How to Scoop Cookie Dough for the Perfect Portion

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Cookie dough is always fun to make and fun to bake, but there is an awkward middle step that can be quite tiresome and boring for a lot of people. Not to mention that it is also overly sticky and quite annoying. Once your dough is perfected, it is time to scoop it onto your baking tray in neat balls ready to be baked. This can be quite a chore because of how sticky the dough is. So you may be wondering if there are any easier ways to do this. I’ve got you covered! You are about to learn all you need to on how to scoop cookie dough!

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How to Scoop Cookie Dough

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Scooping any type of cookie dough, as mentioned, can be a perilous chore that drives some of us to the brink of insanity.

Okay, that might be a bit dramatic but it is an annoying task, that’s for sure.

If you, like me, dislike this part of the cookie-baking process, then you will be delighted to know that there are a few ways you can make this a lot easier. Many people, myself included, will resort to using two spoons to place cookie dough balls on a baking sheet; this method is viable but there are so many other methods out there that can make this a lot easier.

I will start off with the best method for scooping cookies, just so I know that no one’s time is wasted. An actual cookie scoop is by far the best tool for this.

Similar to an ice cream scoop, it is a bowl-shaped scoop at the end of a handle. You would use it exactly like you would when you are scooping ice cream. This will save you so much time in the long run as you can now have about 5 cookies done by the time it would take you to do a single cookie with your old method.

As if it wasn’t already fast enough, you can also buy a spring-assisted cookie scoop. This will have a trigger-like mechanism on the handle that will push a metal prong into the scoop to help lift the cookie dough out. It makes the whole ordeal ridiculously easy and hassle-free. It is recommended that you apply butter or some type of culinary lubricant to the scoop beforehand, just so even your sticky dough does not get stuck.

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If you are looking for a quick alternative that you are guaranteed to have, then spoons are your best friend!

While it may not be as calculated or as uniform as using a scoop, you can still eyeball it and roughly end up with the same amount of cookie dough in each ball.

Using spoons is relatively simple as all you need to do is scoop the cookie dough up and roll it into a ball. It is best to use one spoon to actually get the dough separated from the rest and then use the other to help roll it into a ball. It should be pretty easy to just gently nudge the dough off of your spoon and onto the baking sheet.

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This method is quite an easy alternative but also leads to very varying results in terms of size. However, if you have a good eye for things like this, they may be more uniform than you anticipated.

Any gloves will work, but the best kind for this is going to be either disposable plastic gloves or culinary gloves. It is smart to lubricate the gloves with a dash of oil or some butter just to make sure you are in complete control and that the cookie dough does not stick to you.

The method behind this is rather simple, get a pinch of cookie dough and use your palms to roll it into a ball. The rolling part is very easy and you can make very neat balls with this method, yet as mentioned, making sure they are all the same size can be the troublesome part.

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Measuring Cup

Depending on the size of the cookies you want, the measuring cup will differ. However, scooping the cookie dough with a measuring cup totally works.

You will need to spray the inside of the measuring cup for definite and will need to respray it in between every other cookie. If your cookie dough gets stuck inside of the measuring cup, it will be messy to get it out.

Once your measuring cup is packed full of dough, you can turn it over onto the baking sheet and let the dough fall out. Sadly, this method is not the best for making smaller cookies. If you want jumbo cookies or some medium-sized snacks, it is fine but for anything smaller, you are going to want to use an alternate method.

How To Scoop Cookie Dough

When it comes to cookie scoops and alternate methods, there are not too many tips that will make you amazing at it.

  1. For the most part, practice makes perfect. However, I can not stress enough that using cooking spray or butter is so incredibly important to make sure nothing sticks. This process can already be messy enough, the last thing you need is to get cookie dough stuck all over the place.
  2. Another tip is to combine methods. While I stated them individually, they can be combined and used in tandem. Whatever works best for you is what you should do, so using multiple methods is completely fine. As long as you get it done efficiently and have fun doing so, that is all that matters.
  3. Using an ice cream scoop is also viable for this. It should go without saying, yet it is practically the same thing as a cookie scoop. At most, it will just be a different size. But hey, who can say no to bigger cookies? Cookie scoops come in different sizes anyways so there is nothing wrong with using an ice cream scoop.

A lot of people wonder why scooping your cookie dough is necessary, or they will question if it is, in fact, necessary. The truth is that scooping your cookie dough is pretty needed if you are wanting to have some uniform and perfectly cooked cookies.

Scooping cookie dough is all about getting a controlled amount of dough in each ball so that they are all the same. This helps to make sure that the cookies bake evenly as they will all be the same volume. If you have mismatched cookie dough balls, some will be cooked while others may still be raw or uncooked.

While getting the correct amounts of cookie dough for each cookie is important, the ball shape of most cookie dough scoopers also helps with the overall appearance of the cookies. This is because a ball is easy to gently press down into the right shape, whereas a lump of cookie dough would have jagged edges and would not be as visually pleasing.

Everyone has their own different criteria to justify if something is actually ‘worth’ it. For me, it is all about the cost versus the time saved.

Buying a cookie dough scoop for a few bucks is totally worth it if it lets me make cookies significantly faster. Cookie scoops are certainly the most efficient tool to use when it comes to this. So if you find a relatively cheap one that is reliable and well-reviewed – go for it!

What can I use if I don’t have a cookie scoop?

Sometimes a recipe calls for different scoop sizes and a different size cookie scoop. Not everyone has a cookie scoop just laying around, so an alternative method is needed. Tablespoons are great as everyone has them and they can be used to help collect and shape your cookie dough. You can also use disposable plastic gloves to do all of the shapings with your palms. Whatever works best for you is the method you should choose.

How do you scoop cookie dough without sticking?

A trustworthy cooking spray or butter is super important when it comes to making cookies. No matter what method you use to scoop your dough, making sure it is well-oiled will always ensure that you avoid any messy situations. Another great way to do this is to use cold dough as it is less sticky than warmer dough.

Do you chill cookie dough before scooping?

You can use cold cookie dough before scooping to help make sure nothing gets stuck. Using a cookie scoop, no matter the size scoop is best with cold dough as it will be less likely to stick. This is not too necessary for the bigger sizes like a large scoop or medium scoop, yet when you are using smaller scoop sizes – the dough is much more likely to get stuck and be finicky so you should use chilled dough.

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