Is Whataburger Only in Texas and New York? Expansion Plans Revealed

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Is Whataburger only in Texas and New York? The answer may surprise you! Whataburger is a southern American burger joint headed up by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton. Currently, you can find the restaurant in only a few distinct states. Want to know which states they are and which states may be seeing a Whataburger soon? If so, stay tuned. We’re spilling the beans…right now!

is whataburger only in texas and new york

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Whataburger is known for its exceptional burgers and ever-so-large drinks. This popular Texan burger joint is typically open 24 hours a day, with many locations serving breakfast beginning at 11 pm.

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The idea behind the name was that the owner wanted to develop a burger so big and delicious that the only choice left for patrons to exclaim after eating one is, “Whataburger!” 

Even today, a Whataburger can be ordered whichever way you like and is served atop a 5-inch high bun.

Lunch anyone?

Why Is Whataburger Only in the South?

No one can say for sure why Whataburger is currently stationed only in the south. But if we had to guess, it’s probably because the family that used to own it was just peachy leaving Whataburger’s locations where they lie.

The Whataburger restaurant started as a family-owned business and a Texas treasure that has expanded throughout the south. Despite many requests from those abroad, Whataburger locations remain only in the south; much to the chagrin of its northern fans.

So, is Whataburger only in Texas and New York? The answer to this is a resounding no.

While there remain several hundred locations in Texas at the moment (over 700 to be exact) there aren’t any locations that can currently be found in New York. 

Sorry Yankees!

When Did Whataburger Expand Out of Texas?

In 1959, the first Whataburger fast food restaurant opened its doors outside of Texas. A formerly strictly Texas institution, Whataburger’s owners saw it fit to expand to Florida, and later to other southern states.

Even today, the Whataburger corporation continues to open new restaurants in locations that include New Mexico, Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisiana, and several other southern states. 

Is Whataburger Only in Texas and New York?

New Whataburger Locations: What to Expect

Hearing how much Whataburger has grown may have you anticipating a Whataburger coming to your neck of the woods. We’d hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you live anywhere north of the U.S., don’t hold your breath!

This isn’t to say that Whataburger won’t be offering new restaurants in northern regions anytime soon, but according to their track record, we’d say it’s unlikely.

As of yet, the newest Whataburger restaurants have opened in Tennessee only. And, as you likely already know, Tennessee is considered a southern state. Thus, if you live in New York, Wisconsin, Ohio, or the like, know that chances are slim that you’ll see new locations crop up near you.

But hey, one can dream, can’t they?

Is Whataburger in Texas Only?

Despite these facts, there is a little good news.

As mentioned, although Whataburger started in Texas, it is no longer solely based there. In fact, Whataburger has expanded to several states around the country with Texas being only one of several states serving up delicious burgers to its customers. 

So, which of these states are currently serving up the goods? Keep reading to find out!

is whataburger only in texas and new york

Which US States Have Whataburger?

Whataburger has opened locations in various states around the country.

Could you find a Whataburger near your city? It’s possible! Check out how many Whataburgers are near you!

Note: The following is an estimate of the number of locations in each state across the country. Numbers are subject to change as Whataburger continues to expand and are only accurate at the time of this written post.

Whataburger Restaurants: Numbers By Location

  • Texas – 716
  • Florida – 40 
  • Oklahoma – 34
  • Arizona – 34 
  • Alabama – 25 
  • Louisiana – 21 
  • Mississippi – 11 
  • New Mexico – 11
  • Arkansas – 6 
  • Tennessee – 5 
  • Georgia – 1

Is There a Whataburger in New York?

Remember that despite circulating rumors, the Whataburger company has not opened its doors to dish up hot and delicious burgers in New York–yet. So, while it is true that Whataburger is expanding to more areas, know that you aren’t likely to see a location virtually anywhere up north.

Is There a Whataburger in Vegas?

Whataburger’s fans and customers would likely love to see a location open up in Vegas, but unfortunately, the chain has not yet expanded to Vegas just yet.

Does Tennessee Have Whataburger?

Wish Whataburger chains would expand to your home state of Tennessee? If so, you’re in luck. They already have! Check out Whataburger in several cities around Tennessee including Nashville, Hermitage, and Madison.

Is There Whataburger in Mexico?

As far as we can tell, there are no Whataburger locations in Mexico. There is, however, Mexico’s own version of this popular American restaurant. It is known as “Weroburger” and is said to be the Mexican alternative to Whataburger. You should note, however, that though the company is similar, Weroburger is owned separately from Whataburger.

Psst! In case you were wondering, there are over 10 locations in New Mexico if you really want to try out Whataburger within American borders! Yum!

Is There a Whataburger in Michigan?

Unfortunately, there are currently no Michigan cities that house Whataburger locations.

Does Florida Have Whataburger?

At the moment, Florida is second to Texas in terms of how many Whataburger locations they have. That may be due to the fact that Florida was the first chosen place for expansion back when Whataburger first started branching out across the states. Current Whataburger city locations in Florida include Destin, Pace, and Jacksonville.

is whataburger only in texas and new york

Is Whataburger Outside of Texas?

Yes, there are several Whataburger locations outside of Texas. The states that boast of Whataburger restaurants outside of Texas include Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arizona, Mississippi, Georgia, and New Mexico.

Does Georgia have Whataburger?

Actually? Yes! There appears to be one location that has a Whataburger in Georgia and it’s located in Thomasville. The awesome thing is that Whataburger has recently announced that it is expanding in Georgia to include the Atlanta area.

So, if you call Georgia your home state, you’ve got reason to rejoice!

Is There Whataburger in Chicago?

Despite the fact that Whataburger was sold to a Chicago-based company in 2019, there still remains no talk of opening a Chicago-based Whataburger. Or at least, not yet.


Is there a Whataburger in New Jersey?

There are currently no Whataburger locations in New Jersey.

Does Colorado have Whataburger?

Currently, Colorado residents have no locations by which they can enjoy a juicy Whataburger. Sorry!

Is Whataburger coming to South Carolina?

What about South Carolina? They’re a southern state, right? Yes, they are! But unfortunately, Whataburger hasn’t expanded to reach South Carolina just yet. However, there seem to be rumors swirling that this may actually be in the works.

So, you’ll have to stay tuned for more information on that one!

Is Whataburger coming to Utah?

As of yet, you shouldn’t expect to see any Whataburger locations in Utah.

Is Whataburger Only in Texas and New York? Eh…

Remember that Whataburger does NOT currently have any restaurants located in New York, but locations are plentiful in Texas. Along with that, most southern states have seen their fair share of Whataburger expansions happening, and those that haven’t are likely to in due time.

In the meantime, northerners are still hanging onto a dream deferred in terms of locations opening in a city near them. As of yet, no Whataburger locations have been opened in any of the northern states.

But who knows–maybe that’ll change in the distant future!

Is Whataburger only in Texas and New York – FAQs

Is Whataburger a Texas thing only?

It used to be! But since then, Whataburger has expanded to serve several other southern states as well.

Who owns Whataburger?

Whataburger was originally owned by Harmon Dubson. However, he passed away in a plane crash, and as such the company was taken over by his wife Gracie. As of late, the company has been said to have been sold to a Chicago-based company in 2019. Despite this report, there are no Chicago Whataburger locations at the time this post was written. 

Where was Whataburger founded?

Why is Whataburger a Texas thing?

Whataburger was originally established in Texas, so it makes sense that it’s known as a Texas thing. But don’t worry. Whataburger has now expanded across several states across the nation, so you can still get your fix…as long as you live down south!

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