Frozen French Toast Sticks In Air Fryer – Meal Prep Recipe And Instructions

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Making frozen french toast sticks in air fryer is, fortunately, as easy as you’d imagine. All it takes is some eggs, a little sugar n’ cinnamon, and crusty – okay, well not exactly crusty – bread! With that being said, we’re not only going to look at frying already frozen bread, but also we’ll also be learning how to prep your own! So… read on to find out why dry bread is better for freezing, and have all your questions on cooking time and temp answered. And remember to stay tuned for the complete recipe at the bottom of this post! I’ll be showing you how to make, freeze, defrost and reheat French toast sticks from the very beginning all the way to the end.

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Frozen French Toast Sticks In Air Fryer

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Can You Cook Frozen French Toast Sticks In The Air Fryer?

Regardless of whether you use the air fryer for air frying a breakfast sandwich or making ‘microwave’ popcorn, its proven to be an incredibly useful tool – especially for quick, easy meals. This is undoubtably why so many make their breakfast using this appliance – and why lots of people use it to heat up their anabolic French toast!

However, you may be unsure of the air fryer’s potential to handle frozen food. Luckily, air fryers are excellent for defrosting food. In fact, they’re pretty much the only option for bread! Oftentimes, thawed bread can become mushy due to their high moisture content. Air fryers circumvent this issue by virtue of the way they work – this is unparalleled by ovens and toasters.

Freshly made French toast sticks covered in powdered sugar and berries

What To Know Before Making Toast Sticks In The Air Fryer

Before making a batch of French toast sticks, you should see how long they need to be cooked, as well as the best temperature. This way, you can adjust these guidelines to best fit your particular preferences.

In addition to this, you can align these guidelines with the expectations you have of your air fryer – if it tends to run hot, lower the recommended temperature a little, and vice versa.

How Long To Cook French Toast Sticks In Air Fryer

Frying FRESH – i.e, unfrozen – French toast sticks is an incredibly quick process. Generally, you want to avoid frying them for longer than a minute.

While this makes it a convenient cooking method, you have to be careful to not burn the toast. Make sure to keep an eye on the time and temp during this process.

How Long To Cook Frozen French Toast Sticks In Air Fryer

If you’re interested in the FROZEN french toast sticks in air fryer cook time, you’ll be glad to hear that they don’t take much longer.

On average, frozen French toast sticks will take 2-3 minutes to completely defrost and cook.

What Temperature To Cook French Toast Sticks In Air Fryer – Frozen Or Not

Both fresh and frozen french toast sticks need to be fried at 400℉. This temperature is optimal for the toast to cook until crispy.

How Do You Reheat French Toast In An Air Fryer?

Reheating French toast in the air fryer is even easier than the first time you fried ’em. Simply pop them into the air fryer for roughly thirty seconds at 400℉.

If you’re worried about burning them or if your air fryer runs hot, simply lower the temperature. Then, leave them in until you reach the crispiness desired!

How Do You Cook Frozen French Toast Sticks?

Prep Time:Cook Time:
7 mins2 – 3 mins
Total Time: 10 mins

It’s best to start this recipe off by teaching you how to make French toast sticks in the first place.

If you’ve already made them, skip ahead to ’How To Freeze Your French Toast Sticks’. However, if you haven’t made any but know how to, consider giving this recipe by Divas Can Cook a look!

I’ll be adding in some tips and tricks on how to prepare french toast specifically for freezing. Hopefully, this will make this recipe extra helpful for those looking to meal prep their breakfasts!

What You Will Need

Sliced bread, on the drier side preferably
2 eggs
A splash of milk
A splash of heavy cream
1 – 1 ½ teaspoons of vanilla extract
Coffee creamer to taste (optional)
Cinnamon to taste
A small bowl of white caster sugar
Butter for frying
A freezer
A good quality air fryer

