the average fast food restaurant does serve some drink sizes that are similar to Whataburger. The difference, however, lies in the sizing of the medium and large drinks.

For example, McDonald’s serves medium drinks at 21 oz versus Whataburger’s whopping 32 oz. McDonald’s large drink is 30 oz versus Whataburger’s 44 ounces.

Get the drift?

Thus, if you’re in the mood for a particularly large sip, be sure to stop into your local Whataburger if you’re lucky enough to have one near you. Their drink sizes don’t disappoint!

Note: Just so that you’re aware, some people believe that the kid’s size drink from Whataburger is as big as the small. This is inaccurate, however, as the small is a few ounces larger than the kid’s size.

Specialty Cups

Next time you’re at Whataburger, keep an eye out for any specialty cups that might be available. Not only will they add some extra fun to your dining experience, but you might just be starting a new collection!

Limited Edition and Seasonal Cups

Whataburger doesn’t just stop at their regular cup sizes – they also offer limited edition and seasonal cups that are sure to catch your eye! During the holidays, keep an eye out for festive designs that’ll add some extra cheer to your meal. From Halloween-themed cups with spooky illustrations to winter wonderland designs for the colder months, these specialty cups are a fun way to celebrate the seasons.

For example, during the fall, you might find a cup featuring a jack-o-lantern or a friendly ghost, perfect for sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Shake. And in the winter, you could be treated to a cup adorned with snowflakes, reindeer, or even a jolly Santa Claus himself! These designs are always changing, so you never know what fun surprises await you at Whataburger.

Promotional Cups and Collaborations

In addition to seasonal cups, Whataburger also releases promotional cups from time to time. These often feature collaborations with popular brands, sports teams, or even local artists. For example, they’ve partnered with the Houston Astros to create a special cup design featuring the team’s logo and colors – perfect for showing off your team pride while chowing down on a Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich.

They’ve also worked with Texas-based artist Alli K to create a unique cup design celebrating the state’s iconic bluebonnets. This vibrant cup featured a field of the beloved state flower, making it a must-have for any proud Texan. Other collaborations have included designs featuring Dr Pepper, the Dallas Cowboys, and even Selena!

Collectible Cups for Whataburger Fans

For true Whataburger fans, these specialty cups aren’t just a fun addition to their meal – they’re collectibles! Many people make a point of snagging each new design as it’s released, building up an impressive collection over time. Some even trade with other collectors to get their hands on rare or hard-to-find designs.

One of the most sought-after specialty cups is the “What-A-Loteria” series, which features artwork inspired by the classic Mexican bingo game. These cups showcase iconic Whataburger menu items like the Whataburger Jr., the Taquito, and the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit in the style of loteria cards. Fans went crazy for these unique designs, and they’ve become a highly prized addition to any Whataburger cup collection.

Whataburger vs Competitors

When it comes to cup sizes, Whataburger stands out from the crowd. But how do they measure up against other fast food giants?

McDonald’s vs. Whataburger

First up, let’s pit Whataburger against the golden arches. McDonald’s offers three main sizes: small (16 oz), medium (21 oz), and large (30 oz). In contrast, Whataburger’s small starts at a whopping 20 oz, their medium clocks in at 32 oz, and their large is a jaw-dropping 44 oz. That means Whataburger’s small is bigger than McDonald’s medium, and their large is nearly 1.5 times the size of Mickey D’s biggest drink!

Burger King and Wendy’s

But what about other burger behemoths like Burger King and Wendy’s? Well, Burger King’s cup sizes are pretty similar to McDonald’s, with a small at 16 oz, a medium at 22 oz, and a large at 30 oz. Wendy’s also follows suit, offering a 16 oz small, 24 oz medium, and 32 oz large.

So, no matter how you slice it, Whataburger comes out on top in the battle of the cups. Their smallest size dwarfs the competition, and their large is in a league of its own. It’s like comparing a Pomeranian to a Great Dane – there’s just no contest!

Thirsty for More

But why stop there? Let’s see how Whataburger stacks up against some other popular chains. Chick-fil-A, known for their chicken sandwiches and friendly service, offers a small (14 oz), medium (21 oz), and large (30 oz). Sonic, home of the cherry limeade, has a small (14 oz), medium (20 oz), and large (32 oz). And Taco Bell, purveyor of Baja Blasts and Mexican-inspired fare, has a regular (16 oz), large (20 oz), and extra-large (30 oz).

