What Do Rice Cakes Taste Like – Taste of Tteok, Mochi, etc…Answered!

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If you’ve heard about or have seen rice cakes in the store or on a menu, you may have been left wondering, “What do rice cakes taste like?” In actuality, a “rice cake” may taste differently depending on where you are in the world. Ready to learn all there is to know about the way that rice cakes taste? If so, settle in. We’re diving into this yummy topic right now!

What Do Rice Cakes Taste Like – Taste Of Tteok, Mochi, Etc Answered!

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What Are Rice Cakes?

As previously mentioned, rice cakes can refer to different food dishes depending on where you are in the world.

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In North America, a rice cake typically refers to a circular disc made of crispy dried rice. These are consumed much like crackers and come in varying sizes.

In other cultures, however, a rice cake is something quite different.

In Asian culture, a rice cake is often steamed. It can have a crispy exterior with a soft and chewy texture on the inside.

Examples are tteok (Korean rice cakes), mochi (Japanese rice cakes), puffed rice cakes, among others.

What Do Rice Cakes Taste Like

Are Rice Cakes Good in Taste?

Rice cakes are very good. No matter if you’re eating steamed rice cakes, sliced rice cakes, air popped rice cakes, or unflavored rice cakes, there’s likely to be a type out there to suit any and every flavor preference.

While it’d be hard to describe every type of rice cake in their entirety, I can break down a few of the most common types and flavors here.

Let’s get started!

Does Tteok Taste Good?

Tteok tastes chewy and delicious. It is usually basted in a sweet and spicy sauce. Many liken it to pasta, though it isn’t quite the same.

No matter your opinion on what it’s like, most can agree that tteok tastes wonderful with its perfect blend of sweet and savory flavor.

What Does Mochi Taste Like?

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake that also has a chewy texture. People eat rice cakes like these because they are sweet and flavorful. There are also mochi ice creams available, even in the United States.

Mochi continues to grow in popularity despite being humble traditional rice cakes in the beginning.

What Do Rice Cakes Taste Like

What Do Plain Rice Cakes Taste Like?

Most rice cakes served in Western countries are plain rice cakes that come sweetened or unsweetened. These rice cakes sometimes taste bland, but some come with lightly sweetened grains.

These types of rice cakes are usually thicker rice cakes. They sometimes are coated in brown sugar. This makes their usual mild taste a little more exciting.

Nevertheless, these often oil fried rice cakes may be perceived as too crispy and mild for some. This is especially true when compared to softer chewier traditional rice cakes sold in Asian countries.

Do Rice Cakes Taste Like Popcorn?

The rice cake taste of air popped rice cakes can sometimes be similar to popcorn. This is especially true if the rice cakes are doused in savory spices.

Air popped rice cakes that are sweetened may be likened to the flavor of kettle corn, although not exactly. The best way to describe a plain rice cake might be like an unsweetened rice crispy treat.

Know that traditional Asian rice cakes will not taste like popcorn. They have a soft, chewy element to them that tastes like rice when no other ingredients are added to them.

Why Do Rice Cakes Taste Like Styrofoam?

American rice cakes taste good to many (like Rice Krispies, for instance). However, if you choose an unsweetened variety, you may beg to differ. If you’re used to sweetened rice cakes or simply dislike the taste of plain air popped rice, then you may think these plain rice cakes taste like styrofoam.

Still, you can try serving rice cakes with peanut butter, jam, or any other spread you enjoy. You may just learn to like plain rice cakes after all!

Do Rice Cakes Taste Like Fish?

In many cases, rice cakes will not taste like fish. However, it will depend on what type of rice cake we’re talking about.

When it comes to Western-style crispy pressed rice cakes, you aren’t likely to find the flavor reminiscent of fish. Instead, it will yield a mild flavor very similar to the rice grain that is in no way comparable to the taste of fish.

Having said that, Asian rice cakes, including cylindrical rice cakes and those made from pounded rice, are often doused in delicious sauces. These sauces often take on a savory, sweet, and sometimes even slightly fishy taste. Thus, while it isn’t the rice cakes themselves that taste like fish, the sauce can sometimes give off this flavor.

Why Is Rice Cakes So Chewy?

Rice cakes are chewy, usually because they are made of glutinous rice flour dough. The dough is pounded which creates air pockets. These pockets allow water to enter more easily.

This process is often what makes chewy rice cakes taste good – besides the sauce, of course. This characteristic chewy texture is delightful on the tongue and is very unique to rice cakes made in Asian counties.

What Do Rice Cakes Taste Like – Taste Of Tteok, Mochi, Etc Answered!

What Do Rice Cakes Taste Like?

Rice cakes make delicious snacks but you still may be confused about what different rice cakes taste like. I understand!