How To Make French Toast Sticks For Freezing

  1. Start by taking the ingredients needed for the egg mixture (eggs, milk, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and/or coffee creamer). Add these ingredients together and whisk with a fork to combine thoroughly.
  2. Once your egg mixture is done, take your sliced bread and cut each slice lengthwise into three strips. Thick-cut dry bread is best for this. Regardless of cut, you definitely want to make sure the bread is at least a little dry. While this is already the best kind to use for French toast in general, it will also help out with the freezing process.
  3. After your bread sticks are prepared, start on the cinnamon sugar mix. This is definitely the easiest step – just mix a little cinnamon (or a lot) into your sugar bowl! Then, add the mix to either a larger bowl or a Tupperware large enough for all of your French toast sticks to fit into later.
  4. Next, soak each side of one of your bread sticks in the egg mixture. This should take around about seven seconds in total – don’t submerge your bread too long or it’ll get mushy and fall apart. Make sure to let the excess egg drip off for a second or two – especially if you plan on freezing the sticks. Place the stick into a baking pan and repeat with the rest of your bread sticks.
  5. To fry your sticks, add some butter to your favorite cast iron skillet or non-stick frying pan and place in the sticks once melted. Work in batches if necessary. Then, simply turn the heat to low and let the French toast sticks cook until golden. Then, flip and repeat.
  6. Immediately after cooking, make sure to place your sticks into the sugar mix. This will ensure that it sticks better to the toast sticks. After this, your sticks are done! At this point, you can either eat them or leave them to dry out/cool for freezing.
Frozen French Toast Sticks In Air Fryer – Meal Prep Recipe And Instructions

How To Freeze Your French Toast Sticks:

When freezing any foods, it’s important to regulate the amount of moisture within. As said by Andrew Rea (more popularly known as Binging With Babish) in this Basics With Babish episode, ’moisture is the enemy of the freezer’.

This is why it’s imperative to take preventative measures in order to ensure the best possible freezing for your toast sticks – and is also why the best method of heating them is in the air fryer.

Provided you’ve taken the steps needed to keep your toast sticks from turning soggy, follow this guide and your toast sticks should turn out wonderfully!

  1. As mentioned above, the first step to freezing fresh-made French toast sticks is leaving them to cool down for a while. This process will not only keep your sticks at the best temperature, but will also dry out the toast some more – which is vital to freezer foods. Leave your sticks spread out to dry on some baking paper, making sure not to overlay them.
  2. Once completely cooled and thoroughly dried (lightly dab any greasy sticks with a paper towel), put them in the freezer – baking tray n’ all. Just make sure your tray is lined with baking paper. This will allow your French toast to freeze completely without the risk of having them stick to one another.
  3. Once all of your French toast sticks are frozen, carefully peel them off of the baking paper and add them to a Ziploc bag. Once they’re all inside, immediately transfer the bag back to the freezer.
Frozen French Toast Sticks In Air Fryer – Meal Prep Recipe And Instructions

How To Cook Frozen French Toast Sticks In Air Fryer Method

  1. Whether they’re store-bought or homemade like the recipe above, the first step to cooking frozen French toast in the air fryer is to take the bag out of the freezer. French toast becomes more brittle when frozen, so be careful not to break any sticks. Once out of the freezer, take your preferred serving size of toast out of the bag.
  2. Place these sticks into the air fryer, being mindful not to overcrowd the basket. If your air fryer is too full, the food will impair the air from circulating around your fryer. This results in soggy, undercooked French toast sticks. After loading these sticks into the basket, cook them at 400°F for three minutes.
  3. When the three minutes are up, pull the basket out and give it a gentle shake. If this motion doesn’t cause your sticks to flip, simply flip them with a metal spatula. Cook them for another two minutes.
  4. After these two minutes are over, those toast sticks are, well, toast! Serve them with whatever you’d like – powdered sugar, maple syrup, honey, and berries are all popular choices. For the more adventurous, try sprinkling some chopped airfryer-dehydrated apples onto the slices and drizzling with honey!

The Future Of French Toast

Home-made or store-bought alike, French toast always makes for a wonderful, comfort-food based breakfast. It’s quick n’ easy, taking only ten minutes to whip up (cooking time included!) and is effortlessly meal-prep-able.

That’s what makes it the perfect meal to try out next time you have a lazy Sunday morning!


How long to put frozen French toast sticks in air fryer?

In total, it only takes around five minutes to cook French toast sticks from frozen in the air fryer – and it’s even quicker for toasting fresh sticks!

How long do you heat up French toast sticks?

While it varies a little between cooking methods, it’ll generally only take around five to seven minutes at 400°F (204°C). The larger the heating device, the longer it’ll generally take – for example, air fryers and toaster ovens are the quickest coming in at five minutes, whereas full-size ovens can take as long as seven minutes.

Can French toast be frozen?

French toast can absolutely be frozen. It can be a little tricky to freeze them without ending up with sad, soggy bread, but if you follow the steps in this guide you should be good! In essence, just try to keep your French toast sticks as dry as possible before freezing.

Can you fry frozen French toast sticks?

You can fry frozen French toast, but whether the method you’re using to do so is up for debate. Never deep-fry anything from frozen in hot oil, as it will spit and burn you. Pan-frying may also be a little inefficient as it causes your sticks to heat up unevenly, likely resulting in soggy toast. Your best bet is to either air fry them or use a convection oven as toasting in the toaster is also unlikely to work.

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