How Long to Bake Frozen Cookie Dough for the Perfect Snack

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If you’re wondering how long to bake frozen cookie dough, you’re in the right place. Most of us know the benefits of freezing cookie dough, but not many know what to do with the cookie dough once it’s out of the freezer. If that describes you, don’t despair. In today’s post, I’ll show you how to bake up frozen cookie dough so that it yields similar, if not the same, results as cookie dough made up fresh. Let’s get started!

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How Long To Bake Frozen Cookie Dough For The Perfect Snack

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When baking frozen cookie dough, do it at the same temperature you normally would for an additional 1-2 minutes.

That’s right. You can bake your cookie dough frozen directly from the freezer! You may not think that frozen cookie dough balls would fare well this way, but actually, the taste is quite the same. There are minor differences you’ll notice (which we’ll get to soon). But overall, you can expect your frozen dough to yield results very similar to that of fresh cookies.

The following tips are our recommendations for how long you should bake cookies at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and other temperatures. Be aware that you may need to experiment a little before finding the right method for you!

How Long to Bake Frozen Cookies at 350

As a rule of thumb, you’ll always want to bake your cookies for 1-2 minutes longer than the original recipe recommends. Therefore, if you are baking cookies at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and your cookies normally bake for 10-12 minutes, then you will bake them for 13-14 minutes instead.

When baking your cookies this way, be sure to keep an eye on them. A preheated oven may cook up your frozen dough faster than you’d expect. Thus, it is wise to check the dough at only one minute past the normal cooking time to make sure that the cookies aren’t becoming too brown.

Remove the cookies once cooked through, and the edges are golden.

How Long to Bake Frozen Cookies at 370

In addition to baking your cookies for 1-2 minutes longer at the normal temperature your recipe calls for, you can also increase the temperature by 20 degrees and keep the cookie times the same! This means that cookie dough baked at 370 degrees Fahrenheit that cooks typically at 350 degrees Fahrenheit will be ready at the time they are typically ready.

The drawback to this method? Because your oven is hotter and the dough is frozen, the results will be brown and crispy edges with a goopy middle. While this may not be everyone’s jam, there are quite a few fans of this type of cookie.

If this is you, then I’d definitely recommend that you try baking your frozen cookie dough using this method.

How Long to Bake Frozen Cookies at 330

If you normally bake your cookie dough at 350, you can try cooking them at 330 instead. But this time, instead of baking the cookie dough for 1-2 minutes longer, you’ll bake them for 3-5 minutes longer. Using this method causes the cookies to bake evenly, similar to a normal cookie, and without a soggy center.

Alternatively, you can also consider raising the temperature of the oven and lowering it later. When doing this, only bump the heat up by 20 degrees for 5-ish minutes before bumping the heat back down to the normal temperature for the rest of the time.

How Long to Bake Frozen Cookie Dough

To bake frozen drop cookie dough, you can choose a variety of methods. In addition to the temperature strategies we’ve mentioned above, you can also choose to thaw your dough or bake them frozen.

Yes, you can bake cookie dough without thawing them.

If you’ve pre-portioned the cookies, this will be relatively easy. If you haven’t portioned the dough yet, you may need to allow it to soften a bit before breaking off the amount of cookie dough you need.

What Temperature Do You Bake Frozen Cookies?

When you’re ready to bake your frozen cookies, you’ll need to adjust the timing. As mentioned, you’ll bake the cookies 1-2 minutes longer than their normal temperature. However, you can also lower the temperature increase time the cookie bakes to achieve alternate results for your cookies.

Remember that if you are using a basic “unbaked” cookie dough that doesn’t have any mix-ins, you can press those in before baking them up in the oven. Options for mix-ins to add include chocolate chips for chocolate chip cookie dough, almonds, walnuts, or sprinkles. Though these are best incorporated when the batter is freshly made, it is totally possible to press them atop partially thawed frozen cookie dough balls before placing them in the oven.

Note: Though you can certainly bake portioned cookie dough straight out of the freezer, it sometimes helps to allow the cookie dough to soften a bit. This can make them easier to handle.

