Is Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian – Read Before You Eat!

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Mozzarella cheese looks different, melts different, and tastes different from many other cheeses. But is mozzarella cheese vegetarian? Not usually! Though it accompanies many salads and other healthful meals, you should exercise caution when consuming mozzarella cheese if you are vegetarian or vegan. Eager to know which types of mozzarella are safe? If so, keep reading. We’ve got the details you need coming right up!

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is mozzarella cheese vegetarian

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Can Vegetarians Eat Mozzarella Cheese?

Let’s start off with the main question, and that’s whether or not mozzarella cheese is vegetarian. The answer is no, in most cases, mozzarella is not vegetarian.

Vegetarian cheese is in its own class, with vegan mozzarella being made from a completely different ingredient than “normal” mozzarella. Thus, if you are vegetarian and choose to eat mozzarella, you’d be consuming a normal dairy product derived from animal enzymes and byproducts. This, of course, would be in violation of the typical vegetarian code.

is mozzarella cheese vegan

Is Mozzarella Cheese Plant Based?

Traditional mozzarella cheese isn’t plant based, just as cottage cheese, blue cheese, parmesan cheese, and cheddar cheese aren’t.

Most cheeses are made from cow’s milk with a few being derived from other animal sources, such as buffalo. Mozzarella, specifically, is made by combining cow’s milk with animal derived rennet. Animal derived rennet is an enzyme and typically comes from the stomach lining of young unweaned calves. This is what makes the milk form curds which later are kneaded and formed to make mozzarella.

Citric acid, salt, and water are also involved in the process, with some homemade chefs using lemon juice instead of citric acid.

All of this combined lays the foundation for the mozzarella we know and love today. But unfortunately, the cheese is in no way safe for vegetarians.

Why Wouldn’t Mozzarella Cheese Be Vegetarian?

If we’re talking about traditional mozzarella cheeses and not the vegan sort and you’re wondering why isn’t mozzarella vegetarian, then the answer lies in what it is made out of. The entire process utilizes animal byproducts, all of which are forbidden for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Nevertheless, there are vegetarian cheese brands out there that offer their own line of plant-based mozzarella. These are viable options for people looking to avoid cheese derived from animals.

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What Makes Mozzarella Not Vegetarian?

Whether you’re concerned about fresh mozzarella, shredded or the like, authentic mozzarella is going to be produced from animals. Still, there are non meat animal products including vegetarian friendly cheeses available that you can eat if you are looking to avoid cheeses that contain traditional dairy.

What is Mozzarella Cheese Made Of?

The reason that mozzarella cheese tends to not be suitable for vegetarians is that it contains milk and animal derived rennet. The milk comes from either cow or buffalo and the rennet, typically, comes from calves.

Other vegan and vegetarian cheeses contain vegetarian enzymes rather than animal enzymes to form curds. However, this is only the case with plant-based cheeses and never with fresh cheeses.

What Animal Does Mozzarella Cheese Come From?

Unlike many hard cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano and pecorino romano, mozzarella cheese is soft and stretchy. Still, like many other cheeses it contains whey protein from normal cow milk.

Depending on the cheese, it could also be derived from buffalo milk. The rennet that helps form the curds comes from calves and is added to the milk which consequently forms mozzarella.

Does Mozzarella Cheese Contain Rennet?

Unless you are purchasing vegetarian cheeses, you can expect your mozzarella cheese to contain some form of animal rennet. Some cheeses marked as “halal” may or may not be vegetarian-friendly, so be sure to do your research before you consume them.

Does Mozzarella Cheese Contain Rennet?

Remember that most mozzarella cheese contains rennet of some sort. Authentic mozzarella won’t usually have vegetable rennet, but instead will have rennet derived from an animal source. Vegetarian rennet, however, is often used in plant-based cheese options. Microbial rennet is also suitable for many vegetarians and enables them to eat mozzarella cheese.

Is Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian – Read Before You Eat!

Is Mozzarella Cheese Vegan?

Veganism is different from vegetarianism. It is often a more thorough and rigorous lifestyle, comparatively. As such, non animal enzymes, microbial enzymes, and the like are the only viable forms of substitute for traditional rennet in mozzarella. Traditional cheese is never really vegan or vegetarian friendly, and as such, should be avoided.

Is Vegan Mozzarella Cheese Dairy Free?

