How Long to Microwave 2 Hot Pockets Without Exploding or Hardening

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If how long to microwave 2 Hot Pockets has you stumped, don’t worry. We’ve got your back! If you’re an avid Hot Pocket fan, you probably know all about their tendency to explode or harden to the point of being unappetizing. So, how can you get this to stop? And how can you heat two at a time so you can enjoy ‘em faster? We’ve got answers to all of that and more in today’s post. Let’s dive in.

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How Long To Microwave 2 Hot Pockets Without Exploding Or Hardening

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How Long Do You Cook Hot Pockets in the Microwave?

Heating Hot Pockets in the microwave is a relatively simple task. To start, we will give you “normal” heating instructions and then follow up with a few of our own pro tips to get you even better results.

Sound like a plan? We thought so!

Hot Pocket Cook Time

Generally speaking, Hot Pockets will cook for about 2 minutes.

To get started, remove the wrapper from the Hot Pocket. Along with the Hot Pocket you should find a cardboard wrapper. This wrapper is designed to fit around your Hot Pocket to crisp it up. It is for this reason that this wrapper is called the “crisping” sleeve.

Open the crisping sleeve. Place your Hot Pocket within the sleeve. Place your wrapped Hot Pocket on a microwave-safe cardboard plate, or any other type of plate that is deemed microwave-safe.

Once in the microwave, set the power to high and cook the Hot Pocket for about 2 minutes. When removing the food from the microwave, be very careful. The plate may be hot and the inside of your Hot Pocket may be very very hot.

Hot Pocket Bonus Tips

As promised, we thought we’d give you a bit of bonus advice in addition to what we’ve already mentioned to get you even better results when warming a Hot Pocket. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best Hot Pocket advice and we’ve found the following steps to produce more crisp, gooey, and delicious Hot Pockets.

Poke At It

Before placing your Hot Pocket in the microwave, poke the tops all over with a fork. This will allow steam to ventilate to prevent them from exploding.

In addition, it helps to get the inside of the Hot Pocket properly heated. By doing this you won’t end up with a hot exterior and ice-cold interior.

Nix the Crisping Sleeve

Though the crisping sleeve is designed to, well, “crisp” your Hot Pocket, the truth is that it can sometimes impede the warming process.

Instead of using the sleeve, we recommend you just skip it entirely. Doing this along with piercing the tops of the pockets with a fork will ensure your Hot Pocket gets warmed all the way through.

One at a Time

We’ll be getting to how long you should cook two Hot Pockets in just a bit, but to be honest, it is often SO much better to cook them one at a time.

The reason for this is heat distribution. When you’ve got two Hot Pockets in the microwave at once, you’re forcing the microwave to distribute heat over both food items which can cause them to warm unevenly. This might result in soggier and colder Hot Pockets than if you just do one at a time. Even if you get them both hot enough, it is very likely that one will be too hot, maybe even overdone, and the other will be just right.

Thus, to negate this problem, we suggest simply heating your Hot Pockets one at a time.

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Can You Microwave 2 Hot Pockets at Once?

Yes, you can microwave two Hot Pockets at once. But as previously mentioned it really is best to do them one at a time.

However, if you are gungho on getting them both done at once (we assume you’re VERY hungry!) then you certainly can give it a go.

Read on for details on how!

How Long Should I Put Two Hot Pockets in For?

When microwaving two Hot Pockets at once, try first microwaving them for about 3 minutes and 30 seconds instead of the usual 2 minutes. This should ensure that both Hot Pockets are properly warmed through, though there is still a risk that one might be more done than the other.

How Long to Microwave 2 Hot Pockets 700 Watt?

Cook 2 Hot Pockets for about 4 minutes and 30 seconds for a 700 watt microwave.

The previous recommendation of 2 minutes for one Hot Pocket and 3 minutes and 30 seconds for two is based on an 1100-watt microwave. At a lower wattage, your Hot Pockets may take much longer.

For example, when cooking one Hot Pocket in a 700-watt microwave, you can expect your Hot Pocket to need to cook for at least 3 minutes or longer. For two Hot Pockets, 4 minutes and 30 seconds may be the sweet spot. But you could easily still end up needing to continue warming the pockets as many microwaves vary when it comes to performance.

Note: Wondering how long to microwave 2 Hot Pockets in 900w? The answers will vary. It may run you for about 4 minutes depending on your microwave.

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How Long to Cook 2 Breakfast Hot Pockets in Microwave?

Two breakfast Hot Pockets will typically cook in about 3 minutes and 30 seconds (or maybe even 3 minutes and 45 seconds) depending on your microwave.

Remember that the lower the wattage, the more time your Hot Pockets will need to heat through. If you have a lower-wattage microwave, we strongly suggest you heat just one at a time. Yes, it will technically take longer, but heating two takes a while as well. You will have much better results if you heat them separately.

How Long Do I Microwave 2 Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets?

Microwaving two ham and cheese Hot Pockets will take about 3 minutes and 30 seconds depending on your microwave oven. Individually, you can expect them to cook for about 2 minutes a piece but may take longer depending on wattage.

As explained above, you should try skipping the crisping sleeve and try poking the top of the pocket all over with a fork. This will ensure even distribution of heat when warming your ham and cheese Hot Pocket. It will also prevent all of that delicious melty cheese from exploding all over your microwave!

How Long To Microwave 2 Hot Pockets Without Exploding Or Hardening

How Long to Microwave 2 Hot Pockets? Check the Wattage!

In general, it will only take about one minute and thirty seconds more to microwave two Hot Pockets than one, but this is assuming you’ve got an 1100-watt microwave. If your microwave has lower wattage, you will need to microwave your two Hot Pockets longer than this. Our ultimate advice? Just heat ‘em separately. Doing so will ensure a crispier crust, more evenly distributed heat, and overall better results. We hope this helps answer your questions!

Until next time!


How long do you microwave a frozen Hot Pocket?

A frozen Hot Pocket will typically take about 2 minutes to heat. If your microwave has a lower wattage, however, it may take 3 minutes or longer. 

How do you make Hot Pockets crispy in the microwave?

For a crispier crust, consider nixing the crisping sleeve and using a microwave-safe crisping plate instead. Some also recommend you simply allow your Hot Pocket to defrost first before cooking it normally. Yet another tip is to leave your Hot Pocket in for an additional 30 seconds more than you normally would to achieve a crispier crust. 

Can you make 2 Hot Pockets at once?

You can make two Hot Pockets at once but you may not love the results as much as when you heat them one at a time. Still, it is very possible. It just requires longer cooking time, and potentially, more poking and prodding to ensure both are fully heated through. 

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