15 Canola Oil Substitutes in Baking

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In this post, we’ve set out to get you the details on some of the best substitutes for canola oil out there. Most are perfect for searing, frying, and sauteing purposes, as well as baking. Those that aren’t great canola oil alternatives are noted as well, in order to give you the best idea of how to use each replacement and how they might stack up against the real thing.

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So, if you’re ready, let’s dig into learning more about canola oil substitutes and their use in cooking, baking, and sauteing.

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What Can I Use If I Don’t Have Canola Oil?

When it comes to substitutions for canola oil in baking, frying, and sauteing, know that finding the right alternative isn’t very hard. Actually, canola oil substitutes are abound in supermarkets and shopping aisles, and you likely already have a substitute or two stashed away in your cupboard or fridge.

There are several canola oil substitutes you can use, and I’m sure you’ve got one (or two or three) already stashed in your pantry.

The following are some of the best canola oil substitutes out there we could find for when you find yourself running low on this neutral tasting yet versatile oil.

Substitute DifferencesGood forRatio (Canola oil : Substitute)
Avocado oil– slightly, subtly nuttier than Canola oil
– similar smoke points
baking, frying, searing1 cup : 1 cup
(Refined) Coconut oil– more buttery than Canola oil
– coconut flavor might not go with every dish
– higher in saturated fats
– similar smoke points
baking, pan frying1 cup : adjust to taste
Vegetable oil– both neutral in taste
– both have high smoke points
baking, frying, sautéing1 cup : 1 cup
Grapeseed oil– light taste like Canola
– not as commonly used
– both have high smoke point
– high in polyunsaturated fats
baking, sautéing, roasting, deep frying, grilling1 cup : 1 cup
Peanut oil– stronger flavor
– more expensive than Canola
– not for those with a peanut allergy
– cholesterol-free
baking, deep frying1 cup : adjust to taste
Soybean oil– both are neutral flavored
– both have a high smoke point
baking, frying, sautéing, deep frying, grilling1 cup : 1 cup
(High oleic) Safflower oil– mild flavor
– healthier than Canola oil
– both have high smoke points
– higher in monosaturated fats
baking, frying, sautéing, deep frying, grilling1 cup: 1 cup
(Refined) Sunflower oil– similar flavor profile
baking, frying, sautéing, roasting1 cup: 1 cup
Corn oil– both neutral flavored
– similar cooking properties
baking, deep frying, roasting1 cup : 1 cup
Almond oil– nutty and slightly sweet, may not be best for all recipes
– lower smoke point, not for frying
– good for salad dressing/finishing oil substitute
baking1 cup : 1 cup
Cottonseed oil– nutty flavor
– high smoke point
baking, frying, deep frying, pan searing, grilling1 cup : 1 cup
Clarified butter/Ghee– richer and more buttery and nutty
– best for Indian dishes
– lower smoke point
– needs to be melted before use
baking, deep frying, stir frying1 cup : 1 cup
Rapeseed oil– UK term for Canola oileverything Canola oil is used for1 cup : 1 cup
Extra virgin olive oil– not as neutral in flavor (mild and fruity or peppery and robust)
– best for Mediterranean or Italian dishes
– not good for deep frying due to lower smoke point
– high in monosaturated fats and antioxidants
baking, frying1 cup : 1 cup
Sour cream– for adding moisture, a tangy flavor, and creaminessbaking1 cup : 2/3 cup

1. Avocado oil

If you’re looking for a substitute for canola oil in baking (or even savory stove-top recipes), look no further than avocado oil.

Avocado oil has a neutral flavor, which makes it perfect for when you want to replace canola oil in baked goods like cupcakes and cakes.

It also has a high smoke point (up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit), making it perfect for frying and searing.

Avocado oil also boasts of several health benefits, so if you’re looking for a healthier option, try this!

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2. Coconut oil

Another really good canola oil substitute in baking includes coconut oil, especially for those recipes that might benefit from a buttery taste.

Yes, in case you aren’t aware, coconut oil naturally packs a neutral yet buttery taste that lends itself perfectly to many dishes.

It also has a fairly high smoke point, making it great for pan-frying foods.

In addition, coconut oil also has several health benefits. Although, those prone to heart disease or who have high cholesterol may wish to avoid this canola oil substitute, as it tends to be high in saturated fats.

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3. Vegetable oil(s)

There are several kinds of vegetable oils on the market. In this instance we are talking specifically about vegetable oils labeled as, well, vegetable oil.

Vegetable oil is hailed for its neutral flavor and high smoke point, making it the perfect replacement for canola oil when frying or baking.

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4. Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil may not be as commonly found in the household pantry as some of the other aforementioned oils, but it is just as effective as any other substitutes for canola oil.

Grapeseed oil is derived from, you guessed it, grape seeds, and makes the perfect oil for cooking methods that involve high heat.

Grapeseed oil has a light taste, making it similar to canola oil.

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5. Peanut oil

Ever been to Five Guys? If so, you know that their burger establishment prides themselves on selling burgers and fries fried in peanut oil.