If you’re following a vegan or vegetarian diet, don’t expect to be able to eat animal derived cheeses. You can, however, experiment with vegan mozzarella to see if you enjoy it. Many people are put off by plant based mozzarella because they are used to the milky, stringy, and creamy flavor of traditional mozzarella. Even so, because vegan mozzarella is often formulated with microbial rennet or vegetable rennet, it makes it much easier for those wishing to avoid animal byproducts to eat mozzarella cheese. Even if it isn’t “real’!

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Can You Make Your Own Vegan Mozzarella?

Yes! Believe it or not, it is very easy to make your own vegan mozzarella. The process won’t contain calf’s rennet or even vegetable rennet, but instead, it utilizes cashews, lemon juice, and tapioca scratch to yield a cheese with a mild flavor very similar to that of real mozzarella.

Of course, there are different types of vegan mozzarella to make at home that use different ingredients, as well. Take your pick from which recipe you’d rather use. All are viable options!

Is Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian?

If you’re looking to indulge in the best decadently creamy, stringy, soft mozzarella cheeses you can easily find, they aren’t likely to be vegetarian. Sadly, many of the best-known cheese brands are going to contain animal based products in their cheese. Still, for the sake of ease, we’ve taken note of some of the most popular brands of cheeses and have detailed whether or not they should be considered vegetarian. Take a peek at whether or not the following popular mozzarella cheeses make the cut!

Is Kraft Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian?

Though Kraft mozzarella cheeses are a protein powerhouse and offer all sorts of ooey-gooey health benefits, this is one cheese that is filled with dairy products, and as such, cannot be considered vegetarian.

Is Great Value Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian?

Great Value mozzarella cheese, produced by Walmart, does contain rennet. Therefore, if you are on a plant based diet, you’ll want to avoid this particular brand of cheese.

Is Sargento Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian?

Sargento mozzarella cheese may not contain animal rennet. Vegetarians and vegans may be able to enjoy this brand of cheese.

Is Kroger Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian?

Because most mozzarella cheeses require rennet, vegetarians should avoid Kroger mozzarella cheese unless it is specifically marked as being vegan or safe for a plant based diet.

Is Trader Joes Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian?

If you’re wondering if Trader Joe’s cheeses are vegetarian, the answer is that most of their traditional cheeses will contain milk and animal products. Therefore, you can expect Trader Joe’s mozzarella cheese to be unsafe for vegetarians.

Still, Trader Joe’s is known to carry several vegan cheese options so it might be worth taking a visit. Just be sure to check the label and ingredient list on whatever you choose to ensure it’s the right pick for your needs.

Is Happy Farms Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian?

Unless specifically stated otherwise, you can expect Happy Farms Mozzarella cheese sold at Aldi to contain animal ingredients. They’re not vegetarian friendly.

Is Galbani Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian?

Galbani mozzarella cheese isn’t safe for those following a plant based diet, as this cheese contains dairy. Seek other brand name alternatives, like Follow Your Heart Mozzarella Cheese Shreds, instead.

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Is Priano Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian?

Though delicious, Praino cheeses are not for those looking to avoid cheeses that require rennet. It is not vegetarian.

Is Kirkland Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian?

Unfortunately, yummy and inexpensive Kirkland mozzarella cheese isn’t suitable for vegetarians.

Is Saputo Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian?

If you’re wondering, “is Saputo mozzarella vegetarian?” the answer is that Saputo cheese is not suitable for vegetarians.

Is Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian? Read the Label to Find Out!

In most cases, mozzarella cheese will be made with at least one animal product that prevents it from being able to be consumed by vegetarians. Be that as it may, there are plenty of other plant based and vegan-friendly mozzarella options available in many stores that may function as suitable replacements.


Is mozzarella rennet free?

Most mozzarella cheeses require animal rennet in some form to cultivate curds. Interestingly, some forms of rennet can be cultivated by soaking plants. Others will be derived naturally from the stomach lining of a calf. Still, others can be made at home using no animal rennet at all. Do your research and see what you find out!

Is mozzarella vegan?

Most traditional mozzarella is not vegan. Thankfully, however, there are plenty of brands that are releasing their own plant-based versions of mozzarella that you can try instead.  these alternative cheeses usually use vegetarian rennet or microbial rennet to achieve great taste and texture.

Is all mozzarella cheese vegetarian?

Only specific brands manufacture vegetarian mozzarella. It will usually be labeled as “vegan” or “plant-based”. Most types of mozzarella cheese, however, are not vegetarian. 

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