How to Thicken Cookie Dough

1. Add Flour

When adding more flour, be sure to only do one tablespoon at a time. Try not to exceed two tablespoons of extra flour.

2. Add Cornstarch

When using cornstarch, only use a couple of teaspoons if your aim is to make your dough thicker.

3. Chill the Dough

Be sure that you follow this advice, as neglecting to do so may cause your cookies to spread and become thin and flat.

4. Beat the Sugar

This should be done before adding other wet ingredients. When beating butter and sugar together, it helps create thickness and volume

To thicken bakeable cookie dough, remember that adding flour or cornstarch usually helps. It can also help to chill your dough after mixing.

Remember that which of these methods will work best will depend on how much extra liquid is in the dough.