What To Serve With Lobster Bisque – 5 Tasty Pairing Tips

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Sometimes there is nothing as satisfying as a good old soup. To add to that, more specifically, a bisque. Of French origin, a bisque is a smooth and creamy soup that is highly seasoned and delicious. Lobster bisque is a decadent dish that is bursting with flavor and satisfaction with every spoonful, and while it is delicious, it is not too filling. It does leave your stomach wanting more, so it is best you find the ideal side dish to serve with lobster bisque.

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What To Serve With Lobster Bisque - Tasty Pairing Tips

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What Is Lobster Bisque?

Bisque is a thick and creamy soup that is made by chefs after they puree the initial soup. This results in a smooth and velvety texture that feels unbelievably nice.

Traditional recipes for a bisque will use seafood such as lobster, crayfish, prawn, or crab. While the meat is used in the bisque as chunks for texture, the shell of the crustacean used is normally ground into a fine paste and then used to thicken the soup if needed.

Modern variations of bisques use pureed vegetables as a substitute for the shellfish, and the base is thickened with rice or other starches available. The other main ingredients used in bisque are heavy cream and white wine; with all of these, you can make one amazingly fancy starter.

What To Serve With Lobster Bisque

What Pairs Well With Lobster Bisque?

A dish as special and refined as lobster bisque needs to be paired with the right side dishes. Otherwise, it will either be overshadowed or completely ruined, neither of which you want.

The perfect side dishes are going to fill you up so you are not hungry after eating the bisque and will also go well with the lobster bisque, so you do not eat it all immediately. The goal of a side dish is never to outshine the main dish. Instead, it’s to be used as a nice snack to eat when taking breaks from the main dish and to prevent you from getting bored of the same dish after a multitude of bites or spoonfuls.

Sourdough bread

Sourdough bread has a naturally tangy flavor that is exciting yet not out of place. This allows it to pair perfectly with the lobster bisque. The flavor is different but not so different that it ruins the aftertaste of the bisque.

Alongside this, after eating a soup, a contrasting texture is very pleasant. Sourdough is crunchy and has a lot of crust, making it the perfect contrast to lobster bisque.

If sourdough bread on its own is too dry for you, try spreading non-salted butter on it or dipping it in your lobster bisque, as many people do.

Fresh Seasonal Vegetables

No matter what time of year you are having lobster bisque, the seasonal vegetables are sure to go well with it. Nothing beats fresh food, so ensuring the vegetables are as fresh as possible is very important. You can boil, roast, or grill vegetables if needs be.

Just having a side dish consisting of fresh vegetables will enrich the whole meal. They are healthy and delicious without ruining any aspect of the lobster bisque.

Garlic Parmesan Butter Breadsticks

While it may be a mouthful (no pun intended), garlic parmesan butter breadsticks are just elegant enough to fit right in with lobster bisque without seeming out of place.

While the concept is simple, these buttery smooth sticks are crunchy enough to contrast the soup without the flavor being too dry or synthetic so that you lose an appetite. The sticks can be dipped if you choose.

Garlic Bread

While it is a classic, it may still surprise you to see garlic bread here.

The texture of garlic bread goes well with the soup as they perfectly contrast each other, and the garlic flavor goes well with lobster as they are always paired together.

Garlic bread is also filling enough for you to be left feeling satisfied after eating both dishes.

Crusty Bread

Crusty bread may seem a bit vague, but by this, I am on about any loaf of bread you enjoy that has a significant amount of crust on it.

Not everyone is a fan of sourdough, which is fine, but the crust on bread is perfect for dipping into lobster bisque as it enriches the texture and flavor of both parts.

Bread and soup are a brilliant match, and crusty bread gives you a satisfying crunch to keep you entertained while the soup does all the flavor work.

Is Lobster Bisque good?

Lobster bisque is incredibly good if made correctly. The devil is in the details, and this is no different.

When making a lobster bisque soup, it is important to use high-quality lobster meat. Don’t use something from a freezer that has been there for months.

While you can freeze lobster bisque, it is best made with fresh ingredients first. This goes for any seafood bisque, as fish is the one ingredient that you want to be high-quality.

To thicken lobster bisque, you can use a lot of thickening ingredients such as rice or starches. Or if you have the appliances, you can grind the lobster shell into a fine paste and use that instead. Lobster tails are great for this as they have a lot of meat and shell, making a relatively cost-efficient seafood entrée.

Serving lobster bisque is easy as the presentation can be minimal. The same as clam chowder, shrimp bisque, and crab bisque. You do not have to carefully arrange a plate. You can serve lobster bisque in a bowl and maybe throw a bit of parsley on top of it.

If you’re looking for more lobster recipes, check out our Red Lobster sauce dupe, and lobster ravioli sauce!

FAQs on Lobster Bisque

What side dishes go with lobster bisque?

Lobster bisque is great on its own but can sometimes leave you feeling unsatisfied. To combat this, the best lobster bisque pair is bread. Sourdough is arguably the best, but any bread with a lot of crust is a great choice.

What do you serve with seafood bisque?

With seafood bisque, you have to be careful what you pair with it. You do not want to overwhelm the flavors as the bisque will be overshadowed. Keep it simple with bread or vegetables.

What kind of sandwich goes good with lobster bisque?

With a lobster bisque, you want to avoid any meaty sandwiches as that will ruin the flavor of the lobster tails in the soup. You should go for a cucumber and cheese sandwich or some simple bread and butter.

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