How To Get Rid Of Hot Cheeto Stains On Fingers – Avoid the Yuck!

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Everyone loves eating chips as a snack or as something to munch on while you watch a film or listen to some music. However, eating chips that are particularly well-seasoned can sometimes leave you with stained fingers. There is a huge issue for a lot of people who use computers daily for work or recreationally. That is that they will end up covering their keyboards in chip dust. The most famous culprit of this tends to be Cheetos. If you struggle with this too, you are probably wanting to know how to get rid of ‘Cheeto fingers’ so that you can avoid having a messy keyboard.

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How To Get Rid Of Hot Cheeto Stains On Fingers

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What Are Cheeto Fingers?

Cheeto fingers is a term used to describe getting your fingers covered in the seasoning and crumbs from chips, most typically Cheetos. This happens all the time when someone is eating a lot of chips. After all, they are usually eaten with your hands or fingers instead of cutlery.

The more seasoning on the chips, the more likely you are to have stained fingers after eating. It is no surprise that hot Cheetos stain fingers badly as their seasoning is bright red. Eating Cheetos is always a great time. But having to try and remove Cheeto stains from your fingers is always a slight bit more problematic.

While this happens a lot to your fingers, it can quickly spread to almost anything you touch. Commonly, books, computers, phones, and clothes are the most affected items as we always touch them. A hot Cheeto stain is incredibly difficult to get out of a white t-shirt, believe me.

The most effective, and obvious, solution is to start removing Cheeto stains before you touch anything. However, this is of course a lot easier said than done.

How To Get Rid Of Hot Cheeto Stains On Fingers

How To Remove Hot Cheeto Stains

Cheeto stains are annoying, we all know this. The best way to deal with them is by avoiding them in the first place. But this is impractical as you will then stop enjoying Cheetos.

No matter how careful you try and be when picking them out of the bag or out of a bowl, getting your fingers covered is unavoidable.

Thankfully, there are ways you can clean your fingertips or any affected areas very easily and quickly.

Removing Hot Cheeto Stains From Fingers

Removing hot Cheeto powder stains from your fingers is quite easily done as long as you act quickly.

While the reddish-orange color is vibrant and easy to see, it does not immediately stain your fingers. The natural grease and oils from the chips are what end up staining your fingers. The orange powder will stick to the oil.

Having a pack of wipes or paper towels can help. You can immediately remove all excess oil and chip dust from your fingers. All you need to do is wipe your fingertips. Also, make sure you do not accidentally drop all of the mess on your floor.

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Another way to counter the hot Cheeto stains on your fingers is to wash them with soap and water. While this is very effective, it is understandable that it’s not ideal for all situations. For example, if you are comfy in bed watching a film while snacking. You might not have the motivation to get up to go and wash your hands every time Cheetos stain.

So, you do not want to get up and wash your hands. It might prove useful to keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer nearby. Along with a pack of napkins or tissues. The tissues can be used to get rid of the Cheeto dust. The sanitizer will remove all of the oil left from the chips.

Removing Hot Cheeto Stains From Computer Accessories

Anyone who uses their desk often or cares about their computer is probably no stranger to how messy it can get without you realizing it. The build-up of dirt is slow. So you barely notice it. But one day you will wake up to find your keyboard and mouse covered in chip dust and food coloring.

There are a few ways to clean your computer peripherals. But a lot of options are more to do with giving it a deep clean. Sometimes you just want to remove hot Cheeto stains that have been left on a few keys.

For this, it is absolutely worth buying a microfiber cloth and a can of compressed air with a thin spout. These work exactly like a deodorant can. Yet instead of letting out deodorant, it is just pressurized air that is very effective at getting dust and Cheeto crumbs out of any nooks and crannies. The microfiber cloth is perfect for wiping all the grease and oil off of your keyboard or mouse.

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When your fingers are covered in grease and Cheeto crumbs, this mess will easily transfer to your keyboard and mouse. While it will still build up over time, quickly spraying it with your air and then wiping it with a microfiber cloth can really help slow down the build-up of mess, helping you keep it cleaner for longer.

