Reheat Pizza In Air Fryer – You Can Do It Too!

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There is nothing worse than wanting to enjoy your leftover pizza only to realize it is cold and nowhere near as good as it was last night. Some people might cry, some might eat the cold pizza with a grimace on their face. But you? You can reheat yours in an air fryer.

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Pepperoni and Olive Pizza

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Can You Reheat Pizza in an Air Fryer?

It can be quite confusing sometimes to remember what food you can and can’t reheat. Thankfully, it is perfectly fine to reheat pizza.

It can be a lot of effort to turn the oven on just for the sake of a few slices, and the microwave can sometimes leave the pizza all soggy. An air fryer will completely change this. As long as your slice can fit in the air fryer, it will come out perfectly.

Here are some reasons why air frying your pizza is the only way you should reheat it from now on:

  • Air fryers cook with dry heat which evenly cooks the pizza. This prevents some spots from being cold while others are burning.
  • The crust turns insanely crispy in an air fryer.
  • Quick, easy, relatively mess-free
  • The pizza is contained in a single air fryer, no more worrying about the oven being on and someone getting hurt

If you are not wanting to reheat your pizza but are wanting to cook it, you can check a different article like our guide on how to deal with an undercooked pizza.


How to Reheat Pizza in an Air Fryer

It does not matter if you had takeout pizza or homemade pizza. Both can be reheated in an air fryer.

  1. Unlike the oven, there is no need for preheating or lining a tray with baking paper. You just place your pizza slice in the air fryer basket and shut it. Once shut, you can set the temperature to 350 degrees F.
  2. You can add parchment paper to the basket if you want to. But this is only for the sake of not having to clean melted cheese off of your air fryer. If you do decide to add parchment paper, it is worth it to add an extra minute to your air fryer so that the crust can crisp up as much as it normally would.
  3. Allow your pizza to cook for 5 minutes at this temperature and then check it once done.
  4. If it is not to your liking, you can keep heating it for 2-minute intervals until it is perfect.

Tips For Reheating Pizza

  • Supervise your pizza – While kitchen appliances such as the oven tend to be better when left alone, there is nothing wrong with opening your air fryer to check on your food. If you are new to using an air fryer, checking on your food and interrupting the cooking is completely fine. Not all air fryers are going to be the same so you have to get a better understanding of how quickly your air fryer cooks. This is the best way to do that. No heat will be lost as the air fryer will heat back up instantly when you shut it again.
  • Change the temperature on the fly – You can also change the temperature of the air fryer while it is cooking. This is incredibly helpful when you check on your pizza. If it is browning too quickly without being heated through, you can reduce the temperature by around 20 degrees so that it will cook slower and evenly cook. This is great for ensuring your pizza does not dry up.
  • No pizza is the same – When buying and eating a lot of pizzas, you will notice that some are deep-dish and others have thin crusts. This is important to keep in mind as you will need to think about what type of pizza you are reheating. The pizzas with a thicker crust will take longer as there is more crust to heat up, while the pizzas with a thin crust are more prone to burning as there is less of them.
  • Overlapping is bad – While there are some foods that can overlap in an air fryer without it being an issue, pizza is not one. Pizza cannot be overlapped while in an air fryer as this will prevent the touching bits of pizza from becoming crispy. The slices that are overlapping will most likely become soggy or not heat up properly, so ensure you do not put too many slices in at once.
sliced pizza for reheating

Should You Reheat Pizza in an Air Fryer?

While there are many other options for reheating a slice of pizza, you may be wondering what makes an air fryer the best choice.

Well, for starters the crust will come out perfectly crispy every single time as long as you do not overlap the pizza slices. No one likes a soggy or stale-tasting crust, so ensuring that it is crispy is very important.

An air fryer is also a lot easier than an oven as you do not need to preheat it or line a tray with any parchment paper or aluminum foil. The only need for these in an air fryer would be to eliminate the risk of melted cheese sticking to the air fryer.

Pros & Cons

Heating DeviceProsCons
Air Fryer-No preheating
-Barely any cleaning up
-Crispy crusts
-Can easily check on your food
-No worrying about children burning themselves as the air fryer is mostly self-contained
-Air fryers are not standard in a lot of homes and can be an expensive purchase for someone who does not already have one
-Limited capacity
Oven-Efficient cooking
-Crispy crusts
-Can heat a whole pizza at once
-Viewing window
-Household essential
-Requires Preheating
-Baking tray needs to be lined or cleaned
-Can burn people if they accidentally touch it
-Takes a lot longer unless it is a fan oven
Microwave-No preheating
-No cleaning up
-Viewing Window
-Accurate time setting
-Soggy crusts
-Limited capacity


What’s the best way to heat up leftover pizza?

The best way by far to reheat pizza slices is in an air fryer. There is no preheating required and the cleaning up afterward is minimal. The air fryer will give you crispy crusts every time and your pizza will be just as good as it was the night before. The only downside is that most air fryers have a rather limited capacity.

How do you reheat pizza without making it soggy?

Reheating pizza without the crust going soggy can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, there are some ways to work around this. When reheating your pizza in a microwave, place a glass of water next to your pizza so that it remains crispy. The best way to prevent your pizza from going soggy is by using an air fryer or an oven to heat your pizza.

What temperature do you reheat pizza at?

The issue with reheating food is that the temperature needs to be perfect. Too low and the food will take ages, too high and the food will burn. In an air fryer, you can control the temperature very accurately so that your food does not burn or brown too much. The best temperature for reheating pizza in an air fryer would be 350 degrees F.

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