To do this, consider placing the cookie dough on the counter for 15-30 minutes. You can even sit them close to a warm oven or stove to make them pliable faster.

Yes, you can absolutely bake cookie dough that has been thawed from frozen. When thawing your frozen cookie dough at room temperature, make sure that you don’t leave the cookie dough to sit longer than 2 hours. If you must thaw them for longer than this, be sure to complete the thawing process in the fridge rather than at room temperature.

Thawed cookie dough will generally bake at the same temperature and will usually taste the same. Know, however, that some cookies freeze and refreeze differently depending on their ingredients. I recommend only thawing and refreezing your dough when you have to to maintain the integrity and quality of your frozen cookie dough recipe.

When baking unfrozen cookie dough, you can bake them at the same temperature you normally do. If, however, you bake frozen cookie dough that is only partially thawed, be sure to add an additional minute or so to ensure that the cookie gets entirely cooked through.

How Long To Bake Frozen Cookie Dough For The Perfect Snack

When you bake frozen cookie dough, you aren’t likely to notice much difference from the original. No matter if it’s chocolate chip cookie dough or another sort (like red velvet cookie dough), you can usually expect normal baking results when you bake frozen cookie dough.

The only exception to this is when referring to the spread of the cookie. Sometimes frozen cookies won’t have as much time to expand. In addition, depending on the ingredients in your cookie, you may indeed notice a slight difference in how the cookies look and taste when compared to the original.

Remember that there are a few instances where cookie dough cannot be frozen. This is because baking the frozen cookie dough won’t yield tasty cookies. This usually applies to cookie dough such as macarons and madeleines but includes others as well.

Bake times for frozen chocolate chip cookie dough vary, but typically they run anywhere from 13-16 minutes. As mentioned previously in the post, you’ll want to add at least 1-2 minutes to your cooking time when baking cookie dough from frozen at the same temperature.

You can also choose to increase the temperature of your oven or even decrease the temperature. Both will produce differing results.

Increasing the temperature of your oven by 20 degrees will require you to bake your cookies for the same amount of time but will yield crunchy edges and a soft, dough-like interior.

On the other hand, decreasing your oven’s temperature by 20 degrees will require that you bake the cookies for 3-5 minutes longer but will produce cookies that are more similar to fresh cookie dough in terms of the cookie’s texture. The cookies will bake more evenly at the lower temperature, and are more likely to expand the way that they normally would if cooked unfrozen.

How long you should bake frozen cookie dough is no longer a mystery! Assuming you keep your oven’s temperature the same, you can expect to only need to tack on about 1-2 additional minutes of cooking time to achieve great results.

Want crunchy edges and a gooey center? Increase the temperature a bit and keep cooking times the same. Alternatively, you can decrease your oven’s temperature and bake your frozen cookie dough for 3-5 minutes longer. This will produce evenly baked cookie dough that tastes pretty darn close to the original.

I hope this has helped you get a better feel for how long frozen cookie dough should be baked in the oven. Which method will you try? Until next time!


Can you bake cookie dough straight from frozen?

Yes, you can bake cookies straight from frozen. And if you’ve portioned them out first, this is a very easy way to enjoy the perfect snack! When baking the cookies from frozen, be sure to take an additional 1-2 minutes onto the normal cooking time.

Is cookie dough okay to eat frozen?

We must admit that frozen cookie dough does sound delicious. However, it isn’t a wise choice if the cookie dough isn’t edible. If you’re craving cookie dough but don’t want the risks involved with eating it raw, try making and freezing an edible cookie dough recipe instead.

Do you have to portion cookie dough before you freeze it?

No, you do not HAVE to portion cookie dough before you freeze it. But it is a great idea! If you don’t portion cookie dough before you freeze it, you’ll be forced to thaw the entire chunk of dough at once. Although I’ve certainly done this multiple times before, refreezing can get messy and it can alter the texture of the cookies after a while. Thus, it is much better, and neater, to simply portion the dough prior to freezing it.

Does freezing cookie dough change the taste?

Typically no. Freezing cookie dough doesn’t normally affect the taste, however, if your dough develops freezer burn, has sat in the freezer too long, or simply wasn’t designed to be frozen, you may notice an unpleasant taste.

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