Is Aquafina Good Water and How Good Is It?

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Is Aquafina good water? Well, that depends. There are aspects to Aquafina that make it “good” and there are aspects that may make it undesirable, especially when compared to other water types. So what is it exactly that distinguishes Aquafina from other water types? We’re so glad you asked! Join in as we explore this question and more in today’s post.

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Is Aquafina Good Water And How Good Is It?

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How Good Is Aquafina Water?

Aquafina water is a good water brand to buy. But it isn’t the ultimate. There are other water types you could buy instead that may be more beneficial for your health.

This isn’t to say that Aquafina is “bad” per se, but rather, that there are other water brand types that could provide your body with more nutrients, especially if you drink bottled water on a regular basis.

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How Is Aquafina Water Good?

Aquafina water undergoes a rigorous purification process. This is what makes Aquafina water a good water to drink. But many of these purification processes are also required of other purified bottled water brands.

Some of the processes that Aquafina undergoes include UV lights, ozonation, carbon filtration, and reverse osmosis.

Is Aquafina a Good Water Brand?

It is, but honestly, it isn’t much different from other water brands.

Aquafina water is classified as purified water, which is really just normal drinking water. This type of water is also known as tap water, but gains the title “purified” only because it has undergone the purification process as detailed in the previous section.

So, does this make Aquafina great? In some ways, yes. But still not any greater than other purified bottled water brands.

How Clean Is Aquafina Water?

Aquafina water is very clean. This is because the filtration process it undergoes ensures that it is perfectly safe to use as drinking water. However, you should keep in mind that Aquafina is simply tap water. So, although the water is very clean, you aren’t obtaining any additional nutrients that you might get from bottled spring water.

Another thing to remember about Aquafina water and other bottled tap water types is that because they do undergo such an intense filtration processes, they often end up killing even the nutrients and minerals often found in water that could be beneficial to your health. So, while Aquafina water may be clean, it may almost be too clean as it lacks nutrients that may have otherwise been found in natural water.

Note: Remember that although Aquafina and other purified water brands are considered “clean” they do often end up contaminated. That’s because they’re stored in a plastic bottle. Plastic can leech chemicals into the water which can end up making the water less than perfect for human health. Remember, however, that this will also be true of any water stored in a plastic bottle. Thus, you may be hard-pressed to find another alternative unless you drink water straight from the tap.

Is Aquafina Good Water And How Good Is It?

Is Aquafina the Worst Bottled Water?

No, Aquafina isn’t the worst bottled water. But to some, it may taste worse than other bottled tap water types. For one reason or another, Aquafina has been said to consistently be considered one of the worst-tasting bottled water brands out there. It may be due to the higher acidity of the water (ranked between a 5-7 on the pH scale), however, Dasani has an even lower pH making it even more bitter tasting and unpleasant according to some.

Thus, whether or not you think Aquafina tastes bad will greatly depend on your own interpretation of the flavor.

Is Aquafina Water Good for Your Health?

Any water that is clean can be good for your health. However, considering that Aquafina is purified tap water, you could answer both yes and no to this question.

In essence, the best water for you is going to be neutral water that comes from a spring. Still, many water companies like Aquafina pride themselves on having extensive filtration systems that end up not only cleaning the bacteria from your drinking water, but also the healthful minerals found within the water as well.

Thus, while Aquafina won’t necessarily harm your health, this drinking water won’t add any additional minerals and nutrients to help it either. Still, Aquafina and any other kind of purified water is fine to drink to stay hydrated. So, don’t make the fact that it doesn’t contain the trace minerals that spring water has keep you from drinking it.

How Good Is Aquafina Water Reverse Osmosis Water

Aquafina uses reverse osmosis to purify and filter its water. Essentially, Aquafina takes tap water and purifies it using reverse osmosis and other filtration processes to demineralize it and free it from bacteria.

Aquafina is often looked at as one of the best bottled water brands out there because this neutral water contains little to no harmful substances (other than chemicals incurred from the plastic it’s housed in).

Still, remember that most other drinking water brands undergo filtration processes, too. And at the end of the day, it’s just water that is quite similar to the tap water you drink at home.

Thus, if you find yourself drinking tap water more often at home, don’t feel bad. If it’s filtered, it probably isn’t much different from the water your drink out of a bottle; and it’s much cheaper, too!

Is Aquafina Good Water

Is Aquafina Sparkling Water Good For You?

Yes, Aquafina water can be good for you. Sparkling water is known to aid in digestion, but its important that you choose the right type. Some sparkling waters are laden with artificial flavors and sweeteners. Aquafina sparkling water, on the other hand, is made with zero sweeteners and no artificial flavor. It contains no calories and has a hint of natural fruit flavor for your enjoyment.

Is Aquafina Flavored Water Good For You?

Like most flavored water types, Aquafina flavored water does come with artificial sweeteners. Outside of this, Aquafina flavored water can be a nice drink to enjoy on occasion, especially if you are dieting or don’t like the taste of neutral water.

Is Aquafina Good Water? That Depends!

Whether or not Aquafina should be considered “good” water is really up to the person drinking it. Remember that Aquafina is essentially purified tap water. There isn’t anything special about it outside of its filtration process. It also lacks the trace minerals that can be found in natural spring water.

Having said that, though Aquafina can be seen as “just water” it does help that it has undergone extensive filtration to ensure you are drinking the cleanest water possible.

Thus the question of, “Is Aquafina good water?” is really up to your preference!


Is Dasani better than Aquafina?

That’ll depend on your taste pallet. Many think Aquafina tastes cleaner and brighter than Dasani. This is probably due to the fact that Dasani has a reputation for being acidic and bitter tasting.

Is Aquafina good to water plants with?

Like humans, plants benefit most from pure spring water. Still, it won’t kill your plants to water them with purified or tap water if you need to. Both options are viable for keeping plants alive and healthy.

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