Ragu Vs Prego – Which Pasta Sauce Is Best?

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Choosing a pasta sauce can be tricky, especially when there is a large range of options to choose from. Two most popular choices in sauces are the Ragu and Prego brands. Knowing how Ragu vs Prego compare can be helpful when choosing which sauce is right for you.

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In this article we will explore which sauce out of Ragu and Prego sauce is better.

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Ragu Vs Prego Spaghetti Sauce

Both Ragu and Prego spaghetti sauces are different in many ways.

Prego tends to be a sweeter sauce that has a slight tart taste. It is the mixed herbs that comes out strongly in the overall flavor. Prego spaghetti sauce also has a thinner taste but has a slight gritty texture.

Ragu’s texture on the other hand is smoother when compared to Prego spaghetti sauce.

Here are their main differences that you can compare when trying out both to see which is the best spaghetti sauce:

  • Smell: Both Prego spaghetti sauce and Ragu spaghetti sauce smell very different from one another. Ragu spaghetti sauce has a slightly tomato-y chili smell. Meanwhile, Prego spaghetti sauce smells a lot spicier than Ragu.
  • Taste: Ragu spaghetti sauce has a slightly cheesy taste with a hint of smoky flavors. Their spaghetti sauce is not like other traditional tangy sauces but also does not have an overall spicy, heated flavor to it either. Ragu spaghetti sauce has a milder, blander and slightly smoky flavor overall. Prego spaghetti sauce is full of tomato and onion and overall provides quite a mix of flavors. The biggest difference between the taste of Prego spaghetti sauce and Ragu spaghetti sauce is that Prego does not contain any cheese-like flavors. Rather it has a sharper and sweeter flavor.

If you are still struggling to decide which is the best choice of sauce for you between Prego spaghetti sauce and Ragu spaghetti sauce, we’ve listed why both spaghetti sauces are great choices.

Here is a list of reasons why you should choose Prego spaghetti sauce over Ragu spaghetti sauce:

  • Ready-made Prego sauce bought at the supermarket is great quality. It’s easy to whip up an easy meal with it if you do not feel like cooking from scratch.
  • Prego sauce has a natural strong flavor that can define your dish.
  • As Prego provides a range of flavors, it is a versatile sauce that can be used on a variety of meat and vegetable dishes.
  • Prego sauce is perfectly seasoned and does not need added ingredients to make it tasty.

Here is a list of reasons why you should choose Ragu spaghetti sauce over Prego spaghetti sauce:

Prego Vs Ragu Sugar

When comparing Prego sauce to Ragu sauce, unfortunately both sauces have a high sugar content. They are not the healthiest sauces to choose when cooking your meal.

There isn’t a huge difference in the amount of sugar that Ragu and Prego contain. Ragu sauce contains slightly less sugar than Prego sauce. How much sugar both Prego sauce and Ragu sauce have depends on if the sauce is altered at home or used straight after buying.

If you bought sauce from a store, it is likely that it contains more sugar than if it was homemade. This is because sugar can preserve the sauce in the bottle or jar. This means that if there is a lot of sugar in your store bought jar of Ragu sauce or Prego sauce, it will last longer and not expire as quickly as it would without the sugar.

Ragu Vs Prego Nutritional Test

Comparing Ragu sauce and Prego sauce to see which sauce is the best nutrition wise is very tricky. Both sauces are very similar.

Ragu sauce does contain less calories, unhealthy fats, carbohydrates and slightly less sugar when compared to Prego sauce. Even though Ragu sauce seems to be healthier than Prego sauce, the difference is very small and the nutritional difference does not mean that much.

Ragu Vs Prego Alfredo

Both Ragu’s and Prego’s Alfredo sauces come packaged up and ready to be used. They make it really easy to have an alfredo pasta dish if you do not want to make a meal from scratch.

Ragu’s Alfredo sauce contains parmesan and Romano cheese to make the sauce creamy. Prego’s Alfredo sauce has a range of herbs and does not contain cheese.

We would recommend trying both sauces. Both Ragu and Prego Alfredo sauces are very popular.

Prego Vs Ragu Pizza Sauce

You can use both Prego and Ragu sauce as a base to add to your pizza. Both brands’ sauces work nicely. They can actually be bought as a pizza sauce.

If you would like a herbier pizza base, we would recommend that you use Prego sauce on your pizza. If you would like a cheesier and creamier base on your pizza, we would recommend choosing Ragu sauce as your base for your pizza.

Which Is Thicker Ragu Or Prego?

When comparing the two sauces, Prego is the thicker sauce when compared to Ragu that is made in the old world style.

However, both sauces can be thickened, depending on how much thickening agent (such as flour) has been added to the sauce.

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Both Prego And Ragu Sauce Are Fantastic In Their Own Right

Prego sauce and Ragu sauce differ from one another slightly. Ragu contains ingredients such as cream and cheese that make the sauce taste strongly of dairy. Prego sauce is a mixture of herbs and therefore tastes different to Ragu sauce.

If you are looking for a healthier sauce to choose, we would recommend that you choose the Ragu sauce as it has less calories and slightly less sugar than Prego sauce.

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