Cereal With Water Instead Of Milk? – Definitive Answer To the Conundrum

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Much like marmite, or equivalently controversial food items, there will be a clear divide on how people feel about this.

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Half of the population will look in disgust as this question is asked while the other half will either agree or at least understand why the question is needed.

Water can be used as a substitute for milk in a lot of ways. One of the main ways is water being used instead of milk when a protein shake or something similar is being made.

But using water instead of milk for cereal? Surely that’s barbaric, right? Well, surprisingly no. There is no reason you can or can’t use either of these liquids with cereal, it is completely up to you.

Cereal With Water Instead Of Milk? – Definitive Answer To the Conundrum_cooks dream

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What sparked the question?

Funnily enough, this question was seldom asked until a Reddit user posted it on a subreddit dedicated to unpopular or slightly controversial opinions.

For those not in the know, Reddit is a social media platform that consists of more blog-like interactions. Subreddits are technically groups that anyone can join, unless they’re private, and join in the conversation.

Some subreddits are very niche and allow for fans to discuss their favorite actor’s newest films while others such as r/unpopularopinions allow the Reddit users to debate, discuss and judge other user’s unpopular opinions.

After this brave user posted his unpopular opinion, the whole website was in an uproar for a while arguing against why he was wrong and should never go within a mile of a kitchen again.

However, slowly a loyal and devoted army of supporters came to his aid argued that it was not actually as bad as it sounded.

Can you use water instead of milk for cereal?

Absolutely. The main reason for using milk is because it is a liquid that makes the texture of cereal a lot more favorable and allows a consumer to eat a bowlful a lot easier than if it was dry.

The added benefit of milk is that it is a dairy product that has protein and fat in it, making your breakfast (or 3 am cereal, we do not judge) a lot more nutritional.

Despite this, there is no reason not to use water instead. If your cereal is nutritious enough to not need the added protein and fat from the milk, then there really is no reason for you not to do it.

If you prefer your cereal to be wet over dry then water may actually prove beneficial as it seeps into the cereal quicker, making it so that you wait less time for the cereal to become soggy.

Should you use water instead of milk for cereal?

This is altogether a completely different question. We have established that technically you can make the switch, but for whether you should or not, who knows.

As discussed, if you do not need extra protein or fat, or you’re on a special diet, then water is completely fine to use with cereal. However, the flavor will be a bit flat if the cereal is tailored towards the milk being used.

By this, I mean that if the flavor is something that pairs will milk such as caramel, chocolate, or vanilla then water will make it taste a lot worse.

However, on the other hand, any fruity flavors will taste very nice with water and will be more refreshing. So it is up to you if you want to use milk for some cereals and water for other ones.

Cereal With Water Instead Of Milk? – Definitive Answer To the Conundrum_cooks dream

Other alternatives

If you want to use something other than dairy milk, there are a lot of alternatives besides water. For starters, the demand for different types of milk is growing every day.

  • Soy
  • Pea
  • Coconut
  • Oat
  • Almond
  • Cashew
  • Peanut
  • Flax

If you have a dietary issue or just do not like standard milk then you do not have to choose water.

Cereal first or second?

The same Reddit user that started this whole conversation also casually mentioned another culinary rule that they disobey. They mentioned that not only do they use water with cereal, but they put the water in the bowl first. As outrageous as it sounds, is there even a reason? Most likely not, just a touch of culinary anarchy to chow down on while eating his breakfast.

Similar to a salad and salad dressing, it makes complete logical sense to have the solids down first and then their liquid counterpart.

This way, you can see how much milk to cereal there is and you can trust that all of the cereal has been exposed to the milk. Whereas pouring the milk first, the cereal would just float on top of it.

FAQs on Eating Cereal

Does cereal with water taste good?

Sometimes. It all depends on the cereal. Flavors such as caramel, chocolate, and vanilla pair well with milk however fruitier flavors pair better with water.

What can I use for cereal if I don’t have milk?

If you have no milk then the next best thing would be milk alternatives such as almond or soya milk. However, in a pinch, water will help you consume your cereal, although it won’t improve the flavor by any means.

What liquid goes good with cereal?

Milk undoubtedly goes the best with cereal due to its extra fat and protein and all-around thick flavor.

Is it OK to eat dry cereal?

Of course. Cereal can be eaten dry like a snack although it can dry your mouth out which is why people usually eat it with milk.

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