Twix Vs Snickers – Which Is The Better Chocolate Bar?

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Both a Twix bar and a Snickers bar are very popular sweet treats that many people purchase across the country. A Twix and Snickers are both very similar to one another as they both use milk chocolate and caramel as their main ingredients.

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Knowing how a Twix vs Snickers bar compares in nutritional value, ingredients and taste will help you make your mind up on which chocolate bar you should pick.

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Are Twix And Snickers The Same?

When comparing both chocolate bars, both Twix And Snickers are very similar to each other. Although this is the case, there are some key differences in their composition and how they are layered.

But firstly, let’s talk about their ingredients.

Both chocolate bars consist of milk chocolate and caramel, which are the main ingredients of them both. Twix chocolate bars taste very sweet and have a biscuit at the bottom of their structure to give them crunch.

Overall, the taste of caramel and milk chocolate is the main focus of a Twix.

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A Snickers is slightly different to a Twix as it contains peanuts in its ingredients. This changes the taste of the Snickers to a more overall nutty taste rather than a general caramel taste.

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In appearance, the two different chocolate bars are stacked in different layers and have different dominant ingredients. A Snickers has a nougat center, which is topped with roasted peanuts and caramel. These layers are then coated with milk chocolate. Whereas a Twix has a biscuit bottom which is then topped with a thick layer of caramel. This biscuit and caramel stack is then coated in milk chocolate.

Comparing the size of both a Twix and Snickers will help you decide which is best for you. A Snickers bar used to be larger. It contained more chocolate in the past, and has reduced in size since . Today a Snickers now weighs around 48 grams per Snickers bar.

A Twix is actually 2 grams larger than a Snickers bar and weighs 50 grams per Twix packet. Even though a Twix chocolate bar contains more chocolate than a Snicker, there really is only 2 more grams in it.

Both Twix and Snickers can be used when cooking and baking. Each chocolate bar is suited to different recipes due to its ingredients. For example, a Twix bar contains a crunchy biscuit which works well for cookies, whereas a Snickers bar contains peanuts which can give a nutty taste to baked goods.

Here is a list of baking recipes that contain Twix:

Here is a list of baking recipes that contain Snickers:

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Why Is Twix Better Than Snickers?

This question is very hard to answer as it truly depends on your own personal taste.

Many people prefer a Snickers to a Twix as it is a chunkier chocolate bar. But then there are many people who enjoy a Twix more than a Snickers as it comes in two different sections, making it easier to eat.

Many people now have severe nut allergies, meaning that a Twix is their preferred chocolate bar and more inclusive when compared to a Snickers.

Is Snickers Or Twix Healthier?

Both a Snickers chocolate bar and a Twix Chocolate bar have a high content of sugar and calories. This high amount of sugar and calories makes both a Snickers chocolate bar and a Twix Chocolate bar generally unhealthy. These chocolate bars should not be eaten in excess as high amounts of sugar and high amounts of calories can lead to health problems.

Neither a Snickers chocolate bar and a Twix Chocolate bar will provide a high amount of nutritional value. Both a Snickers and a Twix have similar ingredients and similar nutrition values. Both Twix and Snickers have the same amount of calorie content per bar which is 250 calories. Twix generally contains less sugar than a Snickers bar, but contains more fat and carbs than a Snickers bar.

Twix vs Snickers FAQs

Which Came First Snickers Or Twix?

The quick answer is that Snickers were released to the market before Twix.
Snickers actually used to be called Marathon within the United Kingdom and Ireland until 1990. The company that owns Snickers is called Mars. Mars decided to change the name to Snickers across the world to match the name used in the United States. The Snickers was first released in the United States in 1930, which is 49 years before the Twix. 
Twix was first released in the United Kingdom in 1969 and then later released in the United States in 1979. Even though the Twix chocolate bar was the second to be released when compared to Snickers, it is still widely popular.

Is Twix Or Snickers More Popular?

A Snickers chocolate bar is actually more popular than a Twix. This fact is based on sales data in 2019. In 2019 there were 42 million people in the United States that consumed a Snickers chocolate bar whereas there were only 20.4 million people who consumed a Twix chocolate bar.

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A Twix And Snickers Are More Similar Than You Think

A Twix and Snickers do differ when it comes to their taste. A Snickers bar contains a large peanut quantity, which gives it an overall nutty taste.

If you love both a Twix bar and a Snickers bar, then looking at the nutritional value to see which is best will not help. This is because both a Twix and Snickers bar are both the same in nutrition value.

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