Sea Moss GUIDE: How Long Does Sea Moss Last? Does It Expire or Go Bad?

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Fresh sea moss proves to have multiple positive effects on the body. If you’ve recently purchased or have harvested fresh sea moss, you may be wondering how long does sea moss last. Does it really expire or go bad? The answer is yes, sea moss does go bad. But how long before this happens depends on a variety of factors. Join us today, as we delve deeper into sea moss expiration and how it is best stored to promote its shelf life.

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Sea Moss Guide: How Long Does Sea Moss Last & Does It Really Expire Or Go Bad?

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What Is Sea Moss?

Sea moss is a form of red algae that can be found in the Atlantic near locations along North America and Europe. It is harvested for a variety of uses including cosmetics and for use as a part of a healthy diet.

Sea moss is often also used as a stabilizer and thickener in food items such as ice cream, milk, and creamer. Many people turn their sea moss into a consumable gel that can sometimes be mixed with fruit to provide a healthy and nutritious source of vitamins and minerals.

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Does Seamoss Go Bad?

Yes, sea moss can certainly go bad. In fact, you should expect your sea moss to last only one year unopened. Even less than that once opened.

Assuming your sea moss is still raw and dry, you can expect to keep your open sea moss at room temperature for about 3 months. However, if the sea moss you have purchased indicates a different life span, you should go with what is suggested by the person or company you have bought the sea moss from.

Raw and dry sea moss may also deteriorate quicker the more that you handle it. Because of this, it is important that you only take out as much sea moss as you need at a time. Handling the contents of your sea moss and then placing it back in the bag may not only cause the sea moss to deteriorate faster but may also introduce bacteria to the mix.

Because of this, you should aim only to use the amount of sea moss you need at the time rather than taking the moss in and out of the bag.

How Long Does Sea Moss Last?

How long sea moss lasts will depend on a variety of factors.

Generally speaking, sea moss can last up to one year unopened when stored in a cool dark place. But there is a bit more you’ll want to consider when attempting to maintain the freshness of your sea moss.

Sea moss can have a variety of wetness contents. Some contain 10% moisture and some contain 35% moisture. This is important to know, because the wetter your sea moss is, the shorter its lifespan will be.

Other factors that will contribute to the lifespan of your sea moss include how you treat it and what form the sea moss is in once you attempt to store it. Sea moss gel will degrade a lot faster and will require different types of storage procedures than will sea moss that is fresh.

Sea Moss Guide: How Long Does Sea Moss Last & Does It Really Expire Or Go Bad?

How Long Is Sea Moss Good For?

How long sea moss is good for will depend on two things. What form it is in when you are attempting to store it, as well as your storage techniques.

Remember that sea moss gel will have a shorter shelf life than raw dry sea moss. Also, wetter sea moss varieties won’t last as long as drier varieties.

Sea moss that has been converted to a gel will last around 1 month when stored in the refrigerator. Sea moss that is dry and raw will last up to a year unopened (3 months opened) assuming you’ve stored it in a cool dry place and have not exposed it to much humidity and moisture.

Sea moss can be frozen in its gel or raw state. Both forms of sea moss typically last about three months in the freezer.

Just be sure to follow the directions mentioned in the previous segment to ensure that your sea moss gel can expand freely once frozen.

Sea Moss Shelf Life

Sea Moss TypeShelf Life
Fresh and Dry Sea Moss Unopened1 Year in a Cool Dry Place
Fresh and Dry Sea Moss Opened3 Months in a Cool Dry Place
Sea Moss Gel1 Month Airtight Container in Fridge
Sea Moss Gel Frozen3 Months in Freezer
Raw Sea Moss Frozen3-4 Months in Freezer

How to Know If Sea Moss Has Gone Bad

Fresh sea moss has gone bad once it develops an off-color (it will usually grow dark, as it is originally a light tan or gray color), develops a weird or putrid odor, or develops mold. All of these are clear signs that it is time to throw away your sea moss.

Never consume or use this type of sea moss on your face or body.

What Does Expired Sea Moss Look Like?

Expired sea moss will turn a dark color (brown or purplish) and may become slimy when in gel form. It will also develop a pungent odor.

Fresh sea moss may also become dry, brittle, and develop dark spots. It, too, will grow smelly after it has expired.

