What to Serve with Steak and Shrimp: 5 Super Delicious Side Dishes

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Garlic butter steak and shrimp are both brilliant flavorful combinations of meat to experiment with and create a delicious dish. Many refer to this as a surf and turf dish, the type where seafood meets land, harmonizing beautifully. Since both are excellent protein sources, most people like combining the two types of meat with salads or veggies like asparagus. Let’s take a look at some of the super simple, delectable sides to pair with a variety of steak and shrimp dishes.

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What To Serve With Steak And Shrimp: 5 Super Delicious Side Dishes

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What is Surf and Turf?

Surf and turf recipe is essentially describing both land and sea on a plate. It’s a steak (turf) with a type of seafood like shrimp, prawns, lobster, or crab legs. Often they share a sauce like garlic butter sauce to join the flavors of meat and seafood. This recipe can be served with surf atop turf or turf alongside surf. If one is slightly larger than the other, then you may want to serve them side by side.

Surf and Turf Recipe

Steak and shrimp cook at varying rates, so it’s best to cook the steak first, then while the steak rests, cook the shrimp. The shrimp and steak are cooked in a pan with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Finishing with a generous amount of garlic and herb butter. This shrimp and steak dish is perfect to serve at special occasions or dinner parties to impress your guests with a fancy and delicious meal.


  • Olive oil
  • New York steak strip steaks
  • Jumbo shrimp
  • Unsalted butter
  • Minced garlic
  • Chopped parsley
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Heat one tablespoon of olive oil over high heat in a large cast iron pan. Season the steak and shrimp with salt and pepper
  2. Place the steak in a pan, cook for 7 minutes per side, till the desired steak level of doneness (use a meat thermometer to monitor the doneness)
  3. Remove the steak from the pan and cover with foil to keep warm
  4. Wipe the pan with paper towels, add some more oil to the pan
  5. Add shrimp and cook till they turn pink or opaque
  6. Remove the shrimp from the pan
  7. Melt butter in the pan. Add garlic and cook for 30 seconds. Stir in a tablespoon of parsley
  8. Place the steaks back into the pan, and arrange the shrimp on top of them
  9. Spoon garlic butter sauce all over the steak and shrimp, then sprinkle with parsley and serve.
What To Serve With Steak And Shrimp: 5 Super Delicious Side Dishes

Steak Internal Temperature

The best way to tell whether your strip steak is done is to use a digital probe thermometer. Simply insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat to see whether your steak has achieved the desired doneness.

Medium rare steak is quite popular with this kind of dish, but again it’s entirely up to you. Bear in mind that steaks should rest for 5 minutes before cutting into them.

Here’s the basic rundown of what the internal temperature of steaks should read:

  • Rare: 130 degrees F
  • Medium Rare: 135 degrees F
  • Medium: 145 degrees F
  • Medium Well: 150 degrees F
  • Well Done: 160 degrees F
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Steak and Shrimp Dinner Sides

Steak and shrimp make a wonderful combination, but when slathered in the sauce, the flavors become impeccable. You can use frozen shrimp for these variations, as long as you remember to thaw them beforehand.

Here are some brilliant flavorful accompaniments to create with the steak and shrimp recipe.

  • Garlic Butter Grilled Steak, Shrimp Asparagus
  • Sheet Pan Steak, Shrimp, Potatoes, and Broccoli
  • Steak and Shrimp with Veggies
  • Steak and Shrimp with Parmesan Sauce
  • Steak, Shrimp, and Parsley Potatoes

Garlic Butter Grilled Steak, Shrimp Asparagus

Grilled steak and shrimp combined with garlic butter create the perfect decadent flavors that elevate your dining experience.

