Does Boba Tea Have Caffeine Content (ANSWERED)

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Whether you’re looking for a caffeine boost or are doing your best to watch your caffeine intake, you may be wondering, “Does boba tea have caffeine?” The answer? It depends. Because boba tea is often made with a variety of different teas and flavors, it can be hard to give a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Nevertheless, we’ve gone through the effort of finding out how much caffeine you can expect in most bubble tea flavors so you don’t have to. So, are you ready to learn all there is to know about the caffeine content in bubble teas?

Does Boba Tea Have Caffeine Content (answered)

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What Is Boba Tea?

Before we get started, let’s back up and talk a little about what “boba” tea is in the first place. “Bubble tea”, also called boba tea, originated in Taiwan. It was traditionally non-caffeinated and made from herbal tea, milk, sweetener, and those infamous tapioca pearls that famously stud every boba tea drink.

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Despite its current popularity, Boba tea actually originated around 1980. As Taiwanese immigrants migrated to the U.S., this drink was introduced in the west and made popular. Since then word of bubble tea spread throughout many countries, especially those which included a higher Asian population.

Today, bubble tea is enjoyed in many places around the world. There are even several boba shops dedicated exclusively to the selling of these special drinks. This makes it easy to enjoy bubble tea at any time!

Despite these fun facts about bubble tea, you may still be wondering, “Does boba tea have caffeine?” Keep reading for the detailed answer!

Is There Caffeine in Boba Drinks?

No, there is not caffeine in all boba teas.

When asking questions like does boba tea have caffeine, it is important to understand how the caffeine ends up in bubble tea in the first place. In most cases, bubble tea will have caffeine as a result of the herbal teas, tea bag, or tea leaves used within them.

As you may already know, some teas have a high caffeine content while others don’t contain caffeine at all. And because bubble tea can be made with varying tea types, it is hard to definitively say how much caffeine each boba tea will have. Instead, it’s best to ask about the tea type before you start drinking bubble tea, while keeping in mind which of these teas have the highest amounts of caffeine.

As mentioned, it is important to note that how much caffeine you’ll find in bubble tea will depend on the type of tea it is made with.

The following are the most popular types of teas used in bubble tea along with their caffeine content:

  • Green tea: Green tea or matcha are popular additions to bubble tea drinks. Though both green tea and matcha contain caffeine, you can expect matcha to contain even more. Green tea contains around 28mg of caffeine per cup. Conversely, matcha caffeine levels can be as high as 70mg.
  • Oolong tea: Oolong is often used in boba oolong milk tea. This type of tea contains about 30-50 mg of caffeine (sometimes even more!)
  • Black tea: Strong and (usually) fairly high in caffeine content, black tea is one of the more common tea types you’ll find in boba. Black tea usually has about 47mg of caffeine per cup. Strong Assam black tea has an even higher caffeine level between 60-112 mg.
  • Jasmine tea: Jasmine tea is a common tea used in bubble teas made with taro. Jasmine tea typically contains around 15-60mg of caffeine. 

Is There Boba Tea Without Caffeine?

Yes, there are types of boba tea that don’t have any caffeine. The most popular type is taro tea, whose flavor is made up predominately of taro root and (sometimes) jasmine tea. 

Though jasmine tea normally contains caffeine, some types of taro tea contain none. If no jasmine tea is present in the taro boba milk tea, then it may be a viable option for those wishing to avoid caffeine. Thus, a taro bubble tea without jasmine tea in it won’t have you feeling anxious and jittery the way that some of types of boba tea might.

In addition to taro tea comes caffeine free brown sugar milk, strawberry milk, chocolate milk tea, honeydew tea, and others. These caffeine free flavors aren’t only suitable for adults, but they are often great for kids as well.

For even more information about these caffeine free drinks, be sure to stay with us. We’ll be giving you more details on each later on in the post!

Does Boba Tea Keep You Awake?

It can. This is especially true if you opt to drink boba with black or green tea. This is why the question, “Does boba tea have caffeine?” is so important!

Knowing how much caffeine is in your tea can help you decide the appropriate times to consume the drink. 

Does Boba Tea Have Caffeine Conten

How Much Caffeine Is in Boba Tea?