And while this substitute for canola oil may not be the best for those with peanut allergy, it is an awesome oil to use for deep frying and other high heat cooking methods. It’s also free from cholesterol which is an added heart-healthy bonus this oil boasts of.

Just know that peanut oil tends to be a little pricier than canola oil, so you may want to prepare for sticker shock before throwing a bottle of the oil in your cart.

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6. Soybean oil

Soybean oil is another one of those neutral flavored oils that work really well when looking for a good substitute for canola oil. You’ll often find this oil in a plethora of store bought condiments including salad dressing, and mayonnaise.

Its neutral flavor makes it perfect for use as a versatile cooking oil, and a good substitute for canola.

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7. Safflower oil

As you might assume, safflower oil comes from the safflower plant. It has a great mild flavor, along with the perfect healthy alternative to canola oil.

Safflower oil also boasts of a high smoke point, making it great for cooking at high temperatures, yielding a delicious taste in both cooked and baked goods.

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8. Sunflower oil

Like safflower oil, sunflower oil also has a mild taste and higher smoke point, making it a go-to when looking for a healthy substitute for canola oil.

You can use this substitution in a variety of cooking and baking applications, including frying, sautéing, roasting, and making salad dressings.

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9. Corn oil

If you’re looking to deep fry or bake foods with little to no impact on flavor, then corn oil may be a good pick. This solid choice for almost all cooking techniques is a good replacement for canola oil.

In most recipes, substituting corn oil for canola oil should work well without significant flavor or texture differences.

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10. Almond oil

Another great substitute for canola oil in baking recipes and other recipe types is almond oil. The refined version of this oil has a high smoke point, though the unrefined version doesn’t. Both have a light, nutty taste that would make a wonderful complement to a variety of recipe types.

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11. Cottonseed oil

High in vitamin E, cottonseed oil is a great oil with nutty flavor that makes a great substitute for canola oil in many cases. It, like so many others on the list, has a high smoke point, and therefore can withstand both deep frying and pan searing.

Just know that because this oil does have a fairly noticeable nutty taste, it might have a slight impact on the food you’re cooking. But depending on the recipe, this nut-like nuance might just work to your favor!

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12. Clarified butter

If you’re surprised to see “butter” on this list for canola oil substitutes, don’t be.

There’s a difference between melted butter and clarified butter, with clarified butter having a higher smoke point than the former. In fact, clarified butter can be heated up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit without suffering breakdown or emitting that awful burned taste and smell.

This makes it an ideal (and tasty) canola oil substitute for baking recipes and also for sauteing dishes at high heat.

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13. Rapeseed oil

Got “rapeseed oil” on hand? Know that it’s the same product as canola oil.

Therefore, if you have this oil in your cupboard you can use it freely the same way you would canola oil. How cool is that?

14. Extra virgin olive oil

No, olive oil doesn’t have a great reputation for high heat cooking, but extra virgin olive oil might.

Use extra virgin olive oil for robust flavor in a variety of dishes. Also, you should take note that light olive oil has an even higher smoke point, so it too can be used as a great substitute for both baking and frying in lieu of canola oil.

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15. Sour cream (for baking only)

Did you know that some forms of dairy can work as a canola oil substitute?

It’s true.

If you aren’t wanting to cook with other oils and you’re looking for a neutral taste, then baking with sour cream might just be the winner for you.

Just know that this substitute won’t work as the best canola oil substitute in every instance, especially when sauteing and frying. Rather, you’ll want to use this good substitute for oil in baking as it is then that it will yield the best results.

Why Substitute Canola Oil?

Here are some reasons why someone might want to swap out canola oil for any one of the substitutes in this post:

  • You might find yourself running out of canola oil.
  • Some people may have dietary preferences or health concerns that lead them to choose alternative oils. For example, those following a paleo diet may prefer oils like coconut or avocado oil.
  • Though not common, some people may have allergies or sensitivities to canola oil.
  • Some individuals choose to avoid canola oil due to concerns about its production practices or environmental impact. They may opt for oils produced through more sustainable or eco-friendly methods.

Canola Oil Substitute? There’s Plenty to Choose From!

Whether you’re looking for substitutions for canola oil in baking or want to use a substitute for frying and sauteing purposes, this list has the details you need to make the right selection depending on your needs.

Remember that not all oils are created equal. Some won’t have the same smoke point as others leading to unwanted burns. Some have different flavors that can affect your recipe.

Until next time!


Can you substitute canola oil for another oil?

Yes, in most cases you can. Because canola oil has a high smoke point, it can be used as a replacement for nearly any other oil without consequence.

What is the UK equivalent of canola oil?

In the UK, canola oil is sometimes referred to as “rapeseed oil”. It is actually the same product as canola oil. Who knew!

Can I substitute canola oil for olive oil?

Canola oil can be substituted for olive oil but, depending on its application, know that it might not reap the same health benefits that extra virgin olive oil would, especially at high temperatures.

Is canola oil healthy?

Canola oil might not be as healthy as extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil, but it is healthier than other oil alternatives out there due to its lower saturated fat content.

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