Eventually, you will have to clean the microfiber cloth as it will become dirty after a long time of cleaning up other messes. However, this can be done by allowing it to soak in warm water with some type of disinfectant. After it has been soaked, you are able to wring it out and let it dry before using it again.

If you are wanting to do a deep clean, the same tools can be used yet you are going to want to remove all of the keycaps from your keyboard. A lot of modern keyboards allow for this and it is really easy – just remember where they go when you put them back. The keycaps can be placed in a tub of warm water and disinfectant while you clean the rest of your keyboard. Allow the keycaps to naturally dry on top of a sheet of paper towel before placing them back on the keyboard.

black computer keyboard

Removing Stains From Clothes

The absolute worst item to get hot Cheeto stains on is clothing. The stains tend to very quickly dry and stay on clothes for a while unless they are sorted almost immediately. If you are wanting to remove hot Cheeto stains from clothing, you are better off acting quickly. The longer the stains are left alone will only increase the difficulty in removing them.

Depending on the color and material of the clothing item that has been affected, the difficulty will vary. Something thick and dark like a pair of black joggers will be quite easy to sort out as the only noticeable stain will be some grease that will easily come out when they are washed.

However, a white linen shirt can prove to be quite a challenge as it is light in color and quite a thin material. For this, you will want to wash it at a low temperature with stain removal detergent or powder. As soon as the stain is formed, you can wet a cloth and repeatedly pat the affected area to try and remove the excess grease that is yet to be absorbed into the material. Do not rub the clothing with your cloth as this will only push the stain deeper into your clothes.

How To Avoid Getting Cheeto Dust On Your Fingers

It is well known that hot Cheetos stain fingers and can be an issue to deal with. You might wonder if there is a way to avoid or at least minimize, this entirely.

While there are quite a few methods to completely avoid getting any hot Cheeto stains on your fingers, they can be quite impractical. They can ruin the general fluidity of eating chips. You can try using chopsticks to pick up the Cheetos and eat them. Or you can try shoveling them into your mouth using a fork or spoon.

As for methods to minimize the mess made, you have quite a few options. The best idea is to pour your Cheetos into a bowl. Or fold back the packet they are in so that all of the chips are at the top. While this does not help with the mess on your fingers, it will stop the rest of your hand from having to be put into a greasy chip bag covered in crumbs.

Other methods for minimizing the mess include using only one hand for eating and trying to only use the same two or three fingers. If you limit how many hands and fingers you use, you also limit the amount of mess you can make.

While it sounds silly, you can also buy a large pack of disposable gloves. Wear those while you eat your Cheetos. Then take the gloves off whenever you need to use your hand.

FAQs On Hot Cheeto Stains

Do hot Cheeto stains come out?

Hot Cheeto stains do come out. The ease of them coming out is dependent on how quickly you act. If the stain is left for too long, it will still be possible to remove but will also be a lot harder.

Do Cheeto stains come out?

Cheeto stains might seem like the end of the line for your favorite white t-shirt but thankfully this is not true. The stains will always come out as long as you act quickly and do not rub the stains in or allow them to absorb into the fabric too much.

How do you remove Cheeto stains?

Cheeto stains can be removed from your fingers by using warm water and some soap. Alternatively, using some wipes or paper towels alongside bacterial gel or hand sanitizer will also be very effective.

How do you get rid of red fingertips?

Red fingertips come from eating chips as hot Cheetos stain fingers and make them very red. It is easy to get rid of this as all you need to do is wash your hands with warm water and soap. If it is not possible to do that, then using a wipe or paper towel alongside hand sanitizer is an equally viable option.

How do you get rid of yellow stains on your fingers?

The yellow stains on your fingers left from chips and Cheetos can sometimes be an annoyance as they will likely stain everything you touch. Thankfully, they can easily be taken care of by washing your hands with warm water and soap or by dry-wiping them with a paper towel and then using hand sanitizer to remove the leftover grease and oil.

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