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While it might be an obvious answer when looking at food such as pork or beef, salami has been cured and has a considerably extended shelf life. While it is cured, salami will still eventually go off and no longer be safe to eat. So, how long does salami last?

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How Long Is Salami Good For?

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Salami Shelf Life

The shelf life of salami can be difficult to guess as the meat has been cured and is therefore less prone to spoiling. Cured meat spoils at a reduced rate as a lot of the moisture content is removed when the meat undergoes the curing process.

The reduction in moisture content is enough of a difference for the meat to be a less suitable breeding ground for bacteria and mold. It will still breed bacteria over time but it is less likely.

How long is Salami good for in the fridge?

Refrigerated packaged salami that is unopened can last up to 6 months in the fridge. As long as the oxygen exposure is kept to a minimum.

As soon as the air-tight packaging is broken or opened, this will significantly decrease.

Opened salami packaging or broken salami packaging will cause your meat to only last for up to a week in the fridge.

How long is Salami good for in the freezer?

When frozen, dry, and unopened salami can last for up to 10 months in the freezer.

It is worth mentioning that if you need to thaw the salami, you should not refreeze it. This is not recommended due to the noticeable decrease in the quality you will experience.

Opened salami can be frozen for up to 3 months before it has the same effects applied that have been previously mentioned.

The best way to store it in the freezer would be in heavy-duty freezer bags or an airtight container. You might be able to get away with freezing it in glass if that is the only container you have.

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How long is Salami good for at room temperature?

If you have unopened dry salami that still has the packaging intact, it can be stored for up to 6 weeks at room temperature in the right conditions. These right conditions are ensuring that it is out of direct sunlight and away from any direct heat source. Storing the salami in a pantry or a cupboard is ideal.

Opened packages of salami will only last for 2 hours at room temperature as this is the time it will take for bacteria to breed to a high enough level where it is considered harmful to eat.

Shelf Life Table

SalamiRoom TemperatureRefrigeratedFrozen
Opened2 hours7 days3 months
Unopened6 weeks6 months10 months
How Long Is Salami Good For?

How to tell when Salami is going bad

There are a lot of ways to tell if your food has gone bad and among these ways, using your senses is the easiest and most effective method.

Using your nose to smell the salami is a great way to see if the salami has gone bad or not. Try and see if you can notice a rotten or pungent smell from the salami. While it naturally has a slightly weird smell, the smell of bad food is caused by a growth of bacteria and can be quite hard to miss. It will smell absolutely terrible.

The appearance of your salami will also change if it is bad. This includes patches of discoloration and the formation of mold. Alongside this, your salami may also have a slimy exterior if it has gone bad.

FAQs on Salami Shelf Life

Does Salami go bad?

Salami does eventually go bad, despite it taking longer due to the lower moisture content. It will still go bad and become unsafe to eat.

Can you eat salami after 7 days?

After seven days, assuming your salami has been left open in the fridge, it is no longer deemed safe to eat. While it will not be immediately poisonous, it is no longer recommended and you should throw it away.

How can you tell if salami went bad?

The best way to tell if salami is bad is by smelling it. If you smell a pungent and rancid smell, you will know it has gone bad. When bacteria grow to a considerable number, it will produce a terrible smell.

What happens if you eat old salami?

Depending on how old the salami is and the conditions it was kept in, various things could happen. You may end up with a slightly upset stomach or you could get food poisoning.

How to tell if salami is still good?

If your salami still smells fresh and looks fine, it should be okay to eat. It is important to keep track of how long you have had food in the fridge or other storage places so that you do not have to gamble on if they are safe or not.

Can you eat expired salami?

Expired salami can be eaten, assuming the expiration date is a ‘best-before’ type of marking. Eating food that has expired is likely to only have a decrease in quality, eating spoiled food is what’s dangerous.

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