Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch Recipe – More Than A Copycat

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Today at Cook’s Dream, I’m going to be showing you a Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch recipe that’s just as good (and as similar as possible) to the original!

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Quick n’ easy, this dressing is the best to impress.

The greatest thing about this recipe, however, is that you can swap out the ingredients easily – making it enjoyable regardless of your dietary needs! But before we get started, lets have a look at some common questions asked about this sandwich chain.

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Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch Recipe – More Than A Copycat

What Is Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch Made Of?

Our Jimmy John’s kickin’ ranch copycat recipe is so similar to the original because it uses the base original recipe. This means that we use the same ingredients, while not having the same exact ingredients. To clarify this more, for example you may use a different type of pepper than the Jimmy John’s chain is supplied with, or you might add in your own extra ingredients or swap out some of the mayo for sour cream. This is the case with most copycat recipes – take this one of Wingstop’s ranch, for instance.

It also means that you’re likely going to be using different brands – Jimmy John’s probably has their own brand of ranch powder and mayo they use in store, which is not commercially available.

In essence, this allows you to use the official Jimmy John’s recipe! It might not be 100% the same, but you sure can get it to that 99.999%.

So, what does any of that have to do with what Jimmy John’s kickin ranch is made of? Well, while we have the base ingredients down, we don’t really know the exacts! This is important to note in any recipe you’re trying to copy.

Still, knowing this can be very useful, so I’ll break it down into a table below.

Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch Recipe – More Than A Copycat

Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch Ingredients:

IngredientsAmount Per BatchFunction And Additional Info
Mayonnaise 1725gMayonnaise is used to thicken up ranch, add flavor, and serve as a base to create the dressing in. Helmann’s mayo has been cited for use at Jimmy John’s.
Buttermilk4 US cupsButtermilk is generally used to make a thinner variety of ranch, and serves to lighten the mayonnaise. For a thicker ranch, check to see whether sour cream is better than buttermilk.
Pepper Juice100gThis is added to enhance flavor without being too strong or spicy. It also limits excess chunks of pepper. It isn’t stated whether the ’juice’ is from actual juiced pepper fruits, or from the pickle juice of pickled peppers.
Peppers200gType of pepper used is unknown. Added to increase spice, flavor, and texture.
Ranch Powder1 packetBrand of ranch powder used is unknown, likely to be restaurant’s own. Used to make a creamier, well-seasoned base.
Garlic Salt6gUsed for seasoning and enhancing flavor of other ingredients, as well as strengthening the garlic flavors.
Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch Recipe – More Than A Copycat

Is Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch Good?

According to the popularity of all these questions….I’d say so!

Garlic is never amiss in some ranch, and mixing it all with peppers and pickle juice to make a relish-like ranch sounds divine (at least to me!).

Overall, Jimmy John’s Kickin’ ranch is well-seasoned, mixed, and has a ton of balanced flavors – all in a sauce with the perfect consistency.

What Dishes Go Well With Jimmy John’s Kickin’ Ranch?

While the obvious answer is a Jimmy John’s sub of course, you can pair ranch with a multitude of meals. So, lets list a few!

  1. Salad
    • It seems like ranch was MADE FOR this classic – known all across America for its use in salad dressings, the two are almost synonymous. Add ranch to a caesar salad to bring some flavor into your sides!
  2. Fried Chicken
    • Whether its chicken nuggets or deep-fried wings, swapping out the garlic aioli or ketchup for ranch every now and then can be a godsend for your taste buds.
  3. Burger Sauce Swap out
    • If you’re tired of burger sauce – maybe its that over-pickle-y relish taste – try replacing it with some tangy, jalapeño-based ranch! While it can certainly elevate any burger, it works exceptionally well in a chicken burger.
  4. Veggie Dip
    • Much like a hummus dip, ranch can serve to add flavor to celery, carrots and anything you want, really! Use this as a way to take a break from all those roasted and grilled veggies.
  5. Pizza
    • Ranch and pizza are a tale as old as time – if you find your local pizzeria ditching ranch for the garlic sauce, don’t fret! Just swap it out instead by making our recipe down at the end of the article. Or better yet, use both!
Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch Recipe – More Than A Copycat

Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch Nutrition

Jimmy John’s Kickin’ Ranch Calories

Per serving (one of those little dipping tubs), Jimmy John’s Kickin’ Ranch is 160 calories. Most of the calories – in fact, precisely 92% of calories – within Jimmy John’s ranch actually comes from fat.

Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch Nutrition Table

Amount Per Serving
Saturated Fat2.5g
Trans Fat0g
Dietary Fiber0g
Amount per 1 serving tub

Why Substitute Jimmy John’s?

If you’re wondering why people aren’t just going out to get the ranch, there are a few different reasons.

Mainly, you might just want to try it out! I love making copycats and seeing just how close I can get to the real thing.

There are also plenty of cases where a person may also not live in an area that has Jimmy Johns, but want to try out the restaurant’s sauce for themselves.

Additionally, if a food item goes against someone’s dietary restrictions because of allergens, sensitivities, or religious and moral reasons, it can often be easier to make the food themselves. This way, they can see what’s going into their food, know whether its been cross-contaminated, and know if the kitchen is ’blank’-free.

You may even want to make this ranch at home just to experiment with it! Add in new ingredients and tweak it ’til its the perfect, upgraded JJ’s sauce for your palette (I’ll be going further into this later).

