How to Shave Ribeye Steak for Cheesesteak – Slicing Steak Perfectly

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Anyone who enjoys classic Philly cheesesteak sandwiches will know that the ribeye in them can really make or break the sandwich as a whole. If it is not cut properly, it can become more of a nuisance to eat than it is meant to be. Even if you do not have a food processor, reading this will teach you everything you need to know about getting the perfect thinly sliced steak for your Philly cheese steak.

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How To Shave Ribeye Steak For Cheesesteak – Slicing Steak Perfectly

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Shaving Ribeye Steak for Philly Cheesesteaks

Any enjoyer of Philly cheesesteaks knows that the best part is the steak used inside. If this meat is not sliced to absolute perfection, it can end up being quite disappointing to eat. If the slices are too big, they can prove to be a mouthful which can be uncomfortable to chew.

On the other hand, if the slices are too thin they can be unsatisfying to eat. Having a meaty filling is part of what makes a Philly cheesesteak great. The slices being so thin that you can barely chew them is not enjoyable whatsoever.

While ribeye is most commonly used in this sandwich, sirloin steaks are also a great choice as a filling. Whatever matches your price range and is most accessible to you will work fine.

However, you would be surprised to know that even if it is a sirloin steak and not a ribeye, the cheesesteak meat still has to be carefully sliced to fit perfectly in this sandwich.

How To Shave Ribeye Steak For Cheesesteak – Slicing Steak Perfectly

How to Shave Ribeye Steak for Cheesesteak – Slicing Steak Methods

There are multiple methods you can choose to follow when it comes to properly slicing your meat.

While shaved steak is the most common term for the meat used in a Philly cheesesteak, it is actually just sliced beef for the most part.

Before mentioning the methods of cutting your raw meat, it is best to quickly explain a brilliantly helpful tip that will ensure you are being as efficient as possible.

In your sandwich, you are going to want perfectly uniform slices so that it is consistent throughout. The easiest way to achieve this is to place your whole ribeye roast or sirloin steaks in a freezer before slicing them.

Once left in the freezer for around half an hour, the meat will be a lot firmer. It will no longer move around so much while you are trying to slice it. This makes it a lot less difficult to cut your meat into slices. It’ll also help keep them consistent and uniform.

Even if you are planning to use a food processor, slightly frozen meat will still cut easier in there than it would if it was room temperature. The only time room temperature is helpful for steak or beef is when you are cooking it as this temperature will allow for an even cooking.

Using Your Hands

Not in possession of a meat slicer or any automatic food processor device? Cutting the meat with your hands and a nice sharp knife is going to be your next best choice.

It is very important to use a sharp knife that is meant for cutting meat with. You are much more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife. The blade could risk sliding off of the meat and onto your finger. A properly sharpened knife will have no issues cutting the meat which will result in less danger.

Freeze the steak for 20-30 minutes while it is wrapped in cling film. And then allow it to sit on a chopping board once you are ready to begin cutting it. Make sure you have laid the steak down with the grain facing parallel to. This way, you are cutting against the grain. This will make sure the meat has some texture and is going to be more enjoyable to eat.

You will want to thinly slice the steak. Make sure your hands are in a position that does not put any of your fingers at risk. For an authentic Philly cheesesteak, you will want the slices to be a tiny bit thicker than paper thin.

Using A Meat Slicer

A meat slicer, or a food processor, is going to certainly be a much easier method for you to choose. It is mostly automated so you put in barely any work at all! Whether you have a branded device such as the Cuisinart food processor or just a generic one, it will still be incredibly useful for this.

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Similar to cutting the meat by hand with a knife, you will also want to partially freeze your beef before putting it in your meat slicer. This will help keep the meat firm enough that it can be cut into uniform slices without any worry.

If your machine has slicing blades, like most food processors do, then you will want to use those. If there is no slicing blade with your machine, you are going to have to achieve the perfect thickness slice by trial and error.

Any slicing attachment or slicing components are helpful, yet nothing stops you using the same blade for everything. If you know how your machine works and can effectively slice the meat without the use of a specialized blade, go for it.

How To Shave Ribeye Steak For Cheesesteak – Slicing Steak Perfectly

How to Shave Ribeye Steak for Cheesesteak – Which Method is Best?

Both methods are completely valid and can be used without any judgement. However, which method is better suited to you will all depend on what you have available to you. This is in terms of time, money, and kitchen space. Not everyone has the money or room for a food processor. And not everyone has the time to use a knife to cut the ribeye by hand.

You have got to look at your own situation and decide which is the best for you.

In fact, instead of making a sandwich, why not try making a philly cheese steak casserole? It’s easy to put together!

If you are making your own Philly cheesesteak from scratch, you might be looking for the perfect sides to pair with it.

FAQs on How to Shave Ribeye Steak for Cheesesteak

Can you shave steak with a food processor?

Steak can be shaved in a food processor quite easily. If you have a Cuisinart food processor or something similar it is very likely that it will come with a shredding attachment or a slicing blade. If not, you can use your best judgement to apple the right amount of pressure to ensure the slices are good enough for your Philly cheese steak sub.

Shaved steak is made form what type of beef?

Shaved steak, typically used in a Philly cheese steak sandwich, is commonly made out of ribeye. It is normally just thinly sliced, perfectly cooked, ribeye roast. Sometimes the cut of beef will differ depending on where you are buying your sandwich from.

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