Does Cookie Dough Ice Cream Have Raw Eggs – Answered

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If you’ve ever wondered, “Does cookie dough ice cream have raw eggs?” you aren’t alone. Eating raw cookie dough has always gotten a bad rep, so why would eating it in ice cream be any different? That’s a good question! Though every cookie dough brand is different, I’ll do our best to explain why you sometimes find seemingly “regular” cookie dough in ice cream. 

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Does Cookie Dough Ice Cream Have Raw Eggs – Answered

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Let’s cut to the chase. A lot of cookie dough found in ice cream does, indeed, have raw egg.

If you check out the ingredients on the back of various cookie dough ice cream labels, you’ll often notice eggs listed as an ingredient within the dough.

Of course, if you don’t see eggs in the ingredients, it is safe to assume that no raw eggs are used in the ice cream.

But what about ice cream that does contain them? Is it still safe to eat?

Keep reading to find out!

does cookie dough ice cream have raw eggs

Despite cookie dough ice cream containing raw eggs, you can rest peacefully knowing that your scrumptious store-bought cookie dough ice cream won’t make you sick. 

The reason? Though the cookie dough in the ice cream may contain raw egg, the eggs that are used are pasteurized eggs.

How do we know? According to the USDA, any “egg product” (or egg that has been removed from its shell) must be pasteurized prior to being sold.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that your egg has undergone pasteurization before making its way into your beloved cookie dough.

You may not know this, but raw flour is often considered just as dangerous as raw eggs. Thus, you can expect the cookie dough in store-bought ice cream to have both heat-treated flour and pasteurized egg. These additions make the cookie dough safe to eat. 

Homemade cookie dough, on the other hand, usually does not contain heat-treated flour. It may also contain eggs that aren’t pasteurized. For this reason, consuming raw cookie dough is not recommended. 

Nevertheless, remember that it is totally possible to make edible cookie dough (such as edible cookie dough bites or even red velvet cookie dough) right from the comfort of your kitchen. These edible cookie dough recipes usually include heat-treated flour and the absence of egg. 


A fan favorite is the Bed & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. Did you know you can make it at home safely? Check out this video recipe:

Yes, cookie dough ice cream usually has raw egg unless the ingredients state otherwise. However, these “raw” eggs simply refer to the fact that they aren’t cooked. These eggs are indeed pasteurized, making them safe for human consumption.

I hope that helps! See you next time!


Can I eat cookie dough in ice cream while pregnant?

Yes! Store-bought cookie dough ice cream is a totally safe and crave-worthy option when you’re pregnant. Dig in!

Can toddlers eat cookie dough ice cream?

If the ice cream is store-bought then your little one should be fine to have a small bowl of cookie dough ice cream.

Is cookie dough in ice cream uncooked?

The cookie dough in ice cream isn’t usually cooked, but the flour used to make it is!

Is cookie dough ice cream healthy?

No. Cookie dough ice cream is packed with fat, sugar, and calories. It’s pretty darn delicious, though!

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