Corn Flour Substitute – The Best Corn Flour Alternatives and How to Use Them

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Corn flour is one of the best flours out there that does not include gluten and is a great ingredient to use in many recipes. Corn flour can be used in many savory dishes, especially when coating meats and fishes to make batter and fry. Finding good corn flour substitutes can be tricky but can be done! When finding the perfect substitutes for corn flour there are many things you have to consider. You have to consider if you still want to make the recipes gluten free. When substituting corn flour you also have to look for an ingredient that has the same thickness and power form to be able to replace corn flour.

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In this article we look at some common corn flour substitutes and how you can use those corn flour substitutes.

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Can I Substitute All Purpose Flour For Corn Flour?

All purpose flour is a great substitute for corn flour in many ways. It can be used in a lot of recipes and provide the same qualities corn flour.

All purpose flour has the same texture and thickness as corn flour and therefore can slot into corn flour recipes nicely. The biggest downfalls when using all purpose flour instead of corn flour is that APF will make your cakes and bakes rise. Corn flour will not affect your recipe in that way. Corn flour is also one of the best flour options that contain no gluten. It’s safe for people who have gluten intolerances and allergies.

If you are going to replace corn flour with all purpose flour, the tricky part is getting the proportions right. Both flour measure to different weights. Therefore you will need more all purpose flour than you would need corn flour. For every cup of corn flour that is needed in your recipe, you should add 2 cups of all purpose flour to match the amount. This is because corn flour needs less flour to create the thickness it can create in recipes. But all purpose flour will need more to match this thickness.

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Can I Use Plain Flour Instead Of Cornflour For Frying?

The main difference between plain flour and corn flour is what ingredients they are made from. Plain flour is made from grains of wheat. Corn flour comes from corn and does not contain any gluten.

Plain flour is a great substitute for corn flour for any type of frying recipe. Plain flour can add a great taste to the food if it is coating while frying.

If you decide to use plain flour, this may be your best bet when looking for a good substitute. Regular flour has a very similar consistency and texture when compared to corn flour. Plain flour can also be used as a thickening agent. It will make whatever type of food it is coating have quite a crunchy outer layer once it has been fried.

Is Corn Flour A Substitute For Cornstarch?

Many people believe that corn flour and cornstarch are the same ingredient, which is false. Although, you are not far off if you think this.

Corn flour and cornstarch are very similar and come from the same plant, which is corn. Just because corn flour and cornstarch are very similar does not mean that corn flour is a good substitute for a recipe that requires cornstarch.

In fact, cornstarch can actually work as a better substitute for corn flour recipes than corn flour can work as a substitute for cornstarch. This is because cornstarch has the same consistency and can work better in baked goods.

Can I Use Baking Powder Instead Of Cornflour?

If you replace corn flour with baking powder when baking you may not have the best results. Therefore it is best not to replace corn flour with baking powder in cakes or biscuits.

Baking powder is a chemical leavening agent which is a mixture of acid and bicarbonate. It does not provide a powerful taste to food but allows the food to rise quickly.

The way baking powder makes your food rise is by a chemical reaction. This happens when the baking powder is mixed with a liquid. Even though baking powder does not provide a powerful flavor to your food, it will still change the overall taste if you use it to replace corn flour.

Can You Use Plain Flour Instead Of Cornflour To Coat Chicken?

The quick answer to this question is yes. It’s possible to use plain flour instead of corn flour to coat chicken for frying.

If you would like to replace your corn flour and find a flour substitute to coat your chicken in, it is best to choose all purpose flour. All purpose flour can add more flavor to the food you are frying. It also adds a nice golden brown color to your coated chicken.

Plain flour still works very well for replacing corn flour when you want to fry the ingredients in your dish. Regular flour can provide the same thickness as corn flour. This thickness will leave a bulky and crispy outer layer.

If you do want to substitute corn flour for plain four when frying food it is best to match the amounts equally. Therefore, if the original corn flour recipe states that you will need 1 cup of corn flour, replace this 1 cup of corn flour with 1 cup of plain flour. If you follow this method the results should be pretty good.

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Corn Flour Substitute FAQs

Is Corn Flour Similar To Plain Flour?

Corn flour is very different to plain flour. It does not have any gluten in it, making it a suitable option as a substitute for plain flour for people who suffer with gluten intolerances or allergies. Corn flour will also not rise like plain flour. Your bakes will not rise and aesthetically look the same compared to if you have used plain flour.

What Is The Difference Between Corn Flour And Cornstarch?

Corn flour and cornstarch are very similar ingredients. They both come from the same source, which is corn. Both powders have been finely grounded. Both corn flour and cornstarch are used to thicken sauces.
The main difference is that corn flour is made from the whole kernel of the corn. On the other hand, cornstarch is made from only the ground endosperm.
If you need to replace corn flour with cornstarch in a recipe, you may not know the difference when looking at the end result.

Which Is Better Corn Flour Or Wheat Flour?

Knowing which flour out of corn flour and wheat flour is a tricky one. Comparing the two really depends on what you are aiming to use them for.
For baking, we would recommend using wheat flour. It will work better with your recipes. Although, corn flour is the better option when cooking. It contains higher amounts of fats when compared to wheat flour. If you are considering the health benefits of each flour, wheat flour is better than corn flour. Wheat flour has a larger protein content. It also has a higher fiber and vitamin content compared to corn flour.
Wheat flour is the superior flour to use between the two flours for health reasons.

Is Corn Flour Good For Frying?

If you’d like to use corn flour to coat your meat or veggies to fry them, your results should be pretty good! Although, using just corn flour can leave your fried chicken or veggies a little dry.
It may be best to mix half of your corn flour with half of all purpose flour to make your batter. This mixture is perfect for deep frying as it will leave the exterior crunchy. Using corn flour when frying will help add a golden brown color to the food. 

Finding The Perfect Substitute For Corn Flour Can Be Tricky!

It is not as easy as it looks to try and replace corn flour for any other type of flour in a recipe. There are a lot of different things to consider when you are substituting corn flour.

If you would like to make your recipe gluten free then cornstarch may be the best substitute for corn flour. If you do not mind including gluten in your recipe and want to make sure that the thickness of your flour matches corn flour as close as possible, then all purpose flour will be the best bet. Plain flour can also be a great substitute for corn flour if you want to fry your dish; plain flour can provide a nice golden but thicker layer to the food.

What do you use to substitute corn flour? What do you consider to be the best corn flour substitute?

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