However, theres yet another reason why people may want to make this sauce at home – and its more to avoid Jimmy John’s than anything else…

Jimmy John’s Kick Ranch Recipe with a jimmy johns - like sandwich

Jimmy John’s Controversies

This video by YouTube channel Mashed highlights some controversies involving Jimmy John’s chain, as well as a little of their backstory and history.

It includes multiple instances of food poisoning outbreaks related to their sprouts, as well as abuses of worker’s rights and wage theft.

There are also controversies surrounding Jimmy John’s former owner, Jimmy John (surprising, I know) Liataud, for donating to a political party and certain local law enforcement.

Recipe Similar To Jimmy John’s Kickin’ Ranch – How Do I Change It Up?

The good thing about making food at home is that you can adjust it precisely to your liking.

If a Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch copycat recipe doesn’t sound 100%…. I hope you’ll be happy to hear that there are tons of ways to improve on it!

Below, I’ll be bullet-pointing a few to draw some inspiration.

Ideas To Improve Your JJ’s Ranch

  1. Pick The Right Peppers
    • Peppers used at Jimmy Johns are usually hot cherry peppers, jalapeños, and Nardello peppers, but you can add in whatever kind you like! In the recipe at the end, feel free to change the ratios of peppers too.
  2. Spicy Mayo
    • Spicy mayo is an excellent way to add heat to your ranch – if the peppers are too much, try doing this instead. If you want to try a crazy cross over, you can even try using a different restaurant’s brand – for example, I love using Nando’s trademark perinnaise.
  3. Fresh Herbs And Spices
    • Want a surefire way to upgrade that ranch? Try this out. Add anything from some fresh lemon zest or juice to fresh chopped chives and spring onion – nothing will elevate your ranch higher.
  4. Sour Cream Switch
    • Whether you’re looking to make a thicker sauce, or if low-lactose is best for you, sour cream can be a wonderful swap out option. Try using it if you prefer the flavor too – all you need to co to keep the thin consistency is add a little milk.
  5. Choose Your Fave Ranch Packet
    • While Jimmy John’s uses their own brand of ranch seasoning, try using your favorite pack to create a unique, yet JJ’s reminiscent ranch. This is an especially useful tip if Jimmy John’s ranch powder isn’t available to you.

Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch Sauce Recipe

Serves: Multiple people

Prep Time
15 min
Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch Recipe – More Than A Copycat


431.25g Helmann’s mayonnaise
1 & 1/2 cups of buttermilk, either homemade or store-bought
25g fresh peppers, hot cherry peppers are best but Nardello also work
25g pickled green/mild jalapeños
25g pickled jalapeño juice (or regular pickle juice if you prefer)
1 small ranch seasoning packet (Hidden Valley is best) – if you are allergic to some ranches, this is best avoided, just use a mix of your favorite seasoning
Garlic salt to taste (use a 2:1 ratio of garlic to salt)


As there are lots of variables in the original Jimmy Johns recipe, all I have done is changed some of the ingredients to be more explicit. For example, instead of just ’pepper juice’ I’ve specified jalapeño pickle juice.

How To Make Kickin’ Ranch

  1. Prepare peppers

    First, take your jalapeños and sweet peppers and chop off the stems. If you’re not a fan of spice, take out the seeds and give them a quick rinse tool. Make sure you don’t throw out the jalapeño juice.

  2. Whisk base

    Now to get started on the base! Whisk together the mayo and 4 cups of the buttermilk until well-blended.

  3. Mix together

    In a small, dry bowl add your ranch powder and garlic salt together. If you don’t have pre-made garlic salt, simply add some table salt and garlic together beforehand in a ratio of 2:1. Make the most of your ranch packet and pour a tiny bit of buttermilk in it to get the last of the powder. Lightly shake to mix, and add to a blender.

  4. Blend

    Take your peppers and blend them on a low setting with the remaining 2 cups butter milk (and the packet ranch buttermilk). Immediately after starting the blender, lift up or take off the mini lid and add in your ranch/garlic salt powder mix.

  5. Store

    To finish, simply pour this blender mixture into the mayo-buttermilk mix and whisk! Store sealed or wrapped in your fridge to keep your ranch from expiring.

Other FAQs

How many calories in Jimmy John’s Kickin Ranch?

There are 160 calories in Jimmy John’s kickin’ ranch per dipping tub.

What kind of oil and vinegar does Jimmy John use?

In Jimmy John’s kickin’ ranch, no oil or vinegar is used. Buttermilk and mayo creates an emulsified base for the ranch.

Does Jimmy John’s use MSG?

While the website ”GoDairyFree” states that Jimmy John’s meats do not contain MSG, it is unclear whether Jimmy John’s as a whole is MSG-free. The same goes for the Kickin’ ranch – while we know the ingredients, we don’t know if any of those ingredients contain MSG.

Is Jimmy John’s kickin ranch spicy?

Jimmy John’s kickin’ ranch is not spicy – however, it does contain hot cherry peppers and pepper juice. This means that while most people don’t find it to be spicy, it can still be a bit hot for others. If you’re very sensitive to spice, try a little bit on your finger first.

What is the name of Jimmy John’s ranch?

Jimmy John’s own brand ranch is made in store, and is called ’Jimmy John’s Kickin’ Ranch’.

Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch – Is It Worth Making At Home?

Considering all the reasons why someone might want to make this ranch at home, I think it’s definitely worth making – at least for some!

It’s all the more appealing to those with dietary restrictions – you never know who might desperately miss Jimmy John’s Kickin’ Ranch, but have developed lactose intolerance.

Whatever your reason, making your own ranch is the perfect excuse to improve your cooking – so best of luck on it!

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