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Tomatoes are a key ingredient in making most Italian dishes but when it comes to making tomato sauce a lot of people do not like the level of acidity. Tomato is a vegetable that is sweet, rich in flavor and high in water content but also very acidic, especially when added to make a sauce. Knowing how to cut acidity in tomato sauce can make your recipe a lot tastier and better for your health.

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In this article we will explore how to cut the acidity levels in your tomato sauce down by using natural ingredients.

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Does Sugar Reduce Acidity In Tomato Sauce?

Tomato sauce is a very acidic ingredient that can cause heartburn and ulcers if eaten regularly. This is due to tomato sauce containing several acids such as malic acid, citric acid, and ascorbic acid.

These acids don’t taste the nicest. Therefore you can use ingredients to reduce the acidity or even mask the taste of the acidity. One ingredient that is the best at doing this is sugar.

How much sugar will cut the acidity in tomato sauce? You can add sugar to your sauce while it simmers to cut the acidity levels down. To do this you will not need a large amount of sugar. 1 tablespoon of sugar should be enough to cut the acidity. The sugar can mellow the acuity and make the sauce taste sweeter overall.

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How Do You Cut The Acidity In Tomato Sauce Without Sugar?

If you are trying to cut the acidity in tomato sauce without adding sugar to the sauce and making it unhealthy, there are quite a few other ingredients you can use. These ingredients include baking soda, salt, herbs, certain vegetables and dairy products like butter.

We would recommend using baking soda as it is an easy way to cut the acidity of your tomato sauce by using a little amount.

You will only need a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda to make your tomato sauce less acidic and taste less sharp. Once adding the baking soda, allow the sauce to simmer on a medium heat for up to 15 minutes. If the sauce still tastes acidic than you can add a little more baking soda to resolve this. Your sauce may react with the acidity in the tomato sauce and create a white foam. This is normal and can be ignored.

Does Vinegar Cut Acidity In Tomato Sauce?

Vinegar will not be an effective ingredient to make your tomato sauce less acidic.

Vinegar itself is an ingredient that is very acidic. If you want to use vinegar to not overly change the taste of the sauce, we would recommend using sugar instead.

Does Butter Cut Acidity In Tomato Sauce?

You can use fatty dairy products to help mask the acidity in your tomato sauce. Fatty dairy products would include butter.

If you are lactose free and want to use a lactose free alternative to butter, this may not be as effective at reducing the acidity as it will not be able to lower the PH of the sauce. If you want to use butter to mask the acuity of your tomato sauce, you can use one teaspoon.

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Does Milk Reduce Acidity In Tomato Sauce?

Using dairy products like milk and butter is a smart way to remove acidity from your tomato sauce. These dairy products can quickly reduce the acidity taste.

To use dairy products such as butter or cow’s milk to reduce the acidity, it is best to use a small amount, such as one teaspoon. Otherwise the butter and milk could change the taste of your sauce. The butter and milk will heavily mask the acidity and therefore the tomato sauce will not taste as sharp.

How Much Baking Soda Do You Put In Tomato Sauce?

If you use baking soda to reduce the acidity in your tomato sauce, your sauce will become less acidic but will also become less flavorful. To use baking soda to reduce the acidity in your tomato sauce you can use one quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda and add to your sauce. It is best to leave the sauce to simmer on medium heat for 15 minutes.

Potato In Tomato Sauce To Absorb Acid

Potatoes can be used to absorb some of the acidity in tomato sauce when it is cooked in the tomato sauce. If you want to use potato to absorb the acuity in the tomato sauce, simply peel and cut the potato into quarters and add it to the sauce while it is cooking. Remove the potato 30 minutes after it has been cooking. The potatoes will taste of vinegar as it has absorbed a lot of the acidity.

Do Carrots Reduce Acidity In Tomato Sauce

Carrots can actually help reduce the acidity in tomato sauce as they contain quite a bit of natural sugar. Sugar is a great ingredient to counteract the acid in the tomato sauce. To use carrots in tomato sauce to reduce the acidity, simply slice the carrots into small chunks and place them into the sauce while it is cooking.

Reducing Acidity In Tomato Sauce Is Easier Than You Think

Reducing the acuity in tomato sauce is easier than you think if you choose the right ingredients. There are many ingredients that you can’t find in your kitchen cupboards that can help reduce the acuity in our tomato sauce. Common ingredients such as sugar and dairy products such as butter and milk can help mask the taste of the acidity in the tomato sauce. If you are wanting to cut the acidity in your tomato sauce then using an ingredient like baking powder will be a good choice.

How do you cut the acidity in your tomato sauce?

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  1. How much sauce are we talking about here? When you suggest a quarter tsp of baking soda, how much sauce is that for? I’m having this bitterness issue with a huge batch of fresh tomato spaghetti sauce right now… I’m talking about like 80 lbs of tomatoes turned into sauce. I don’t imagine that just 1/4 tsp of baking soda will do anything for that much sauce.

  2. It is not clear here when we are talkkng about reduckng the acid taste, or actually lowering the PH of the sauce. If the acidity is bothering your stomach, the taste is not the issue; it is the PH that you wsnt to change. Another thing is, How much sauce should you add the quarter teaspoon to.

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