Hand Mixer for Cookie Dough – How to Use and What to Use

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Using a hand mixer for cookie dough may sound convenient, but is it actually something you can and should do? That depends. Hand mixers definitely come in handy for a variety of baking needs, and cookie dough is no different. However, an electric mixer is usually best suited for certain aspects of making cookie dough and other baking needs, but may not be able to handle as much as you might think. Need more information? No problem. In this post, I’ll detail exactly how a hand mixer is best used for mixing cookie dough as well as why you might not always want to use one, depending on the job.

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Hand Mixer For Cookie Dough – How To Use And What To Use

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Now that you know that you can in fact use a hand mixer can do for you when it comes to cookie dough, it’s time to figure out which hand mixer is best to use.

There are several out there on the market, but for now, we’ll give you the lowdown on a few. Some of these hand mixers are high speed, meaning they may even be able to take on thick dough.

Still, others will contain multiple attachments, while simpler models may only come with your standard set of metal batters.

Okay, enough of the chatter. Let’s get into which mixer is the best hand mixer for cookie dough.

MOSAIC Hand Mixer

KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer, Empire Red
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Need something quick, easy and affordable? This 3-speed hand mixer is just that. Use it for light jobs like making cake batter or creaming butter and sugar and you’re good to go. Make special note that this hand mixer comes with three speeds and two attachments for versatility.

The downside is that though it is featured as dishwasher safe, some report noticing rust spots soon after cleaning the metal beaters in one. Bummer!


  • Affordable
  • Two attachments
  • Three speed


  • Metal mixers might not be suitable for use in dishwasher

Kitchen Aid 5- Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer, Empire Red
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Kitchen Aid is a staple name in many American kitchens and for good reason. This hand mixer produced by the popular company is strong, attractive, and surprisingly quiet. It will work well for whipping cream, beating sugar, and whipping potatoes.

And though it doesn’t come with other attachments, this 5 speed hand mixer does at least come in multiple fun retro colors and has a plethora of outstanding reviews!


  • 5 speed hand mixer
  • Attractive
  • Strong
  • Quiet


  • Comes with only one standard pair of metal mixers
  • More expensive than most

Breville Handy Mixer

Breville Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer, Silver, BHM800SIL
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The Breville Handy Mixer comes with four attachments and nine speeds. Though the price tag will likely shock you, users of this particular gadget rave, claiming it’s worth every dime and more. You can expect this beater to take on both thick and thin mixtures unlike other mixers of its categories.

From thick velvety fudge to fully mixed chunky cookie dough, this hand mixer rises above the rest in terms of strength and ability.


  • 9 speeds
  • Stronger than other mixers
  • Popular and well-liked


  • Very expensive

In most cases, yes, you can use a hand mixer for cookie dough. However, you may not be able to use it for every step of mixing dough.

Allow me to explain.

A hand mixer is a small appliance with beater attachments that allows you to quickly stir together or “whip” ingredients that you’d otherwise have to mix by hand. Without the use of a spoon, hand mixers can get jobs done faster and can achieve a light and fluffy texture often needed for foods like whipped cream and, yup, even cookie dough.

The problem? Though a hand mixer is indeed convenient to have for mixing cookie dough, it isn’t always good for mixing thick cookie dough. In most cases, unless you are using an expensive and uniquely powerful mixer, you’ll only be able to use it to take on light jobs like mixing batter, creaming butter and sugar, and mixing light creams and liquids.

At this point, you may be wondering if using a hand mixer for cookie dough is even worth it. Honestly, if you wanted to use these handheld devices for mixing thick cookie dough at its final stages, then you’d be correct to think it isn’t the best fit for the job.

Still, you should know that there is a certain point during the cookie dough making process where hand mixers for cookie dough become vitally important … and that’s when “creaming” together butter and sugar.

In case you aren’t familiar with what I’m talking about, allow me to inform you. During most cookie dough making processes, there is a part of the recipe, usually towards the very beginning, when a recipe might direct you to whip, beat, cream, or hand mix your butter and sugar together. The purpose of this is to create a light and fluffy texture which translates to equally light and aerated cookies. This step is often vital to forming the correct consistency for cookie dough.

And though you could always whip your butter and sugar by hand without the use of metal beaters, know that electric mixers often do it a heck of a lot better and much faster, to boot. Thus, copping a lightweight hand mixer for beating sugar, butter, and achieving other everyday mixing tasks might just be worth your while.

I highly recommend it!

Although you may not be able to use most standard electric hand mixers for every step of the cookie dough making process, you certainly can use it for creaming together your butter and sugar. In fact, this step is so crucial that I’d recommend you purchase an electric mixer for this process alone, especially if you find yourself making cookie dough often.

I hope this has shed some light on the pros of owning a hand mixer for cookie dough. Good luck!


Should cookie dough be mixed by hand or mixer?

Cookie dough should generally be mixed by hand. However, certain steps in the process, such as creaming together the butter and sugar, is best achieved by a hand mixer to produce optimal results.

Hand mixer or stand mixer?

A stand mixer is best for mixing thick cookie dough in its final stages. However, a hand mixer is amazing for beating butter and sugar to form a thick and fluffy cookie base.

When is it best to mix by hand?

Always mix by hand when you’re “folding in ” chocolate chips and other mix-ins. It’s also usually best to mix by hand when mixing in your dry ingredients, like flour, baking soda, and baking powder. This can also prevent a mess from happening as hand mixers can tend to fling ingredients if you aren’t careful.

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