How to Tie Turkey Legs Together Without Twine – Simpler Than You Might Think!

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Wondering how to tie turkey legs together without twine? The solutions may be much easier than you think! In this article, we will go over what you can do if you have no twine for your turkey. No time to waste! Let’s jump right in.

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How To Tie Turkey Legs Together Without Twine

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Do You Have to Tie the Turkey Legs Together?

Let’s get the most obvious question out of the way first. The answer is no, you do not HAVE to tie turkey legs together.

The reason for tying turkey legs together is usually two-fold. It helps with presentation and with even cooking.

Beyond this, many cooking experts find trussing a turkey not to be useful. In fact, many claim that trussing a turkey makes it more difficult to cook correctly.

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What Can I Use Instead of Cooking String?

Despite the fact that you don’t really need to truss a turkey, you may still want to for tradition’s sake. If you do, be sure you use the right kind of string to do it. Using the wrong string may be ineffective, and also, may pose risks, especially depending on how you choose to cook your turkey (smoked, boiled, up to you!).

What Kind of String Do You Use For Turkey?

Using the right kind of twine for your turkey is important. Failure to use the right kind can cause chemicals and unwanted flavors to leech into your turkey. A flammable string may also melt and cause a fire in your kitchen.

Therefore, you should only use strings specifically meant for cooking. These strings are called “twine” and go by the following specific names:

  • “Cooking” Twine
  • “Butcher” Twine
  • “Kitchen” Twine
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What Can You Use Instead of Butcher’s Twine?

Still wondering, ”What can I use to tie my turkey legs together?” Some people use floss to tie turkey legs together. However, we don’t recommend this. It can melt, catch fire, or impart a minty flavor to your food.

Rather, you should use tin foil, silicone rubber bands, or nothing at all. Other types of string aren’t suitable for oven cooking.

Can I Use a Rubber Band to Tie Turkey Legs Together?

Do not use regular rubber bands to tie your turkey legs together. Instead, try using silicone rubber bands. They won’t melt or impart a strange flavor to your food.

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Can I Use Normal String For Cooking?

We don’t recommend using a normal string for cooking. Depending on the material, it may not be oven-suitable.

Can You Use Jute Twine For Cooking?

No, you cannot use jute twine for cooking. It is extremely flammable. In fact, some people use jute to start fires.

Therefore, it is imperative that you keep jute string away from your oven.

How To Tie Turkey Legs Together Without Twine

How to Truss a Turkey

To truss a turkey, do the following:

  • Close the open neck flap at the front.
  • Tuck the wing beneath the bird.
  • Tie the legs with oven-safe twine.

How to Tie Turkey Legs Without Twine? There Are Options!

Your options to tie turkey legs without twine are to use foil, silicone rubber bands, or nothing at all. Though many like the look of a trussed turkey, many cooking experts agree that it isn’t always necessary. We hope this helps.

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