How To Store Sea Moss – Increase Sea Moss Shelf Life!

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A lot of different forms of sea moss will vary in how they should be stored and what their shelf life realistically is. Once sea moss is harvested the clock is ticking before it is no longer good to eat. Not only does this go for natural raw sea moss, but also sea moss gel, sea moss powder, and dried sea moss. To lessen the panic caused by the sudden expiration of your sea moss, you can practice safe and proper storage. You’ll get the best shelf life expectancy for your sea moss. While you might like your sea moss fresh, it will not stay this way for long unless you store it properly.

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How To Store Sea Moss

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Sea Moss Storage

Sea moss is a very popular superfood that can come in many forms. With any type of natural vegetation that is fit for consumption, you should expect it to be one day expire after it is no longer connected to its roots or the ground.

The shelf life of many foods can sometimes be the deciding factor if you bother buying and keeping the foods around. No matter how good something is, if the shelf life of it is also really finicky, a lot of people end up avoiding it. After all, that is a hassle and expense they could do without.

Unfortunately for the vitamin and mineral-rich superfood sea moss, this is quite true.

Sea moss is aquatic vegetation that will grow on beaches and shorelines. It can be harvested to be used in culinary situations.

While it is great for these culinary uses, taking a plant that thrives in the water out of its habitat and just placing it on a shelf is obviously going to create some issues.

These issues are not too severe (more on this soon). But they are still bad enough that they will get in the way of both you consuming the sea moss. And also how effective the sea moss actually is in terms of health benefits and nutritional properties.

Why Store Sea Moss?

As mentioned, if you want to have sea moss in your house awaiting the day it is finally consumed or used, store it as properly as possible. You’ll wanna make sure that it remains very fresh and healthy for a long time.

The main reason behind storing sea moss as properly as you can is that the fresher it is, the better it is. Not only will it decrease in quality, but the taste, smell, texture, and overall vibrancy of the sea moss will degenerate over time if it is stored incorrectly.

What Happens If You Don’t Store Sea Moss Properly?

If you do not store sea moss properly, as mentioned, there will be a noticeable difference in how it acts when used in the kitchen. It will taste, smell, feel, and look different…and not in a good way.

All types of sea moss, with the exception of dried sea moss and sea moss powder will have a very noticeable change in their overall texture. Irish sea moss gel and fresh sea moss will have a very large change in texture. When storing sea moss gel, it is easy to mess up and cause the texture of the gel to harden.

Dry sea moss does not have this issue. The water content is so low that it is non-reactive to the majority of the elements found in its environment.

How To Store Sea Moss

Sea Moss Storage Tips/Preparation

Before storing your sea moss as a raw ingredient or as a gel, properly prepare it so that it can survive for as long as possible. If you want to store sea moss gel instead of your fresh Irish moss, you can easily make your own and prepare sea moss gel ready for storage.

Initially, you are going to want to clean your sea moss to get it ready for long-term storage.

To clean your sea moss you are going to want to follow these steps;

  1. Firstly, prepare your area and clean your hands. Make sure everything is clean and ready as you want to limit the number of bacteria that gets on your sea moss. A lot of goods that you store will be heated eventually after their storage so the bacteria will be destroyed. However, if sea moss is heated up or boiled then a lot of the nutrients in it will be destroyed. So, we have to get rid of all the bacteria now before storage.
  2. Find a bowl that is large enough to accommodate your sea moss and fill it with fresh, clean water. Fully submerge your sea moss in this water and begin to massage it for up to a minute. Be gentle, as being too rough can remove the vibrancy of the sea moss’ color.
  3. After being massaged, your sea moss will need a change of water. Remove any visible dirt or debris in the water and then drain the bowl of all water without removing the sea moss. Now you are going to want to refill the bowl a second time with more fresh, clean water. This is similar to cleaning rice as it is a multi-step task. Massage your sea moss for a second time and drain the water after around a minute of massaging.
  4. Finally, drain the water and fill your bowl for a third and final time with fresh, clean water. After the water has been added, cover the bowl with plastic wrap to stop any bacteria from entering the bowl. While it may feel weird, you can allow the sea moss to soak for 12-24 hours on the counter. There is no need to refrigerate this but you can if you choose to.

Now that your sea moss is perfectly clean, we can discuss the steps of turning it into a gel.

Sea moss gel is a lot easier to store and also has some brilliant applications in culinary uses. Sea moss can also be turned into gummies and the steps are very similar to the recipe below.

  1. To start the gel process, you are going to want to drain your soaked Irish moss and allow it to drip drain momentarily. Place it on a plate yet ensure you keep all of the water in the bowl. The water is so dense in nutrients and will be an ingredient later on, so it is imperative that you keep it.
  2. Add your moss to a food blender and slowly blend it for around a minute. After it has blended into a mush, start slowly adding your saved water to the blender while it is working until you get your desired consistency.
  3. Once the water and sea moss is a smooth mixture that is seamlessly incorporated – you can pour it into a mason jar and shut the lid. This might take 2-3 minutes of blending to accomplish.
  4. Place the mason jar in the fridge with the lid sealed tightly and within two hours you should be able to notice how much the mixture has thickened into a gel.

Other than this, there are no other steps for preparing sea moss gel. There are others out there, but this is the simplest Irish sea moss gel recipe you will find.

How To Store Sea Moss

Storing Different Types Of Sea Moss

Storing sea moss is very simple and straightforward yet the methods may change depending on the type of sea moss you are trying to store. For example, sea moss powder is stored differently from frozen sea moss gel and vice versa.

Dry Sea Moss

Dry sea moss can be stored very similarly to foods like beef jerky and biltong. It has had almost all moisture content removed, which makes it a lot less reactive to its environment.

Being stored in a cool dark place is the only necessary rule to follow if you are looking for efficient storage. Just for extra safety it is always good to store it in an airtight container to keep any bacteria out.

Raw Sea Moss

Raw sea moss that is still raw and is yet to be soaked can survive in a cool and dry place in an airtight container for up to a year.

If your raw sea moss has been soaked already, it will last for about two to three weeks. Then it is no longer safe to keep.

Sea Moss Gel

If you store sea moss gel in the fridge, then it will last for up to 3 weeks.

However, you can also freeze sea moss gel and have it remain in your freezer for up to 6 months. If you do this, it is best to store it in an airtight container but allow some room for expansion.

Sea Moss Powder

Sea moss powder is so easy to store. It has had all moisture content removed and has then been ground into a powder.

Assuming it is not introduced to any moisture during its storage and is in a cool, dark place – your sea moss powder can last for up to a year. It is best to store sea moss powder in an airtight container such as a little glass jar for herbs.

How To Store Sea Moss

Is Storing Sea Moss Worth It?

If you are someone that eats and consumes a lot of sea moss, then storing is definitely a good idea. However, there is no point freezing your sea moss gel if you are going to eat it within a week. This would have still been fine if the gel was unfrozen and placed in the fridge.

Even if you rarely buy sea moss products, it is always good to properly store food. You’ll increase their longevity and shelf life, decreasing food waste in the hopes that you finish the product before it spoils.

FAQs On Sea Moss Storage

Can sea moss expire?

Sea moss can expire and the product will have a noticeable change in taste and texture. Alongside this, if not washed properly then bacteria can build up on sea moss and make it harmful to eat.

How to preserve sea moss gel for shipping?

Sea moss gel can be stored and preserved for shipping by placing it in an airtight container and sending it away. Assuming your shipping takes no longer than a week – the gel will still be incredibly fresh when delivered.

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