Can You Put Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee? Answered + Bonus Recipe!

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Coffee is probably one of the world’s favorite drinks. There are just so many ways you can drink it too. It is such a versatile drink and can be enjoyed in so many different ways – with milk, sugar, syrups, creams, powders, the list goes on! Can you use heavy whipping cream in coffee? The answer of course is yes – you can. There are a few things worth noting before putting it in your coffee, and I’ve also included two simple recipes for the perfect creamy coffee, so keep reading below to find out!

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heavy whipping cream in coffee

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Can You Use Heavy Whipping Cream in Your Coffee?

Yes, you absolutely can use heavy whipping cream in your coffee.

If you are new to drinking coffee, or you just find the taste too bitter, then sometimes it’s good to add something to your coffee to ease the bitter taste a little.

Some people prefer just to add half-and-half, coffee creamer, or just leave it black.

You may wonder why people would even use heavy whipping cream in your coffee when there are ingredients which have been produced specifically to put in coffee. The answer lies in the taste. Adding heavy whipping cream to your coffee can really sweeten up the taste. It can even add some texture and body to your coffee. Heavy whipping cream in your coffee is the richest and thickest way to have your coffee.

Espresso with Heavy Cream

If you are used to drinking black coffee and not sure what else to try, this is a great way to start trying different types of flavored coffees.

Just brew a shot of espresso and add some heavy whipping cream on top. You could also add in a bit of sugar to add some sweetness.

Nice and simple!

heavy cream in coffee cup

Irish Coffee

It is a toss-up between an espresso martini and an Irish coffee for who wins the most common coffee cocktail. Heavy whipping cream really is the cherry on top of this delicious cocktail. There’s a little bit of technique to this cocktail but it’s super easy to make.

irish coffee

Can You Put Heavy Cream in an Iced Coffee?

You may have heard of a frappuccino before, but if you’ve not, then you need to try one! Made using a cold brew coffee it is usually topped with heavy cream and a syrup of your choice. These coffees are super luxurious and tasty and are perfect when the weather starts to heat up.

This coffee goes perfectly with heavy cream and is usually the main topping on a frappé. If you are looking for an easy recipe to make a frappé, then keep reading because I have one linked below!

Can I Use Heavy Cream in My Coffee on Keto?

Heavy cream in coffee is actually a popular choice for those doing the keto diet. This is a diet plan which consists of eating foods that are calorie-dense and rich in either protein or fat.

If you were to put heavy cream in your coffee it will definitely leave you feeling satiated for longer.

Is it Bad to Put Heavy Whipping Cream in Your Coffee?

If drank in moderation, heavy cream is totally okay to add to your coffee.

Fat is important as part of a balanced diet. But because heavy cream is a saturated fat, it is important not to go overboard.

Heavy whipping cream can have somewhere between 30-36% fat content. But dairy fats have been known to help with gastrointestinal health. It contains a fatty acid called butyric acid.

As I’ve previously mentioned, natural fats can actually have some health benefits. Cutting them out of your diet to lose weight, sometimes this can actually be a hindrance in weight loss, therefore it is important that you do keep this as part of your diet.

Consuming a moderate amount of good dairy fat won’t contribute to heart disease either. The key is to practice moderation with this.

heavy cream in coffee

What Can I Use Heavy Cream in My Coffee Instead Of…

Half and half

Half and half, like heavy whipping cream, is a dairy product. It is produced using equal parts cream and equal parts whole milk, which results in a product that is thinner and lower in fat than cream.

Its taste is lighter than that of heavy cream and is useful to use in recipes. While fat-free versions of half and half are also available, this is then filled with added sugar to make up for the taste.

Heavy cream in coffee instead of half and half will result in a creamier, more rich textured coffee. It is a good substitute for half and half and will both taste pretty similar, just a bit of a more luxurious coffee.

Coffee Creamer

Unlike half and half and heavy cream, coffee creamer is dairy-free. The ingredients do vary from brand to brand. But the ingredients usually are a variety of water, sugar, and vegetable oil.

That being said, coffee creamer is usually heavily process and can be loaded with sugar.

Heavy cream can definitely be substituted for coffee creamer. It may even be considered a healthier option, due to the high sugar content of coffee creamer, compared to the natural occurring sugars in coffee creamer.

Iced Caramel Latte

Coffee with Cream Recipe

The following is an easy recipe that outlines the best way to put heavy whipping cream in your coffee. This recipe is even keto-friendly! In the keto world, this is also known as bulletproof coffee.

If you are worried about the calorie content too, fear not because this recipe uses a sweetener instead of using normal sugar, which will hugely lower the calorie content of your coffee, while remaining keto too!


  • 1- 1 ½ cups Coffee
  • 1- 1 ½ tablespoons Butter
  • 1 teaspoon Sweetener
  • ¼ cup Heavy Cream
  • Cinnamon, Ground

How to make

Coffee with heavy whipping cream

Total Time: 10 minutes

Prepare the Cream

Start by preparing the cream. Add your heavy whipping cream to a bowl and whisk using a machine whisk or vigorously by hand until thick and fluffy. If using a stand mixer, make sure not to over whisk where it almost turns to butter!

Prepare the Beverage

Next, you can start preparing your keto beverage by adding 1.5 cups of hot coffee to your large mug. Next, add in your butter and sweetener. Stir this into your coffee well, allowing the butter to melt.
You may need to transfer the contents to a blender, or if your mug is large enough, you can use a handheld blender. This will blitz the fats into the coffee and provide an extra foamy texture!
If your coffee gets anyway cold or below your desired temperature, just pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds to heat it up.

Top with Cream

Using a spoon, take a dollop of cream and cover the top of the coffee in cream. To finish, sprinkle cinnamon over the top of the whipped cream and serve immediately. Enjoy!

If you’d like more information on this recipe, here is a simple video similar to this recipe that you can follow!

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Is Coffee with Heavy Cream Good?

Yes, you can put heavy cream in your coffee. There are no bad health effects of using heavy cream if you do so in moderation. Not only does it enhance flavor, but it will enhance the texture and nutritional value of your coffee too.

Does Heavy Cream Curdle in Coffee?

Usually, it shouldn’t curdle but if you have quite an acidic coffee, it can speed up the curdling process of older cream, which gives the cream a stringy look in the coffee. This may be because your cream is gone off.

Can you Drink Heavy Cream?

You can drink heavy cream It is very heavy in calories, but also rich in healthy fat, along with several minerals and vitamins. These nutrients are essential as part of a balanced diet and if enjoyed occasionally as part of a balanced diet, then drinking heavy whipping cream is perfectly okay.

Can You Use Heavy Whipping Cream in Tea?

Whether you are drinking hot or cold tea, whipping cream is the cherry on top for both of these drinks. If you are whipping cream for this purpose, it is a good idea to stop whipping the cream just before it reaches its peak fluffiness. This will allow the cream to blend a little easier into your drink which will help to infuse the creaminess into the drink.
This will make the tea texture creamier and incorporate the flavors of both the tea and cream together nicely. The best type of tea flavor for using with cream is a stronger tea flavor such as black tea.

latte with white heavy cream

Heavy Cream in Coffee: Always a good decision!

Now it is your turn! Give this simple recipe a try as a treat, perhaps on a work-from-home Friday, or on a rainy afternoon. This is a super luxurious and rich way to enjoy your coffee.

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