Is Smoked Bacon Cooked? Food Safety Facts

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If you’ve ever been in the store and seen smoked bacon, you may have wondered, “Is smoked bacon cooked?” Indeed, it would seem as though bacon that has been smoked is already cooked, but is it really? The answer to that depends. Keep reading for more information about how to determine whether or not your smoked bacon is already cooked.

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Is Smoked Bacon Cooked? Food Safety Facts

Is Smoked Already Cooked?

The term “smoked” is not always synonymous with the word “cooked”.

Smoking of meat occurs when meat is exposed to smoke that is meant to preserve, brown or add flavor to the meat. This can happen at both hot and cold temperatures. When the meat is exposed to hot smoking it will cook.

However, cold smoking is the process through which most raw meats that are labeled “smoked” goes through. This meat will have a smoky flavor, but will not have cooked during the smoking process.

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Is Smoked Bacon Fully Cooked?

With this in mind, let’s return to the original question. Whether or not you’ve got cooked or uncooked bacon that is smoked will depend on a few factors.

First, look at the meat itself. You likely know what raw bacon looks like. If the bacon is smoked meat but still looks raw, then the bacon you’re looking at is uncooked. These types of smoked bacon will be sold alongside other types of raw bacon, so this is another way you can know it’s raw for sure.

On the other hand, there are some types of pre cooked bacon that may also be advertised as smoked. In this instance, the manufacturer is directly informing you that the meat is indeed cooked. In this case, you aren’t eating raw bacon. This type of smoked bacon is fully safe to eat as is.

Is Smoked Bacon Technically Cooked?

You may be wondering if smoked bacon is technically cooked given that it is, after all, “smoked”. The key here is the difference in the smoking process, as we mentioned before. Raw smoked bacon will have been cold smoked. It is this cold smoking process that renders its flavor without actually cooking the meat.

Still, there are some types of fully cooked smoked bacon on the market that won’t cause food poisoning if you eat it straight out of the package. Thus, which is which will totally depend on the type of bacon you pick and whether it is raw or fully cooked.

How Is Bacon Smoked?

So, how is bacon smoked but not cooked? It all comes down to the cold smoking process. Cold smoking occurs when raw meat is hung from the ceiling and allowed to linger in a room where smoke is filtered through. The meat is kept away from the fire and is in a room at a very low smoking temperature so as not to cook the meat.

Usually, bacon goes through a curing process that occurs before the smoking process that helps dry it out. This wet curing (or even dry curing) can help preserve the flavor of the smoke in the bacon. As the bacon hangs the smoke penetrates and flavors the meat without actually cooking it.

Therefore, although manufacturers often smoke bacon, they aren’t necessarily serving you up packages of cooked meat. Rather, it is up to you to observe the bacon to determine whether or not it is indeed raw or cooked.

Is Smoked Bacon Cooked? Food Safety Facts

Can You Eat Smoked Bacon Without Cooking?

You should never eat smoked bacon without cooking it. If you eat raw bacon, you are asking for trouble! Eating raw bacon will undoubtedly cause you to catch food poisoning, and also, tapeworm and parasites. Thus, you should never eat raw bacon.

Is Smoked Bacon Considered Raw?

Is smoked bacon raw? Yes, in most instances, smoked bacon is considered raw. This is because the process of smoking bacon doesn’t necessarily mean it is cooked. Still, there is some smoked bacon you can eat that is pre cooked. Therefore, if you really want to eat smoked bacon and don’t want to wait, it is best to grab fully cooked smoked bacon to satisfy your craving.

Can You Eat Smoked Bacon Raw?

You should only eat fully cooked bacon. Never eat raw pork. By consuming raw meat you put your health, and even your life, at risk.

Which Bacon Can You Safely Eat Without Cooking?

The best smoke flavored bacon to eat without cooking is the kind that comes pre cooked. This type of bacon will have a longer shelf life. Still, it will depend on how it’s sold and what the manufacturer’s instructions are as to how long you can keep it. Most pre cooked bacon will remain good at least up until the date printed on its package. Beyond that, you’ll be rolling the die in terms of safety.

Is It Safe to Eat Cured Bacon Raw?

No. Even if bacon is smoked, don’t let its smoky flavor fool you. Cured bacon should not be eaten raw even if properly cured.

Is Smoked Bacon Cooked? Food Safety Facts

Is The Smoked Bacon Ready To Eat?

It can be. Smoked bacon comes in both ready to eat and raw varieties.

Note: If you have regular bacon on hand, you can also smoke it yourself. Sweet!

Is It Safe To Consume Smoked Bacon?

Yes, it is safe to consume smoked bacon. Just be sure to cook it fully as this will kill bacteria. This can be done in even a microwave! No matter how it’s prepared, make sure the bacon does not contain a raw center and is fully cooked through. You can also assess whether or not it is at a safe internal temperature by using a meat thermometer.

Note: Bacterial growth can cause you to become very ill with stomach pain and more, so ensure you refrigerate any leftovers when you are done.

Don’t have smoked bacon? No problem! Try adding a little liquid smoke to your bacon pieces before frying them up. With the liquid smoke added, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference!

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Can You Eat Smoked Bacon Raw?

Though bacon is cured and sometimes smoked, it is never safe to eat raw food without cooking. Wet curing, dry curing, and smoking are all processes to preserve and/or flavor the meat, but this doesn’t always mean the product is cooked. This is especially true when dealing with pork products. Thus, be sure not to assume that smoked cured bacon can be eaten raw. There could be devastating consequences if you do!

Is Smoked Bacon Cooked? Sometimes Yes, Mostly No…

Though smoked meats are often cooked, this isn’t usually the case with bacon. Unless the packaging specifically states that it is fully cooked, you’ll always want to cook it. Never assume bacon is cooked especially if it appears raw and is sold alongside other raw types of bacon.

Be safe!


Do you fry smoked bacon?

Yes, you can fry smoked bacon, but it can also be put in the microwave, air fryer, or oven. 

Does smoked pork need to be cooked?

Unless the package states that the pork is already cooked, you should never assume that it is. Always cook your pork before eating. 

Is double smoked bacon cooked?

It may be, but you’ll need to check the packaging to find out. 

Does smoked bacon need to be refrigerated?

In most cases, you will need to refrigerate your smoked bacon.

Is smoked flavor bacon cooked?

Smoke flavored bacon is sometimes cooked, but not always. Check the packaging to know for sure. 

Is smoked turkey bacon cooked?

Not usually. Though it may look different from standard bacon, turkey bacon often is sold raw and needs to be cooked. 

Is smoked irish bacon fully cooked?

Irish bacon is usually sold fully cooked, however, you will want to check the packaging to be sure. 

Is smoked venison bacon already cooked?

Most of the time, smoked venison bacon is not already cooked. 

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