Sprite Vs 7 Up – Which is the Better Lemon Lime Soda?

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Sprite and 7 Up are two very popular lemon and lime cold fizzy beverages. Both Sprite and 7 Up are made by different brands and do have their own unique selling points. Comparing Sprite vs 7 Up will help to understand how these two lemon and lime drinks are different and how you can use them.

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In this article we will explore the differences in ingredients between Sprite and 7 Up. We will also explore the nutritional value of both Sprite and 7 Up and try to determine which soda is better.

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Which Is Better Sprite Or 7up?

Both of these sodas are very popular across the United States and no matter who you ask, everyone comes up with a different answer to which is better. Even though deciding which soda out of Sprite and 7 Up is best is a personal choice, there are some ways we can compare them to one another.

Both Sprite and 7 Up are known to be very similar drinks. Both have a lemon and lime flavor and are very fizzy cold beverages. Sprite is known to be slightly milder in taste when compared to 7 Up, especially regarding the citrus flavors. Sprite is also said to be sweeter in taste when compared to 7 Up. 7 Up has a strong lime taste whereas Sprite has more of a lemon taste. 

When looking at the ingredients, 7 Up is more carbonated than Sprite. 7 Up is also full of artificial flavors, whereas Sprite is full of natural flavors. The fact that 7 Up has more artificial flavors than Sprite could be the reason it tastes stronger overall.

When comparing the nutritional value of the two drinks, they are both full of sugar. This means that neither of these drinks are good for you if you drink them excessively. When comparing Sprite and 7 Up, the nutritional differences aren’t much. The biggest difference between the two drinks is that 7 Up is 20 mg higher in sodium compared to Sprite. This makes 7 Up more unhealthy than Sprite, as high levels of sodium can have damaging effects on your health.

The price of these two lemon and lime sodas also differ between them. Generally, 7 Up is a cheaper drink to purchase than Sprite. This will vary from store to store.

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Can You Substitute 7up For Sprite?

Yes, both Sprite and 7 Up are very similar drinks, especially in taste. If you are wanting to substitute either drink for the other, your guest most likely will not notice the difference.

If you would like to cook with either of these sodas, then 7 Up may give a tangier taste compared to Sprite. Although 7 Up may be tangier, there really will not be a huge notice difference.

Sprite Vs 7 Up For Cooking

Many people use 7 Up as an ingredient that can be used in meat marinades. The reason 7 Up is used for marinading is that it contains carbonation and citric acid which can help to tenderize the meat. The sugar that 7 Up contains also caramelizes during cooking, adding a slightly sweet flavor to the meat. In Korean recipes, for example, 7 Up is commonly used on rib dishes

Sprite, which is equivalent to a clear lemon-lime soda, is also used as part of making meat marinades. The lemon-lime flavor can add tang to the meat as well as overall sweetness. It’s also great for cooking seafood, adding a sweet flavor and removing the “fishiness” of the meat.

Both 7 Up and Sprite work in a very similar way. Both sodas add sweetness to the meat and tenderize the meat.


Was Sprite Or 7up Made First?

7 Up was released to the market before Sprite. 7 Up was released in 1929 but it was originally named Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda. When 7 Up was first released it contained a mood stabilizer called lithium citrate. Since then, the mood stabilizer had to be removed from the drink in 1948. Even Though 7 Up was first released in 1929, it was only released to the United States market in 1939 and was then renamed to 7 Up. 7Up is owned by Dr Pepper in the United States. 
Sprite was released at a later date when compared to 7 Up. Sprite is now owned by The Coca-Cola Company and originally was made in Europe. Sprite was originally made in Germany in 1959, 30 years after 7 Up. Just like 7 Up, Sprite was originally called a different name which was Clear Lemon Fanta. Sprite was introduced to the United States market in 1961.

Is 7up Or Sprite Better For Upset Stomach?

As both 7 Up and Sprite contain carbonate, this ingredient can help relieve stomach upset. Sprite is the fizzier drink out of the two and is therefore better at relieving stomach upset than 7 Up is. 7 Up does contain essential electrolytes which can also help relieve stomach upset. Both of these drinks can help relieve stomach upset temporarily but they are not a permanent fix.

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Sprite is known to be the most popular choice of lemon and lime soda when compared to 7 Up. The reason Sprite is overall the better choice is that it is healthier than 7 Up. 7 Up has a higher sodium level than Sprite and is also full of artificial flavors, whereas Sprite is full of more natural flavors. Sprite is the milder tasting soda out of Sprite and 7 UP which is why some favor this beverage over 7 Up.

Even though there are several reasons why Sprite is better than 7 Up, both lemon and lime soda do not really differ from one another when used for cooking.

Therefore, deciding which is the better soda out of Sprite and 7 UP is a personal choice.

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  1. Sprite tastes like it has dust or mold in it, 7UP is the clear choice for taste. What else matters?

  2. My mother and grandmother always gave me Sprite when I was sick. I gave my boys Sprite as well when sick. Let’s just say it’s a family tradition. Sprite is hands down the best lemon lime soda.

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