Sprite Vs Coke – Which is Better Between Sprite And Coke?

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Sprite and Coke are both very refreshing beverages that are popular all year round and can be used for many different things. Comparing Sprite vs Coke may help you make your decision between these two different fizzy beverages.

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In this article we will explore the main differences between Sprite and Coke and how they differ in many ways, including nutritional value.

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Is Sprite And Coke The Same?

The quick answer is no, Sprite and Coke are not the same.

Sprite’s and Coke’s tastes are very different! Sprite is a lemon and lime soda, which is very fizzy and has a refreshing taste. Coke is known to be a cola and does not have any citrus flavors.

Both Coke and Sprite have different ingredients and have flavors that come from different plants/fruits. Coke has a flavoring that comes from coca leaf extract whereas Sprite has a flavoring that comes from citrus fruits like lemon.

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Sprite Vs Coke For Cooking

Surprisingly, you can actually use both these fizzy drinks in a lot of cooking recipes. Coke is a fantastic ingredient to add to meat dishes as it can add a flavor of caramel to the meat. Whereas pairing Sprite with meat dishes gives the meat a tangy rather than an overly sweet flavor.

Here is a full list of savory recipes that require Coke:

Here is a full list of yummy recipes that require Sprite:

Which Is Worse Sprite Or Coke?

Is Sprite healthier than Coke? Well, this is a tricky one as there are lots of factors to consider here!

To help you make the decision on which soda out of Sprite and Coke is better for you then we will talk through each category worth considering.

Sprite Vs Coke Sugar

When comparing the two sodas, overall Coke has more sugar per can than Sprite. This makes Sprite sound like the winning soda, but the only difference in sugar content between Coke and Sprite is 1 gram. In 1 can of Coke which is equivalent to 12 ounces, Coke contains 39 grams of sugar. In 1 can of Sprite which is equivalent to 12 ounces, Sprite contains 38 grams of sugar.

Sprite Vs Coke Calories

There is no difference between Sprite and Coke when it comes to calories as they both contain 140 calories per can which is equivalent to 12 ounces.

Sprite vs Coke Caffeine

If you are aiming to avoid caffeine then Sprite is a clear winner here.

Sprite actually does not contain any caffeine in and is known as a great caffeine-free beverage. Coke does contain caffeine but when compared to other drinks like coffee, has a fairly low amount of caffeine per can. Coke contains 34 milligrams of caffeine per can which is equivalent to 12 ounces.


So Is Sprite better for you than Coke?

If you are looking for a drink that has no caffeine then yes, Sprite could be better for you than Coke. Although, they both have the same sugar content. The Sprite vs Coke nutrition facts turn out to be the same and therefore one is not necessarily better than the other. Sprite may be better for its lesser caffeine levels but does contain artificial coloring which can cause certain diseases when consumed in large quantities.

Therefore, it is best to always drink either Sprite or Coke in moderation.

Sprite Vs Coke When Vomiting

There is no scientific proof that either Sprite or Coke will help when experiencing symptoms like vomiting. Although, many do find that sipping on a beverage that is fizzy and sweet can help with nausea.

Whether Sprite or Coke works best for relieving nausea is down to what you find helpful. Therefore, neither Sprite or Coke win in this category as it is a personal choice.

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Sprite Vs Coke: Which Cleans Better?

If you are looking for a soda that you can drink, cook with and clean with, we have found you the one!

Sprite is much better than Coke when it comes to cleaning. Both Sprite and Coke are designed to be drunk as a cold beverage and will not be effective at cleaning every part of your home. Although, it is surprising how effective these sodas can be when applied on the right areas of your home.

Here is a full list of how you can use Sprite and Coke to clean your home:

  • Clean your drains and toilets: The carbonation in both Coke and Sprite can work as a great remover of large areas of dirt. If you would like to try Coke and Sprite to clean your drains and toilets, then pour 1 cup of either Coke or Sprite down your toilet. After 10 minutes, rinse with hot water.
  • Clean your pots and pans: If you would like to try Coke and Sprite to clean your pots and pans from grease or burns then pour two cans of either Coke or Sprite into your pot or pan. Allow the soda to simmer on a medium to low heat for an hour. Once the hour has passed, remove the Coke or Sprite and washing your pot or pan like normal.
  • Clean your greasy laundry: If you would like to try Coke and Sprite to clean your laundry then add one can of either Coke or Sprite to your washing along with your normal detergent. This trick can work wonders for stains.
  • Clean your rusty surfaces: If you would like to try Coke and Sprite to clean your rusty surfaces then soak a sponge in either soda. Use this sponge to then wipe the rust from the surfaces.

Nutritionally, Sprite Is The Winner But It Is A Close Call!

If you are wanting to avoid caffeine in your cold beverages then Sprite will be the winner of the two. Although, it really is a close call as there are not many differences between the two drinks. Apart from Sprite not containing any caffeine and Coke containing caffeine, they are very similar to one another in all other departments. The only other department they differ on is taste!

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