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Avocados are fresh, creamy, delicious, and nutritious. But how long does it take to grow avocados? The answer might surprise you! Join us as we tackle the interesting topic of how to grow avocados and how long it will take for your avocado tree to bear fruit.

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How Long Does It Take to Grow Avocados?

When you love healthy fruits and veggies, knowing how to grow them and prepare them to make delicious meals at home likely excites you. Thus, knowing how to deal with heath food conundrums like brown spots in avocado and how long does salad last in the fridge is important.

But just how long does it take to grow avocados?

On average, it can take anywhere from 3 to 13 years before you’ll actually see an avocado tree bear fruit.

The reason for the dramatic difference in timespan when waiting for an avocado tree to produce fruit is that it depends on how you start the tree.

If, for example, you purchase an avocado tree and plant it, you can expect that tree to produce fruit within 3-5 years of having planted it.

If, however, you are growing your avocados from a seed, you will need to wait anywhere from 5-13 years before the first fruits begin to develop.

Does It Take 9 Months to Grow an Avocado?

It doesn’t take nine months to grow an avocado. It takes much longer than that.

However, it may take 8-9 months before you see a blooming tree actually produce avocado fruit.

Remember, this does not mean that your avocado tree or seed will produce fruit in 8-9 months. It will actually take many years, anywhere from 3-13 years to be exact, for the process to happen.

Rather, 8-9 months defines the length of time you can expect to wait for your tree to go from the blossoming stage to the fruit-producing stage – a process that can be very exciting to see!

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How Long Does It Take for an Avocado Tree to Bear Fruit?

How Long Does an Avocado Tree Take to Grow an Avocado?

An avocado tree will take about 3-5 years to produce fruit.

If you are planning to plant a young avocado tree, you must bear in mind the specifications that will ensure that your tree will thrive throughout the growing process.

These specifications include:

  • Temperature: Remember that avocado trees do best in warm and moderately moist climates. If your avocado tree is indoors, be sure to mist the leaves up to two times daily. This’ll ensure that your plant gets enough moisture. If your avocado tree is outdoors and it is particularly cold in your area, you may not wish to plant an avocado tree. Though avocado trees can bear up against colder weather between 28-32 Fahrenheit, you’ll want to avoid exposing your tree to temperatures colder than that.
  • Watering: When watering your avocado tree, remember that two to three times a week is best. Once your tree has grown and matured a bit, consider lessening the amount of watering. Change it to about once a week. Most avocado trees will require 20 gallons of water, but this will depend on the tree’s size. If you squeeze the soil and can still see the impression of your hand after you do so, then your soil likely has enough water.
  • Sunlight: For best and fastest growth, consider planting avocado trees in direct sunlight. Most need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. If your avocado tree is indoors, be sure to place it in a bright and sunny spot. This way it can soak up as much direct sunlight as possible.
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How Fast Does an Avocado Tree Grow?

An avocado tree can sprout about 30 inches per year in the right conditions. Be advised, however, that proper drainage and the right soil are imperative to keeping your avocado tree thriving and growing at this rate.

When Are Avocado Trees Ripe?

Avocados are often harvested around September.

Still, one of the best ways to know whether or not your avocados are ripe and ready to harvest is to pick one of your largest avocados off of the tree. Allow it to sit on your counter for a few days at room temperature.

During this time, if you notice your avocado softening and that it is creamy and has the right taste and consistency, then it is likely that all of your avocado fruit is ready to be picked.

What to Use Ripe Avocados For?

Now comes the fun part!

Once you’ve harvested your avocados, it’s time to start looking for ways to use them. There are countless ways to utilize creamy and delicious avocados and to reap the benefits of their many health properties.

Use avocados in any of the following ways to maximize your use of your freshly harvested fruit:


Is it hard to grow avocados?

Depending on where you live, it can be. 
In the United States, for instance, it can be difficult to get avocado trees to bear fruit because the temperatures often get too cold. If, however, you live in a warmer climate, or simply want to plant an avocado tree just for your own enjoyment, then you can certainly try planting an avocado tree to see what happens. 
Bear in mind that you can also opt to grow avocados indoors. Doing so will require a bit of preparation ahead of time, as you must carefully consider the placement of your tree and other parameters, however, it is fairly easy to grow an avocado tree indoors. 

Avocado Trees Take Patience…

All in all, if you plan to plant an avocado tree, be aware that doing so will take great patience.

Remember that avocado trees that are purchased will take anywhere from 3-5 years before they will actually begin to produce fruit.

An avocado seed that is planted will take even longer. It might be from 5-13 years in idyllic conditions before fruit maturation can occur.

Thus, planting an avocado tree can take time and patience, but the payoff is often well worth it!

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