  • The first thing you’ll need to make this meal is to grill your steak. You need a hot grill with at least 450 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure a perfectly grilled steak.
  • Pat steaks dry, then season the steak with salt and pepper, as well as other powerful ingredients such as garlic powder, paprika, and chili powder.
  • Then place the steak on the grill to begin cooking.
  • After that, slather your steak with garlic butter to create the perfect garlic butter grilled steak.
  • While the steak rests, grill your shrimp using the remaining butter.
  • Once this is done, serve your steak with some grilled asparagus, as this will provide a delicious experience for your evening meal.
What To Serve With Steak And Shrimp: 5 Super Simple To Prepare Side Dishes

Sheet Pan Steak, Shrimp, Potatoes, and Broccoli

Before you begin, I recommend cooking the potatoes first, as they need to be pre-cook.

  • Cut your potatoes into small pieces.
  • Add olive oil, garlic powder, or salt and pepper.
  • Transfer them to a sheet pan and cook for 15 minutes.
  • Whilst they cook, start preparing the steaks and broccoli. Generously season the steak and broccoli using salt, pepper, garlic powder, or paprika.
  • After that, remove the sheet pan from the oven, and add steak and broccoli to it.
  • Allow your potatoes and steak to cook for 8 minutes.
  • Season the shrimp and add it to the same pan with the potatoes and steak.
  • Broil them until the shrimp is thoroughly cooked.
  • Serve while hot.

Steak and Shrimp with Veggies

  • Start by preheating your grill to a medium temperature.
  • Season your steak with salt, pepper, and any other seasoning.
  • Cut the veggies into small portions.
  • Melt two tablespoons of butter with pepper and lemon in a pan and season the shrimp.
  • Add the vegetables to a grill skillet, then add garlic, pepper, butter, and soy sauce.
  • While the vegetables cook, sear the steak and place it over the heat along with the shrimp. When turning the shrimp, ensure that you brush it with pepper and butter.
  • Toss the vegetables in this simple sauce, then serve the steak and shrimp over the vegetables.
What To Serve With Steak And Shrimp: 5 Super Simple To Prepare Side Dishes

Steak and Shrimp with Parmesan Sauce

For this meal, you should begin by making the sauce.

  • Heat the heavy cream using a saucepan and simmer over low heat.
  • Stir in basil, parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper.
  • While the sauce is prepared, season the steak according to your preference. Try not to use intense ingredients for your steak, as your sauce will have enough seasonings.
  • Cook the steak using a grill or frying pan, then while the steak cooks, brush some butter and sprinkle some seasonings over the shrimp.
  • Then grill the shrimp.
  • Once it’s done, serve the steak with parmesan sauce and enjoy!

Steak, Shrimp and Parsley Potatoes

To prepare this meal, you’ll need to begin with cooking potatoes as they take longer to cook.

  • Place potatoes in a pot of cold water. Add salt and let them boil for 8 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, heat the oil in a skillet. Season your porterhouse steaks with salt, pepper, and other ingredients.
  • When the oil begins to smoke, add the steak to the skillet, and allow it to cook till browned.
  • While you’re waiting for the steak to cook, begin seasoning the shrimp.
  • Once the steak is done, transfer it to a plate.
  • Add shrimp to the skillet and cook till brown.
  • Once the shrimp has cooked, transfer it to a plate and add the cooked potatoes. Cook and stir the potatoes till they start to break.
  • Once properly cooked, serve the steak and shrimp with potatoes.
What To Serve With Steak And Shrimp: 5 Super Delicious Side Dishes

What to Serve with Steak and Shrimp – Lots of Delicious Things, Actually!

Steak and shrimp are both delicious varieties of meat that pair wonderfully together, especially when slathered in a special garlic butter recipe to create a golden dish worth devouring.


Can you eat steak and shrimp together?

Steak and shrimp do go well together; the delicious white meat is a wonderful accompaniment to a tender, juicy steak.

What are good sides for steak and shrimp?

Some good side dishes for steak and shrimp include Lemon garlic shrimp, grilled asparagus, extra vegetables, white wine, roast potatoes, and more.

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