What Kind of Drinks Does Whataburger Have?

So, you’re informed on Whataburger cup sizes and how they sharply differ from other fast food restaurants in town. Cool! What kind of drinks does Whataburger serve anyway?

A lot!

This is yet another thing most consumers dearly love about Whataburger, and that’s the variety of delicious drinks they carry.

Whether you’re in the mood for a soft drink or want to go all out with a chocolate malt, Whataburger has all your food-related guilty pleasures covered in one menu!

The following are some of the drinks that Whataburger locations often carry. Keep in mind that a menu item can vary based on location, so be sure to check the menu before assuming that the drinks listed here will be available at your local Whataburger.

Note: Sometimes only medium and large drinks are available depending on how you place your order and where you are ordering from. For example, ordering over the app may not give you the option to order a “kid’s” or “small” drink. Instead, you may have to choose from a massive medium or large drink to pair with your meal. 

*Not all beverages come in kid sizing (see shakes and malts)

Diet Coke

  • Kid’s Caffeine Free Diet Coke® (16 fl oz)
  • Small Caffeine Free Diet Coke® (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Caffeine Free Diet Coke® (32 fl oz)
  • Large Caffeine Free Diet Coke® (44 fl oz)

Cherry Coke

  • Kid’s Cherry Coke® (16 fl oz)
  • Small Cherry Coke® (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Cherry Coke® (32 fl oz)
  • Large Cherry Coke® (44 fl oz)


  • Kid’s Sprite® (16 fl oz)
  • Small Sprite® (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Sprite® (32 fl oz)
  • Large Sprite® (44 fl oz)

Dr. Pepper

  • Kid’s Dr. Pepper® (16 fl oz)
  • Small Dr. Pepper® (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Dr. Pepper® (32 fl oz)
  • Large Dr. Pepper® (44 fl oz)

Barq’s Root Beer

  • Kid’s Barq’s® Root Beer (16 fl oz)
  • Small Barq’s® Root Beer (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Barq’s® Root Beer (32 fl oz)
  • Large Barq’s® Root Beer (44 fl oz)

Minute Maid Light Lemonade

  • Kid’s Minute Maid® Light Lemonade (16 fl oz)
  • Small Minute Maid® Light Lemonade (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Minute Maid® Light Lemonade (32 fl oz)
  • Large Minute Maid® Light Lemonade (44 fl oz)

Powerade Mountain Blast

  • Kid’s POWERADE® Mountain Blast (16 fl oz)
  • Small POWERADE® Mountain Blast (20 fl oz)
  • Medium POWERADE® Mountain Blast (32 fl oz)
  • Large POWERADE® Mountain Blast (44 fl oz)

Powerade Fruit Punch

  • Kid’s POWERADE® Fruit Punch (16 fl oz)
  • Small POWERADE® Fruit Punch (20 fl oz)
  • Medium POWERADE® Fruit Punch (32 fl oz)
  • Large POWERADE® Fruit Punch (44 fl oz)

Hi-C Orange Lavaburst

  • Kid’s Hi-C® Orange Lavaburst (16 fl oz)
  • Small Hi-C® Orange Lavaburst (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Hi-C® Orange Lavaburst (32 fl oz)
  • Large Hi-C® Orange Lavaburst (44 fl oz)

Hi-C Poppin’ Pink Lemonade

  • Kid’s Hi-C® Poppin’ Pink Lemonade (16 fl oz)
  • Small Hi-C® Poppin’ Pink Lemonade (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Hi-C® Poppin’ Pink Lemonade (32 fl oz)
  • Large Hi-C® Poppin’ Pink Lemonade (44 fl oz)

Fanta Orange

  • Kid’s Fanta® Orange (16 fl oz)
  • Small Fanta® Orange (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Fanta® Orange (32 fl oz)
  • Large Fanta® Orange (44 fl oz)

Fanta Strawberry

  • Kid’s Fanta® Strawberry (16 fl oz)
  • Small Fanta® Strawberry (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Fanta® Strawberry (32 fl oz)
  • Large Fanta® Strawberry (44 fl oz)

Mello Yellow

  • Kid’s Mello Yello® (16 fl oz)
  • Small Mello Yello® (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Mello Yello® (32 fl oz)
  • Large Mello Yello® (44 fl oz)