Sea Moss Guide: How Long Does Sea Moss Last? Does It Expire Or Go Bad?

How Long Is Sea Moss Gel Good For?

When it comes to the shelf life of sea moss gel, you can expect to get one month out of it assuming it’s been stored and handled properly.

Once your sea moss is made into a gel, it is imperative that you refrigerate it. You may not leave sea moss gel at room temperature the same way that you would dry and raw sea moss. Doing so will cause it to go bad quickly.

When storing your sea moss gel, make sure that you choose a clean and airtight container or jar to put your sea moss gel. A contaminated storage container or jar will negatively impact your sea moss gel and cause it to degrade faster.

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You will also want to ensure that you are using clean utensils to take your sea moss in and out. Again, using contaminated utensils will introduce unhealthy bacteria into your gel, and may cause your sea moss to deteriorate faster.

Contamination can also make you sick or cause your skin to break out (if you use your sea moss on your face and body) because of the bacteria introduced to it from your unsanitary jar, container, or utensils.

Note: Though it may seem like second nature to stick your fingers into sea moss gel for dipping (especially if you are using it as part of your skincare routine) the truth is that doing so is a surefire way to introduce germs to the gel.

Rather than use your fingers, consider using a clean spoon to remove the right amount that you need. Dipping your fingers in and out of the jar, and even introducing additional water from your hands into the jar, can breed bacteria. These significantly lower the shelf life of your refrigerated gelled sea moss.

Can You Freeze Sea Moss Gel?

Sea moss gel can be frozen and kept in the freezer for up to 3 months at the best quality.

To do this, take your sea moss gel and place it carefully into a clean and dry freezer-safe container or Ziploc freezer bag. Make sure that the container or bag is airtight.

Also be sure that you:

  • Store the container or bag containing sea moss gel on a level surface for even freezing
  • Allow room at the top of the container for expansion as your gel may expand while freezing.
  • Place the date on the container or bag so that you know how long the gel has been in the freezer.

Once ready to thaw your sea moss, consider thawing it in the fridge until soft and ready for use. If you don’t want to thaw the entire batch of sea moss, consider splitting it up into smaller portions upon storing it to make it easier to thaw and use in small batches. This will also hinder bacterial growth caused by frequent thawing and refreezing.

Does Sea Moss Gel Expire If Refrigerated? Does Sea Moss Go Bad in the Fridge?

Even when refrigerated, your sea moss gel can expire. Store sea moss gel in the fridge for no longer than 1 month. Toss your sea moss gel if it shows any signs of spoilage as mentioned in the previous segment.

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What Happens If You Eat Expired Sea Moss Gel?

If you consume expired sea moss gel, the range of negative outcomes experienced spans from nothing happening to severe food poisoning.

Like any other food, consuming expired sea moss gel can make you very sick. However, not everyone experiences sickness as a result of having consumed old sea moss gel.

Will Expired Sea Moss Gel Make You Sick?

Remember that consuming anything expired can potentially make you very sick.

Some of the best ways to keep yourself from getting sick when eating sea moss gel are:

  • always start with fresh sea moss
  • note the date of your prepared gel (and discard it promptly after three months)
  • keep it continuously refrigerated
  • never let it sit out at room temperature for more than 1-2 hours
  • keep it in an airtight container
  • do not introduce water or bacteria (through hands, utensils, or otherwise)
sick person

How Long Does Sea Moss Last? The Answer Varies!

Does sea moss expire? Yes! But how long it takes to expire will depend on a few factors. Sea moss can last up to one year when stored properly, unopened, and in its raw form. Sea moss that has been opened will remain at room temperature for up to three months.

Beyond that, sea moss gels will need to be refrigerated for up to one month, or stored in the freezer for up to 3-4 months. Always throw away any sea moss that shows signs of spoilage including a strong unpleasant aroma and changes in color, texture, and consistency.

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How long does sea moss last?

Sea moss can last up to one year unopened but will have a significantly shorter lifespan if opened or made into a gel. Most opened sea moss only lasts for up to three months, with gels only lasting one month refrigerated. 

How do you know if sea moss is expired?

Fresh sea moss that has expired will appear dry and brittle. It will also likely develop a strong smell and may begin to develop brown and black spots. Sea moss gel will also turn colors and may become a dark brown. It will develop a foul odor and may grow slimy or watery in consistency. 

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