Hokkaido Milk Tea – The Basics + Recipe!

Hokkaido Milk Tea – The Basics + Recipe!

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The great thing about this recipe is how little ingredients you need to make such a delicious drink.


  • 11.5 cup strong black tea
  • 1/41/2 cup of half and half or Hokkaido milk
  • Brown sugar
  • Tapioca pearls (optional)


  1. Boil your water with enough to make 1-1.5 cups of black tea. It is best to use fresh water and only boil the water once as this keeps the minerals in the water and keeps a fresh taste to the water. You can use loose leaf teas or a tea bag if you find this more convenient.
  2. Add your tea to the pot. Let the water simmer for approximately 5-10 minutes, depending on how strong you like your tea.
  3. While your tea is seeping, you can add in your milk at the same time so that the milk and tea are seeping at the same time. When you steep the milk and tea together for about 2-4 minutes, you’ll really hit a perfect balance of the two flavors. This results in a rich, creamy texture and a wealth of flavor throughout your beverage.
  4. Once you’re happy with the strength of your tea, remove the pot from the heat to cool. For faster cooling of your drink, transfer the liquid into a cold container.
  5. While your drink is cooling, it may be a good idea to add your sweetener to your serving cup. If you have a clear cup you can get creative here and swirl your hot drink sweetener around the interior of the cup. I like to use honey, but you can also any syrup or just traditional sugar. Brown sugar is also great for adding a malty flavor to your drink.
  6. Optional – Add your tapioca pearls at this stage. I’ve included the method for cooking these tasty pearls below!
  7. Once your tea has cooled, Take some ice and add it to your serving cup, then add your Hokkaido milk tea and give everything a stir.
  8. Then, it’s time to enjoy!

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