Remember that when it comes to how much caffeine is in different types of boba tea, it is important to understand that there is no clear-cut answer. How much caffeine is in bubble tea will depend on the type of tea used.

As you can see from the information we’ve provided above, different types of tea offer different amounts of caffeine. As a result, the question of, “Does boba tea have caffeine?” will simply depend on what kind of tea is used.

Thus, no matter your preferred caffeine intake, it’s likely you can easily find the bubble tea that’s best for you.

Does Boba Fruit Tea Have Caffeine?

Yes and no. Fruit teas will typically only have caffeine if they are bolstered by teas that have caffeine in them. Thus, whether or not a fruit tea will have caffeine will depend on the type.

Oftentimes, you’ll find fruit teas that are marketed for children at your local bubble tea shop. In this case, it is very likely that the sweet tea you see here is indeed non-caffeinated. While regular milk tea that you’d find on a traditional menu may have caffeine or may not, a kid’s version of these drinks is likely to have none at all.

Having said this, there are many types of bubble tea that you may find feature fresh fruit and a variety of types of normal tea. These drinks may be combined with fruit juices, chewy tapioca balls, and possibly, black, green or white tea (or other teas) mixed with milk. How much caffeine is in your drink, therefore, will depend on what tea, if any, the crafter chooses to place in the drink.

Does Fruit Bubble Tea Have Caffeine?

Remember that whether or not a fruit bubble tea will contain caffeine will depend on the ingredients used. In many cases, fruit tea either won’t contain caffeine at all, or each will contain caffeine in accordance to the type of tea used in the drink.

Your best bet? Simply ask the person serving you the tea what’s in it. You should be able to tell by the ingredients whether or not the tea will have a high caffeine content.

Remember that if you’re caffeine sensitive that bubble tea made from black, green tea, or other teas may contain too much caffeine. Instead, opt for bubble teas made either from caffeine free tea (decaf) or made with no tea at all. These will be the best picks for you.

Does Strawberry Milk Tea Have Caffeine?

Strawberry milk tea can sometimes contain caffeine. It really just depends on what makes up the drink. In some cases, strawberry milk tea can be found on a kid’s menu. In this event, it is unlikely that the milk tea will have caffeine.

Having said that, there are some types of strawberry milk teas that are formulated with black teas, white teas, or other types of tea. In this scenario, you should know that your boba tea will contain caffeine ranging from much to only a little. Thus, you can expect your strawberry milk ta to have anywhere from 0mg to 50mg or more, depending on how it was made.

Does Mango Bubble Tea Have Caffeine?

Boba lovers know that mango bubble tea is a flavorful and delicious drink worth trying, but may wonder if it contains caffeine. Much like other fruit teas, the caffeine content in mango milk tea will vary. As previously mentioned, if this is a drink you’re seeing advertised to kiddos, then chances are it has no caffeine.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of mango tea made from jasmine tea or other teas along with boba pearls, milk, and sugar. In these instances, you may notice your bubble tea has caffeine, albeit usually only a little.

Does Boba Tea Have Caffeine Content (answered)

Does Bubble Tea of Other Types Have Caffeine?

In addition to well-known fruit bubble teas come other types of bubble tea. Do they have caffeine? Join us as we explore each to find out!

Thai Milk Tea Caffeine?

Yes, Thai milk tea may very well have caffeine. This is often because Thai tea contains “regular tea” (often black or green) along with milk, chewy tapioca pearls, and sweetener. The result is a milky yet slightly caffeine-rich drink you can enjoy for a mid-morning boost.

Still, you should note that a regular cup of boba Thai tea may not have as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Instead, these usually have about half the amount of caffeine. Ultimately, how much caffeine you’ll consume will depend on the amount of it you drink.

Does Brown Sugar Milk Tea Have Caffeine?

Also referred to as “tiger tea“, brown sugar milk tea does not usually have caffeine in it. It is usually comprised of brown sugar, milk, and tapioca starch in the form of balls. Most teas made this way won’t contain caffeine.

However, as you know by now, it really depends on who makes it. Some brown sugar milk teas will have black tea in them, though this isn’t common. If you really love boba and want to make it at home, you can honestly add whatever you like to the drink. Thus, if you decide to add black tea or other teas to the drink, know that this will increase the mg of caffeine you can expect to have in it.

Does Green Tea Boba Have Caffeine?