Coca-Cola Classic

  • Kid’s Coca-Cola® Classic (16 fl oz)
  • Small Coca-Cola® Classic (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Coca-Cola® Classic (32 fl oz)
  • Large Coca-Cola® Classic (44 fl oz)

Diet Coke

  • Kid’s Diet Coke® (16 fl oz)
  • Small Diet Coke® (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Diet Coke® (32 fl oz)
  • Large Diet Coke® (44 fl oz)

Coke Zero

  • Kid’s Coke ZeroTM (16 fl oz)
  • Small Coke ZeroTM (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Coke ZeroTM (32 fl oz)
  • Large Coke ZeroTM (44 fl oz)

Chocolate Shake

  • Small Chocolate Shake (16 fl oz)
  • Medium Chocolate Shake (20 fl oz)
  • Large Chocolate Shake (32 fl oz)

Chocolate Malt

  • Small Chocolate Malt (16 fl oz)
  • Medium Chocolate Malt (20 fl oz)
  • Large Chocolate Malt (32 fl oz)

Strawberry Shake

  • Small Strawberry Shake (16 fl oz)
  • Medium Strawberry Shake (20 fl oz)
  • Large Strawberry Shake (32 fl oz)

Strawberry Malt

  • Small Strawberry Malt (16 fl oz)
  • Medium Strawberry Malt (20 fl oz)
  • Large Strawberry Malt (32 fl oz)

Vanilla Shake

  • Small Vanilla Shake (16 fl oz)
  • Medium Vanilla Shake (20 fl oz)
  • Large Vanilla Shake (32 fl oz)

Vanilla Malt

  • Small Vanilla Malt (16 fl oz)
  • Medium Vanilla Malt (20 fl oz)
  • Large Vanilla Malt (32 fl oz)

Pepper Shake

  • Small Dr. Pepper® Shake† (16 fl oz)
  • Medium Dr. Pepper® Shake† (20 fl oz)
  • Large Dr. Pepper® Shake† (32 fl oz)

Fuze Raspberry Tea

  • Kid’s Fuze® Raspberry Tea (16 fl oz)
  • Small Fuze® Raspberry Tea (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Fuze® Raspberry Tea (32 fl oz)
  • Large Fuze® Raspberry Tea (44 fl oz)

Pibb Xtra

  • Kid’s Pibb® Xtra (16 fl oz)
  • Small Pibb® Xtra (20 fl oz)
  • Medium Pibb® Xtra (32 fl oz)
  • Large Pibb® Xtra (44 fl oz)

Environmental Considerations

Whataburger is doing its part to be more eco-friendly with their cups and packaging. They want to make sure that their customers can enjoy their drinks without hurting the planet too much.

Recyclable Materials

Whataburger now uses paper cups made from materials that can be recycled. This means that instead of ending up in a landfill, the cups can be turned into new paper products. The lids and straws are eco-friendly too – the lids are made from recyclable plastic, and the straws are made from materials that will break down naturally over time.

Sustainability Initiatives

Whataburger teamed up with local recycling programs to make sure their cups and packaging get recycled properly. They’re also trying to use less packaging overall, so there’s less waste to begin with.

Another cool thing Whataburger offers is reusable cup options. Customers can buy special cups that they can refill at any Whataburger location. This helps cut down on waste from single-use cups, and as a bonus, you often get a discount on your drink when you use a reusable cup.

Whataburger Cup Sizes: Bigger Is Better!

As you can see, deliciousness doesn’t stop at just “eating” at Whataburger; it includes drinking, too! There’s a wide variety of drinks to choose from and Whataburger isn’t stingy about how much of it they give you. And that, friends, is something to celebrate.



How big is a large Whataburger cup?

A large Whataburger cup has a capacity of 44 ounces (1.3 liters). This size is significantly larger than the large cup sizes offered at many other fast-food restaurants, which typically range from 30 to 40 ounces. The extra-large cup size at Whataburger is even bigger, holding an impressive 55 ounces (1.6 liters) of your favorite beverage.

Why are Whataburger burgers so big?

Whataburger’s burgers are famous for their generous size because the restaurant prides itself on offering a hearty, satisfying meal. The company’s focus on using fresh, high-quality ingredients and preparing each burger to order allows them to maintain their signature large portions. Whataburger’s commitment to delivering a filling dining experience has been a key factor in its success and popularity since its founding in 1950.

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