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Cooking on a gas stove can be very different to cooking on an ordinary oven stove. A gas stove seems to be able to reach a higher heat quickly as it is reliant on a flame to fuel the stove. A gas stove temperature chart is a useful tool to know if you are cooking on a gas stove. In this article we make things easier with a gas stove temperature chart and also discuss how a gas stove works.

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What Temperature Do Gas Stoves Reach?

The gas stove top consists of a stove that is made by using a flame to heat the food up to temperature. While the gas flame can heat to up to 2000 degrees Celsius but this is not a value that is constant and consistent. The gas stove flame can reach high heat depending on how much energy is being released from fuel combustion. The other reliable factor to make the gas stove flame high in heat is the amount of oxygen to ensure complete combustion.

Gas stove flames can reach very high temperatures quickly and efficiently. Therefore it is important to know how high you need to make your gas stove so you do not end up overheating your stove and food.

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What Is 180 Degrees On A Gas Stove?

180 degrees Fahrenheit on a gas stove flame is a low setting. This is an ideal temperature for a slightly fast simmer. This temperature on a gas stove will actually heat your food to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. This equals 90 degrees Celsius. A lower temperature on a gas stove top is ideal for slow cooking meats.

What Temp Is 350 On Gas Stove?

What is 350 on a stove top? 350 degrees Fahrenheit on a gas stove flame is a very high setting. To cook on a high setting your flame will be between 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This equals 148 degrees Celsius and 176 degrees Celsius.

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How Do I Tell The Temperature Of My Stove Top?

When you are cooking with a gas stove flame it is hard to determine the temperature as a gas stove flame can be different temperatures at different times and change frequently. 

There are a couple of ways including scientific methods that you can use to help you determine the temperature of the flame on your gas stove. Here are two method to try when attempting to find out the temperature of your gas stove flame:

  • Measure the gas stove flame through a pyrometer: Using a pyrometer is a quick way to determine the temperature of your gas stove flame. A pyrometer measures the wavelength of the radiations that are being emitted by the flame on the gas stove. This is how the pyrometer can determine what the exact  temperature of the gas stove flame is. You can use a pyrometer to measure the temperature of your gas stove flame a safe distance away as the pyrometer only needs to measure the radiations produced by the flame in order to calculate the temperature.
  • Measure the gas stove flame via infrared: Measuring the temperature of a gas stove flame by using infrared is a trickier way of measuring as it requires a lot of scientific knowledge. Once you have measured the gas stove flame you will have to compare the results to statistical data.

Stove Top Temperature Chart

Here is a rough stove top temperature chart for you to reference when you are looking to see what temperature or gas mark you should be setting your stove to. These temperatures are a rough guide as the temperatures will vary depending on your specific stove. If you are using an oven that is powered by gas, your gas stove may be able to reach a higher temperature.

Gas MarkDegrees FahrenheitDegrees Celsius
2300° 149°

Below is an additional guide to help you when cooking on a gas stove.

  • Low heat: When you set your gas stove to a low setting, a low heat can equal anywhere between 200 degrees Fahrenheit and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This equals 95 degrees Celsius and 148 degrees Celsius. A low heat is ideal for slow cooking and smoking food.
  • Medium heat: When you set your gas stove to a medium setting, a medium heat can equal anywhere between 300 degrees Fahrenheit and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This equals 148 degrees Celsius and 205 degrees Celsius. A medium heat is ideal for cooking a wide range of food such as chicken, vegetables and egg dishes.
  • High heat: When you set your gas stove to a high setting, a high heat can equal anywhere between 400 degrees Fahrenheit and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This equals 205 degrees Celsius and 315 degrees Celsius. A high heat is ideal for cooking meats and searing food.
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How Hot Does A Stove Top Get

A stove top temperature on an ordinary oven can range from anywhere between 210 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This equals 98 degrees Celsius to 148 degrees Celsius. This temperature depends on the type of oven you are using. If you are using a stove top that is powered by gas and flame, then your stove top can reach higher temperatures.

A Gas Stove Flame Can Change In Temperature Quickly

Cooking on a gas stove can be a little less reliable and more fast paced than cooking on an ordinary oven. The flame that controls a gas stove can be strong and it is hard to distinguish what temperature the flame is.

There are two methods of measuring what temperature the flame is which we have discussed in this article. Once you know how to measure the flame’s temperature you can know what heat setting you should be aiming for. There is little difference between low, medium and high heats and switching between them can be easiest that you think.

How do you measure the temperature of your gas stove flame?

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