Yes, green boba tea likely has caffeine, however, when compared to an iced coffee the same size, it isn’t likely to be much. Know also that green boba tea that contains matcha may contain a higher amount of caffeine than your average green tea. This is typical but important to note if you’re trying to limit your caffeine intake.

Regular green boba tea can range from 20-30mg of caffeine.

Does Black Tea Boba Have Caffeine

Yes, black tea boba is likely to contain caffeine. And though the caffeine count isn’t likely to be as high as coffee, know that it can still pack quite a punch. Just how much caffeine is in the tea will fluctuate, but generally, you can expect black boba tea to have anywhere between 4-50mg of caffeine.

Does Taro Boba Tea Have Caffeine?

Taro boba tea usually either contains no caffeine, a little, or a moderate amount. Some types of taro tea aren’t made with any tea at all. But this doesn’t mean the drinks never have caffeine in them. Once added to jasmine tea (the most popular), black, or green tea, you can bet that your taro bubble tea will have caffeine in it.

Do All Bubble Tea Contain Caffeine?

No, all bubble teas do not contain caffeine. However, most of them do. The amount of caffeine in each drink fluctuates with the type of tea used. That is, if there is any tea in the drink at all!

Which Boba Teas Have the Most Caffeine?

Boba teas with the most caffeine will be those crafted with black tea. This is especially true of bubble teas crafted with Assam tea, noted for its very high caffeine levels.

Which Type of Bubble Tea Has the Most Caffeine?

The type of bubble tea with the most caffeine would be any bubble tea made with black tea. Thus, if you’re looking for an energy boost in the morning, these will be your best picks!

What Affects the Caffeine Content in Boba Tea?

What affects the caffeine content of bubble tea the most is the type of tea used. Some teas naturally contain no caffeine, while others hover at low or moderate amounts. How much caffeine your boba tea has will largely depend on the type of tea used in the drink.

Does Steeping Increase the Level of Caffeine in Bubble Tea?

Yes, steeping tea will usually increase caffeine levels. In general, the longer you steep a tea, the more caffeine will end up in the brew.

Does Boba Tea Have Caffeine Content

What Other Types of Bubble Tea Have No Caffeine?

Bubble tea is highly customizable, especially when it comes to fruit or vegetable (taro) teas. Try asking your local boba shops for recommendations on which of their teas contain caffeine. You can also ask them to make your bubble tea without tea for a delicious caffeine free drink.

Which Milk Tea Has No Caffeine?

Your best bet is usually to go with tiger milk tea (aka brown sugar boba drink) if you are looking to nix caffeine.

Caffeine in Milk Tea vs Coffee

Remember that the caffeine in milk tea isn’t usually as high as in a coffee drink of the same size. Your average milk tea will contain 50mg tops in a regular cup. Meanwhile, coffee will contain 95 mg minimum in a cup of the same size.

Here’s our post comparing tea vs coffee acidity, if you’re curious! As well as a coffee and tea recipe.

Does Boba Milk Tea Have More Caffeine Than Coffee?

No. Assuming the two are the same cup size, you can expect coffee to have much more caffeine than your standard boba milk tea.

Does Boba Tea Have Caffeine Content (answered)

Is Boba Tea High in Caffeine?

Boba tea can have a moderate amount of caffeine. Some types of boba tea, such as brown sugar milk tea, may have no caffeine at all.

How Much Caffeine Does Boba Tea Have?

Boba tea can contain anywhere from as little as 0mg of caffeine to as high as 50mg or more.

Does Boba Tea Have Caffeine? In Most Cases, Yes!

You can expect your boba tea to have caffeine most of the time. However, there are plenty of boba shop that carry non-caffeinated options as well. If you’re looking to avoid caffeine, you may wish to veer toward boba drinks marketed to kids. Or you may simply ask for a brown sugar milk tea or any boba tea advertised as not having caffeine.

We hope this answers the question, “Does boba tea have caffeine?” Catch you next time!


Does boba have caffeine?

No, boba pearls do not contain caffeine!

Does all boba tea have caffeine?

No, but many of them do. To know for sure, ask the one crafting your boba what type of tea was used to make the drink (if any). Using the guidelines we’ve provided above, this should give you an idea of how much caffeine you can expect from your boba tea.

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