Nesquik Vs Ovaltine – What Is The Chocolatey Difference?

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You may have seen both Nesquik and Ovaltine on the shelves of your local store and thought, what’s the difference? Both of these chocolate milk powders look very similar and are made with similar ingredients. Comparing Nesquik vs Ovaltine will help you make a decision on which chocolate milk to choose. 

In this article we will explore the key differences between Nesquik and Ovaltine and how they differ nutritionally.

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Are Nesquik And Ovaltine The Same?

Nesquik and Ovaltine are both different companies that released their products at different times.

Nesquik released their drink after Ovaltine in 1948. They also released other products apart from their chocolate milk, including a strawberry powder, hot fudge sundae flavor powder, no sugar added chocolate powder, and strawberry & chocolate syrups. These other products all differ in ingredients, sugar levels and goodness. 

Ovaltine originated before Nesquik in 1904. Ovaltine was originally made in Switzerland but overtime has been bought by Associated British Foods. Just like Nesquik, ovaltine has a range of different products that all differ in taste and nutritional value.

When comparing the taste of both Ovaltine and Nesquik, many have reviewed that Nesquik tastes better. Nesquik milk is said to have a more pleasant and stronger taste, whereas Ovaltine is milder in strength. Nesquik is known to be a richer-tasting chocolate milk drink and would almost be considered to be a dessert like drink.

Even though Nesquik is considered to be the better chocolate milk powder when compared to ovaltine, there is not a huge difference in taste. Ovaltine is still a good product to make chocolate milk and has good nutritional value.

When comparing the consistency of the chocolate milks powders, Nesquik and Ovaltine do differ slightly. Nesquik is a lighter shade than Ovaltine, producing a lighter colored brown chocolate milk. Ovaltine is thicker in texture when compared to Nesquik powder.

Both powders are known to mix well with cold milk and not clump when fully mixed.

Both Ovaltine and Nesquik can also be used in other cooking and baking recipes.

Here are a list of recipes that include using Nesquik powder:

Here are a list of recipe that include using Ovaltine powder:

Ovaltine Vs Nesquik Nutrition

When comparing Ovaltine and Nesquik nutritionally, there are some differences that make these two drinks stand apart. 

Both Ovaltine and Nesquik are not the healthiest choice of beverage as they contain a lot of sugar. Sugar is the first ingredient that is listed on both  Ovaltine and Nesquik drinks. Sugar can have very damaging impacts on the body, such as tooth decay and weight gain when over consumed. It is best to consume both Ovaltine and Nesquik drinks sparingly.

Another similarity is that both Ovaltine and Nesquik contain a large amount of calories which can lead to excessive weight gain. Both Ovaltine and Nesquik have their health risks due to the large amount of sugar and calories the drinks contain.

Even though both Ovaltine and Nesquik contain a large amount of sugar, they also contain a range of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are key to keeping the body healthy.

Ovaltine tends to contain more beneficial vitamins and minerals when compared to Nesquik. Therefore, if you are deciding which out of the two drinks to purchase, based on nutrition, Ovaltine would be the better drink to purchase.

Here is a list of the nutritional values of Nesquik:

  • 2% Iron
  • 2% Potassium

Here is a list of the nutritional values of Ovaltine:

  • 8% Calcium carbonate
  • 6% Magnesium
  • 6% Vitamin c
  • 10% Iron
  • 15% Zinc
  • 15% Vitamin E
  • 20% Copper gluconate
  • 15% Niacinamide
  • 15% Vitamin A
  • 40% Vitamin B6
  • 15% Vitamin B1
  • 4% Vitamin D3

Ovaltine has a wider range of vitamins and minerals when compared to Nesquik. This wider range of vitamins and minerals are better for the body than the range Nesquik provides.

Ovaltine Vs Nesquik Healthy

Even though many people consider both Ovaltine and Nesquik to be unhealthy, these drinks are not as unhealthy as you might have once thought.

Nesquik is known to be used as a recovery drink. Many people drink Nesquik after they have engaged in sports. Many sports science experts believe that Nesquik is a great drink to use for recovery. Nesquik is a great drink to use as recovery due to its ratio in carbohydrate to protein. This ratio allows muscles to quickly restore glycogen levels, which helps with the body’s overall recovery.

Nesquik itself promotes their drinks to be delicious but also equally nutritious. This is due to the drink containing a high amount of vitamin D which can be very beneficial to the body, especially the immune system.

It is always wise to drink nesquik in moderation as it does contain high levels of sugar. Sugar is not very beneficial for the body and often leads to health problems when overconsumed.

Ovaltine is also known to be a healthy drink to consume in moderation. Ovaltine contains high amounts of calcium and vitamin D which are beneficial for the body, especially for healthy bones and the immune system. Unlike nesquik, Ovaltine also contains high amounts of ​Vitamins A, C and E. ​Vitamins A, C and E are very beneficial for the upkeep of a healthy body as these vitamins help ​ fight oxidative damage and again, support healthy bones.

If You Are Comparing For Nutrition, Ovaltine May Be The Better Chocolate Drink Powder

If you are wanting to make a healthy decision when picking which chocolate milk to go for, your best bet is Ovaltine. Ovaltine is full of vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial for keeping the body healthy. If you love a very rich chocolate taste and want a chocolate milk that tastes more like a dessert, Nesquik will be the best choice. Nesquik may not be the best drink for your nutritionally, but it tastes delicious.

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