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How much does a case of beer weigh? The answer to that lies in the density of the beer, how much beer is inside of the can, the weight of the can (or bottle) itself and how many beer cans are in the case. But don’t worry. No matter the reason you need to know how much a case of beer weighs, we’re here for you. So, let’s get to it.

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How Many Pounds Is a 6 Pack of Beer?

In the midst of a laundry list of questions you may have regarding alcohol such as, “how long to chill beer in the refrigerator? and, “how long are jello shots good for?”, you may also find yourself wondering how many pounds you’ll have to lug when you pick up a case of beer.

To answer the question, a 6-pack of beer typically weighs about 4.5 pounds, give or take, assuming that there are six 12 oz cans that comprise the beer case.

The weight of the cans themselves, without any liquid, is only a measly .033 lbs, thus making a 6-pack of beer fairly light and easy to handle for your average person.

How Much Does a 6 Pack of Beer Weigh?

A six-pack of beer has been said to weigh anywhere from 4.5-7 lbs, but it depends on the density of the beer and how many ounces are in each beer.

A beer can that is 12 oz will likely weigh around 0.78 lbs, but a can that is 16 oz will weigh around 1 lb. Thus, your beer case will likely weigh anywhere from 4.5-7 pounds depending on these factors.

How Much Does a 6 Pack of Beer Weigh in lbs?

A six-pack of beer will weigh about 4.5-7 pounds.

The difference in weight is due to a variety of factors, including how dense the beer is and how big the cans are.

Generally speaking, the beer weighs approximately the same as water which makes it easier to do the math. In some cases, however, some beers are denser than others meaning that you may find some six-packs to be a bit heavier than other ones.

How Much Weight Is a 12 Pack of Beer?

How Much Does a 12 Pack of Beer Weigh?

A 12 pack of beer weighs about 9-10 lbs, but again, that depends on a variety of factors.

Assuming that your 12-pack is composed of 12 oz bottles, the above calculation would render correctly.

If, however, your 12-pack of beer bottles consists of 16 oz bottles, then you can assume that your beer case might weigh as much as 12 lbs!

If you are unable to lift objects over 10 lbs per doctor’s order or another reason, lifting a 12-pack beer case might be an issue and you may need to ask for help. Never lift anything too heavy as doing so may lead to complications including muscle strain and other complications. Always use proper lifting techniques when lifting heavier items.

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How Much Does a 24 Pack of Beer Weigh?

A 24-pack of beer is going to weigh close to 18 lbs, assuming that we are talking about 12 oz beer cans.

If you are purchasing beer cans or bottles that are 16 oz or more, you can expect your case of beer to be much heavier than this. In fact, your beer case could end up weighing as much as 24 lbs! That is because a 16 oz can weigh about one pound by itself. Multiply that by twenty-four and you’ve got 24 lbs of beer to lug!

Attempting to lift cases this heavy may prove strenuous for some people. If that is you, consider a shopping cart, bringing someone with you or asking a store clerk to help you.

Going to an event or party? Try a pull-along cooler, a backpack, or something else to support the weight. There are many ways to carry beer bottles and cans!

How Much Does a 30 Pack of Beer Weigh?

How Much Does a 30 Pack of Beer Weigh in Pounds?

A 30-pack of beer could weigh anywhere from 24.5 pounds to 31 pounds.

In the above examples, we didn’t take into account the weight of the bottles or cans themselves. But because it takes about 31 empty cans to render one pound we will need to account for this when conducting our calculations.

Thus, a 12 oz can that weighs 0.78 pounds will render a 30-pack to weigh 23.5 pounds plus an additional pound because of the weight of the cans or bottles.

Remember, lifting heavy objects should be done properly to reduce the risk of injury. Always use proper lifting techniques.

How Much Does a 30 Pack of Beer Cans Weigh in Kg?

A 30-pack of cans will weigh approximately 11-14 kg. The difference will lie in the density of the beer itself, the can or bottle the beer is enclosed in, and the amount of beer that comprises each can.

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Case of Beer Weight FAQs

How Much Does a Case of Bottled Beer Weigh?

Bottled beer often come in sizes of 16.9 oz or 500 ml, depending on your standard of measure, and will weigh around 10 grams or .022 pounds. 
Multiplying the above measurements by 6, 12, 24, and 30 (packs of beer, respectively), you’ll get the following results for the weight of a case of empty beer bottles: 
6- 60 grams or 0.1 lbs
12- 120 grams or .26 lbs
24- 240 grams or .5 lbs
30- 300 grams or .66 lbs
Add the above amounts to how much each case of beer would weigh with beer as explained in the above paragraphs, and you will know how much each case of bottled beer will weigh with the weight of the bottle included. 
For example, a 6-pack of 16.9 oz beers would weigh approximately 6-7 pounds, even with the addition of beer bottle weight, since a 6-pack of empty beer bottles only yields 0.1 lbs of extra weight.

How Much Does a Case of Canned Beer Weigh?

A case of canned beer can weigh anywhere from 4.5 pounds to 30 lbs or more depending on the number of beer cans within the case as well as how much beer is contained within each can. Use the information detailed in the sections above for more details. 

How Much Does a Beer Can Weight Grams?

A beer can will weigh approximately 35 grams for a 12 oz canister filled with beer.

How Much Does a Case of Beer Weigh? It Depends!

Depending on how many cans or bottles are in your beer case, the answer is that you could expect your beer case to weigh anywhere from 4.5 to 30 lbs, or sometimes even heavier. If you have back pain or other physical ailments that would prevent you from lifting heavier cases, be sure to ask for help or allow someone else to run to grab the beers for you. Cheers!

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