How Much Alcohol Is In Twisted Tea & Which Alcohol Is It?

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Twisted Tea is the perfect refreshing iced beverage to drink in a beer garden on a hot summer’s day. The flavors of Twisted Tea are also slightly addictive and very unique. You can purchase peach and lemon flavored Twisted Tea that provide a sweetness while the alcohol content provides a bitterness. The big question is, how much alcohol is in Twisted Tea?

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In this article we will look at how much alcohol is in Twisted Tea and what type of alcohol is involved in a twisted tea recipe.

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How Much Alcohol Content Is In Twisted Tea

Twisted Tea is described as a hard ice tea that is very refreshing and served chilled or over ice. The ingredients to make twisted tea include cold brewed black tea, natural flavorings and alcohol. Cans containing Twisted Tea are commonly sold in 750ml sizes.

How much alcohol content is in a Twisted Tea? Those that are sold in cans have an alcohol percentage between 4% and 5%. Twisted Tea alcohol content is very similar to beer but with a few slight changes. The alcohol in Twisted Tea is different to beer as it is flat, while beer is carbonated.

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What Alcohol Is In Twisted Tea

Most people believe that the alcohol that is in Twisted Tea is beer. This is almost correct.

The alcohol known to be in Twisted Tea is called ethanol. Ethanol comes in all sorts of forms when distilled – such as gin, whiskey, rum and tequila. The difference is that the ethanol in Twisted Tea is not in a form that is distilled. 

The Twisted Tea alcohol is very close to being beer as it is malt alcohol. This is the same kind of alcohol that is in beer. Malt alcohol is originally made from grains. Malt alcohol and beer are slightly different but malt alcohol is still an ethanol.

What Alcohol Is In Twisted Tea Peach

One of the most classic and popular flavors of Twisted Tea is peach. Peach Twisted Tea contains black iced tea, natural sweeteners and 5% malt based alcohol. This malt based alcohol is very similar to beer.

How Much Alcohol Is In A Can Of Twisted Tea

The standard sixes can of Twisted Tea is normally 24 oz. This size can, when shop bought, contain 5% alcohol content. Per can, the amount of alcohol is on average about 14 grams/12 ounces. These 14 grams will be made up of beer and not vodka. If you are purchasing a Twisted Tea with vodka, the amount of grams will be lower than 14 as vodka is a lot stronger than beer.

Home-making your twisted tea allows you to adjust how much alcohol you would like accordingly. If you want to reduce the amount of alcohol but do not want to lose the flavor, you can add lemon to your twisted tea to give it a punch.

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How Much Alcohol Is In A 24 Oz Can Of Twisted Tea

There is 5% alcohol content in every single 24 Oz Twisted Tea can, making it equivalent to the same amount of alcohol content as a standard beer.

How Much Alcohol Is In A 12 Oz Twisted Tea

As we are looking at a different sized can of Twisted Tea, you would think that the alcohol ratio to the drink would in fact go down. That is not the case!

In a 12 oz Twisted Tea can there is still 5% alcohol content, just like the 24 oz can of Twisted Tea.

How Much Alcohol Is In Twisted Tea Half And Half

Twisted Tea half and half is a combination of alcohol mixed with cold brewed iced tea and lemonade. Twisted Tea half and half has more of a citrus flavor and tastes like a non-alcoholic cocktail. Even though you would guess that a Twisted Tea half and half contains less alcohol you would be wrong. Twisted Tea half and half actually contains the same amount of alcohol as the original can of twisted tea, which is 5% alcohol per can.

Does Twisted Tea Have More Alcohol Than Beer?

Yes and no! The answer to whether Twisted Tea has more alcohol than beer is a tricky one.

You can get different types of Twisted Tea. You can also get different brands of beer which all have their own alcohol content. Twisted Tea can come in a light form which contains less alcohol. Light twisted tea on average contains 4% alcohol content therefore this means that light twisted tea has less alcohol than beer. Beer on average has an alcohol percentage between 4.5% and 5%. Original Twisted Tea actually contains more alcohol than beer, at 5% alcohol content per can.

Twisted Tea Alcohol Content Vs Beer

Technically, there is more alcohol in a Twisted Tea than there is in your average beer. Take this news with a pinch of salt though as Twisted Tea has more alcohol content by just a few percent.

On average a Twisted Tea contains 5% alcohol content per can. Popular beers such as Bud Light contain 4.2% alcohol content per can. Corona Beer contains 4.8% content per can with Moretti Beer containing 4.6% alcohol content per can.

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Alcohol In Twisted Tea FAQs

Can You Get Drunk Off Twisted Tea?

As Twisted Tea does contain alcohol, is it possible to get drunk from drinking too much of it. Twisted Tea contains roughly 5% alcohol per can. So it would on average take 9-10 twisted teas to feel the effects of being drunk. This will depend on the person and what their personal tolerance is with alcohol. How many Twisted Tea it takes to get someone drunk also depends on other circumstances like how much food that person has consumed. Food intake affects how the alcohol influences them.

How Many Twisted Teas Take To Get Drunk?

Choosing Twisted Tea as your chosen drink probably means that you love sweet drinks. Even though Twisted Tea does not taste overly alcoholic it can still get you drunk. Any drink containing alcohol can get you drunk. Twisted Tea contains 5% alcohol per can meaning it is equivalent to a beer. Even though Twisted Tea can get you drunk, it most likely will not be an easy task. It will take approximately 9-10 Twisted Tea cans to get you drunk. Therefore even if you wanted to get drunk on Twisted Tea, you would have to drink a lot of liquid.
Please only drink Twisted Tea if you’re of the age allowed to consume alcohol!

Does Twisted Tea Have Vodka In It?

Some brands of Twisted Tea do use vodka as part of their cold brew mixture. It is common to have vodka included in home recipes for Twisted Tea a lot stronger and have a higher alcohol content. If you add flavored vodka to your Twisted Tea we would recommend adding vanilla vodka, which will make the cold brew a little sweeter. Add one cup of flavored vodka to every two cups of cold tea.

Is Twisted Tea The Same As Beer?

No, Twisted Tea is not the same as beer. Some Twisted Tea does contain beer but it also contains the added ingredients of flavorings and tea. Some twisted tea can be made with vodka and then mixed with iced tea, The original Twisted Tea Brewing Company is owned by Boston Beer Company and does include alcohol that is very similar to the beer they brew.

Twisted tea is a weaker alcohol choice but does not lack in taste

It is true, Twisted Tea may be one of the lighter alcohol choices out on the market. But that does not mean that it does not have a flavor that can pack a punch.

Twisted Tea can be mixed with lemon and fruity flavors like peach to produce its sweet but bitter taste. This hard iced tea drink is a great alcohol choice if you want the flavor of alcohol but do not want to consume too much or be affected by side effects.

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