With all of the different types of rice cakes out there, it’s easy to get confused as to which is which. The following are a few common rice cake types and how you can expect the flavor of each to stack against the others.

What Do Chocolate Rice Cakes Taste Like?

Chocolate rice cakes tend to be sweet and chocolatey!

Some liken them to the taste of wafers. Good pairings with chocolate rice cakes include peanut butter, banana, or a blend of both.

What Do Korean Rice Cakes Taste Like?

Korean rice cakes will often take on the flavor of the sauce they’re covered in. In most cases, the sauce is going to be sweet and spicy, as in the case of tteok.

These sauces may veer more on one side or another in terms of sweet and spice. But generally, these are the flavors you can expect from Asian rice cakes.

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What Do Japanese Rice Cakes Taste Like?

Mochi, traditional Japanese rice cakes, tend to taste like rice. But this is when it is eaten on its own. With flavors added, mochi is usually sweet. For many, mochi is reminiscent of ice cream, but not quite the same. It has a soft chewy texture and isn’t quite as sweet. It’s also softer than ice cream, so you can expect mochi to melt in your mouth.

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What Do Asian Rice Cakes Taste Like?

Asian rice cakes of all kinds are generally soft and chewy. But not all Asian rice cakes are created equal.

Some are cut into different shapes, with some being cylindrical rice cakes that are cut into thinner or thicker pieces. Depending on the shape and cut of the cake, the texture may be different.

Also, remember that if the rice cakes come with a sauce, it will drastically enhance the taste of the cake. As mentioned, most of the time the sauce will sweet and savory. There are also times when the sauce will take on a slightly fishy taste.

What Do Puff Rice Cakes Taste Like?

As previously mentioned, puffed rice cakes often have a mild flavor. Depending on what they’re flavored with, they can range from bland to sweet.

Remember also that you are free to top your puff rice cakes with spreads like jam, peanut butter, almond butter, and cream cheese. This will help add flavor to the otherwise bland rice cake and make them more exciting.

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How To Add Flavor to Rice Cake

Assuming you want to add flavor to dry rice cakes, you can simply top them with your favorite spread. Peanut butter and jam work well, but you also have other options.

Consider the following options for adding flavor to dry rice cakes:

  • Nutella or another hazelnut spread
  • Maple Syrup
  • Honey
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Berries
  • Powdered Sugar

Are Rice Cakes Good for You?

Rice cakes can be healthy for you, but as you may have guessed, it’ll depend on the type.

All forms of rice cake, whether Asian or American style, can do a number on your blood sugar. Rice is starchy and is high in carbohydrates, so those with diabetes should steer clear of these tasty snacks.

Outside of these parameters, however, rice cakes can often be considered part of a healthy diet. Brown rice cakes may be an overall better pick as they are made with whole grains. But as long as you pick a rice cake that is low in sugar and sodium and consume them it shouldn’t cause too many health issues either way.

Note: A sweet rice cake is usually very high in sugar and carbs. What makes rice cakes healthy is the fact that they are made from rice, but when you add sugar and additives to the mix, it causes this treat to become less than desired. If you can’t find a plain rice cake to eat, consider eating sugar-laden rice cakes only on occasion. This will help you sustain a healthy weight while also giving yourself a chance to indulge – at least once in a while!

Do Rice Cakes Make You Gain Weight?

They can!

Carb and calorie counts fluctuate wildly depending on the type of rice cake we’re discussing. Pounded rice cakes, for example, will run about 200 calories and up per serving. Dried rice cakes, on the other hand, only run 35-60 calories per cake.

Aside from variations in calories, carb counts should also be taken into consideration. Eating a high-carb diet can lead to weight gain, especially when insulin levels remain at high levels for extended periods of time. Because rice in any format is always high carb, one can assume that eating too much of it can make weight gain practically unavoidable.

What Do Rice Cakes Taste Like – Taste Of Tteok, Mochi, Etc Answered!

What Do Rice Cakes Taste Like? No Matter the Type, They’re Delicious!

Although rice cakes come in different shapes and sizes, most would agree that most of them are very delicious. If you’re trying an American-style rice cake, be prepared for a crispy, slightly chewy, and overall mild-flavored snack.

If Asian rice cakes are on the menu, expect the rice cake to taste like something savory, sweet, and maybe even a bit fishy.

Which rice cake best suits your fancy? Until next time!

Rice Cake FAQs

Are rice cakes good for you?

Rice cakes can be good for you. However, you’ll want to watch the carb content. Rice is notoriously high in carbs which can make it unsuitable for those dealing with blood sugar issues and obesity. 

Do rice cakes make you gain weight?

Rice cakes can definitely make you gain weight if you eat them often enough. This is especially true of rice cakes with brown sugar or other ingredients added.

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