How To Store Cut Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes are delicious. They can add a bit of sweetness to every meal they’re included in. We treat sweet potatoes very similarly to white potatoes. But they may need a little more attention when cutting, preparing and storing them ready for cooking. In this article we will show you how to store cut sweet potatoes. We will provide step by step methods that are easy to follow!

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Can You Keep Cut Sweet Potato In The Fridge?

Yes you can! If you do decide to store cut sweet potatoes in the fridge, follow a few simple steps to make sure that they do not start to brown or spoil.

It is not normally recommended to store cut sweet potatoes in the fridge. This is because the fridge is set at very cold temperature. This temperature can cause the starch in the sweet potato to change to sugar. This sugar change can harden the overall sweet potato and turn the sweet potato brown. This will not make the sweet potato dangerous to eat. However it will spoil the taste of the potato.

Even though storing in a fridge can cause these effects we have found a way to resolve these issues.

By submerging the cut sweet potatoes in water and then storing them in the fridge, all of these issues will be resolved.

How Long Do Raw Cut Sweet Potatoes Last In The Fridge?

If you submerge your cut sweet potatoes in the fridge they can last for 3-4 days. If you decide to use an airtight container instead, they can last for 2-3 days. Even though the cut sweet potatoes can last for up to 4 days, to get your sweet potatoes tasting the best quality, it is best to cook your raw cut sweet potatoes 24 hours after cutting it.

Can You Store Raw Sweet Potatoes In The Fridge?

Yes! Follow our step by step simple method on how to make sure your cut raw sweet potatoes are not spoiled in the fridge.

Here is a step by step method to follow to store your cut raw sweet potatoes in the fridge using water:

  • Step 1: Cut the raw sweet potatoes into small cubes or fries.
  • Step 2; Fill a medium sized bowl full of cold water. Add the cut sweet potatoes.
  • Step 3: Cover the bowl filled with cold water with cling film or a lid. This makes sure the water does not spill in the fridge.
  • Step 4: Leave in the fridge for a maximum of four days.
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Can You Store Sweet Potato Once Peeled?

You can store sweet potatoes once they are peeled. But it is best to store them quickly either in cold water or an airtight container. Then move them to the fridge or freezer. If you leave the peeled raw potatoes out at room temperature the skin will begin to harden and the raw sweet potato will turn brown.

It is best to cut the raw sweet potatoes if they have been peeled and then store in an airtight bag. This will make it easier to store.

How Do You Store Half A Sweet Potato?

How do you store half an uncooked sweet potato? The best approach to take when calculating how to store half a sweet potato is how long you would like it to last and when you would want to consume it.

We would recommend keeping the half sweet potatoes in a cool, dark and dry place. If you store the half sweet potatoes in a hot location it may be spoiled. The cut side of the half potatoes will heal up and can last for two months if stored in a cool, dark and dry location, such as a pantry or cupboard.

If you would like to use the half sweet potato within the next 3-4 days, submerging the half sweet potato in water and placing it in the fridge to store is your best bet. Want to keep your half sweet potato for up to three weeks? You can store it in the freezer or cupboard. If you store it in the freezer, it is best to place your half sweet potato in an airtight bag.

Wanting to store your half a sweet potato for a few years? You can freeze dry it and then seal it in a airtight bag that has an oxygen absorber.

How Long Do Precut Sweet Potatoes Last?

If you store your pre-cut sweet potatoes between a cool temperature of 55 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit your cut sweet potatoes can last longer than if you left them at room temperature. The pre-cut sweet potatoes will last longer if they are uncovered. If the sweet potatoes are stored in these conditions they can last up to four weeks before they start to spoil. Your cut sweet potatoes will spoil quicker if you leave them near any other fruit or vegetable.

Most people believe that cutting sweet potatoes will make the sweet potatoes spoil quicker. This is not true! If you cut a sweet potato it will not speed up the time it takes to spoil. Although, the cut side of the sweet potatoes will start to dry out and heal but this will not spoil it overall.

If you would prefer the cut side of the sweet potato to stay unhealed, it is best to submerge it in water.

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How Do You Keep Cut Sweet Potatoes From Turning Brown?

Storing your cut sweet potatoes in cold water will stop the sweet potatoes from turning brown. The cold water can stop the cut sweet potatoes from oxidizing which is what causes them to turn brown. Even if your cut sweet potatoes do turn brown, they are still safe to eat. Only cold water will stop the sweet potatoes from oxidizing. So it is best to use cold water and then place the submerged cut sweet potatoes straight into the fridge. To keep the water as cold as possible in the fridge, you can also add ice cubes to your bowl of cold water and sweet potatoes.

Submerging and storing your cut sweet potatoes in cold water will also wash off the scratches on the surface of the cut potatoes. This will also help the sweet potatoes to be crispy when they are fried or roasted.

How To Store Uncooked Sweet Potato Fries

When storing uncooked sweet potato fries, it is best to lay all the fries out onto a baking tray. When you lay the sweet potato fries onto a baking tray, make sure they are all separated and not touching each other. Once the sweet potato fries are laid with enough space, you can flash freeze them for up to 1 hour.

Once the fries have frozen for one hour, you can place them in an airtight bag. The cut sweet potato fries can last up to three months if stored in this way. It is best to only defrost the cut sweet potato fries when you are ready to cook them.

How To Store Cut Sweet Potatoes Overnight

If you are wanting to store your cut sweet potatoes overnight, ready to cook the next day, the fridge may be your meat method of storage.

Cutting sweet potatoes ahead of your meal can be great preparation for a large meal. To make sure you do not spoil the cut sweet potatoes, store them in cold water in the fridge overnight. Do not leave the cut sweet potatoes empty in a bowl in the fridge. They may start to turn brown and dry out.

Can You Freeze Raw Sweet Potatoes

Can you freeze raw cut sweet potatoes? Yes you can but it is not the best method to store them. Unless you want to blanch the cut sweet potatoes first.

Blanching the sweet potatoes will help with storage as if you store them by themselves they can spoil. This is due to the fact that sweet potatoes have a high water count. Meaning if you put them straight in the freezer they can start to form ice crystals. These ice crystals will affect the texture and flavour of the sweet potato.

If your raw sweet potatoes have not been blanched before they have been frozen, once they are cooked they can turn a mushy texture.


Can You Cut Sweet Potatoes Ahead Of Time For Roasting?

Yes! Cutting sweet potatoes ahead of time for roasting can be great preparation for a very large meal and can save you lots of time. It is best to only cut the sweet potatoes 3-4 days before the meal and always store them correctly. Store them in an airtight bag or submerge them in water and place in the fridge.

Can You Peel Sweet Potatoes Ahead Of Time?

Yes! We do not recommend cutting sweet potatoes more than three months ahead of the time you would like to cook them as they have more chance of spoiling, turning brown or turning a mushy texture when cooked.

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