What To Do When The Gas Stove Was Left On

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It can happen to the best of us! One little slip on the ring or cooking when you’re tired can mean that you can accidentally leave your gas stove on without realizing! It is hard to know what to do when the gas stove was left on, or if it’s even okay to do so.

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In this article we give you advice and steps to follow if you have left you gas stove left on.

Accidentally Left The Gas Stove On Without A Flame

Is it okay for your gas stove to be left on for 1 hour? The answer is always no, no, no!

You should ideally never step away from your gas cooking while cooking. Always make sure to turn off the gas stove when you have finished. Leaving your gas stove on can be very dangerous for your health and can even cause explosions. These effects can happen quickly and no matter how much time it has been, it is still not safe. A gas stove can emit carbon monoxide which can be fatal.

Even if your gas stove is left on without a flame for 2 hours or your gas stove was left on low for 3 hours, this is still very dangerous.

Here are some steps to follow on what to do if you have left you gas stove on:

  • Immediately turn off the stove or burner to prevent the problem from continuing.
  • Turn on the cooker’s fan to the highest setting possible to help air the room.
  • Make sure to evacuate everyone in the property including pets.
  • Open all windows and doors to air the property . Make sure to take breathers in the fresh air so you do not inhale too much carbon monoxide.
  • At no point should you light anything inside the property if you think a lot of carbon monoxide is present as this can cause a fire.
  • Do not turn on any appliances or activate anything electrical.
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It is best to be very cautious. You may think that even if the gas stove was left on without a flame for just 10 minutes it will be okay. This isn’t true, as 10 minutes can be enough to fill the room with carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide when inhaled at large amounts can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. You can be breathing in excess amounts of carbon monoxide and be unaware you’re doing so as carbon monoxide doesn’t necessarily smell. If you have kept the stove on but there is no particular strong gas scent, don’t be fooled! Carbon monoxide can be fatal, therefore it is better to be on the safer side.

It is always recommended to turn on the exhaust vent on your gas stove cooker after it has been idling on. After leaving a gas stove on, once you have turned it off and aired the property, do not completely leave the property. This is because there is still a risk of fire.

How Long Should I Wait Before Using My Gas Stove After It Has Been Left On?

After ventilating the property properly it is best to wait at least two hours before using your stove again after it has been left on by accident.

If the property has been aired out well you are at a smaller risk of any fires occurring or carbon monoxide poisoning.


How Long To Air Out The Room If The Gas Stove Was Left On?

What at least an hour before reentering the property. This will give you enough time for the property to be properly aired.

Is Carbon Monoxide From Gas Stove Left On Dangerous?

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be very serious and can be caused by leaving a gas stove on. You should aim to seek medical advice immediately.

Always play it safe!

Whether you’re cooking or baking, responsibility is key. If you discover you have left your gas stove on, follow the steps above immediately. Air the room out as quickly as you can.

Gas stoves can cause some serious health consequences if left on. It’s always best to be on the safer side.

Categorized as Journal

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