Can You Put Sea Moss Gel In Hot Tea?

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Sea moss gel might be something you have heard about or you might be completely unaware of what it is. Many of the questions you may have will be answered below. And we will be discussing whether or not you can put sea moss gel in hot tea in order to take advantage of the various health benefits of sea moss. Without having to eat raw fresh sea moss. While you could also just snack on dried sea moss, wouldn’t it be nicer to make a sea moss beverage?

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What Is Sea Moss Gel?

Sea moss (Chondrus crispus) is an ever increasingly popular superfood. It’s has started to become a lot more prominent in the general market thanks to social media platforms such as TikTok advocating for its benefits and use.

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Sea moss gel is one of the many different forms that sea moss can be turned into for personal consumption.

Like all superfoods that are great for consumption almost daily, people are always inquisitive enough to think of new and improved ways to consume the said item. The goal is always to either make the experience more efficient or more endurable. If a really healthy item tastes pretty bad, people will try and find a way to make it either taste better or lose all taste entirely.

Similarly to this, if a healthy food item is really beneficial but can be really inconvenient to have to cook and consume, people will always try to find an easier way to have it. This is proven by sea moss gel. Instead of eating raw sea moss or snacking on dried sea moss, people have made several sea moss forms such as a gel that can be added to drinks and recipes. This gives you all of the nutrients and potential health benefits of the food without the hassle.

Irish sea moss gel allows you to simply introduce some of the gel into a meal, recipe, or drink. It can be quite easy to make your own sea moss gel. Yet the steps can be quite complicated if you do not own the right equipment.

Thankfully buying sea moss gel is not so expensive.

Sea Moss Gel Uses

As mentioned, sea moss gel has a lot of uses other than just for exclusive use in a sea moss tea recipe. In fact, while it is great for liquid beverages. Sea moss gel can be used in other recipes such as those cakes and soups. Any recipe that has a liquid or will be heated is great for adding gel to it as it will either absolve, dissolve, or be melted into the food.

Oh, and sea moss coffee is also a thing!

Sea Moss Gel Benefits

The health benefits of sea moss gel are quite astounding and are also very impressive due to their variety. As long as it is real, genuine sea moss and not Wildcrafted sea moss, the health benefits will be insane.

The benefits I speak of are mostly either extra nutrition or effects that will help you feel in your prime for many years to come.

In sea moss, there is a large quantity of the compounds iodine and taurine. Iodine is great for helping you maintain a healthy thyroid. The reason this is so good is that while iodine is rich in seafood and dairy products – it is not something that everyone will find in their diet. Vegans, for example, eat neither dairy products nor fish so they might have a lower intake of iodine – making sea moss really good for them.

Taurine, found in sea moss, is brilliant for anyone that goes to the gym regularly or likes to work out. When people work out, they get tiny micro-tears in their muscles as working out is designed to do. The whole process behind getting stronger and building muscle is destroying the old muscle and repairing it even better and stronger the next time. Taurine is great for repairing the micro-tears in muscles which means sea moss is a great friend to have with you in the gym.

Other than the nutrients that are included in sea moss gel, there are some other health benefits that come along with the consumption of sea moss. Irish sea moss gel can help promote weight loss, help boost your immunity and immune system, and also help with supporting your gut health.

Can You Put Sea Moss Gel In Hot Tea?

How Is Sea Moss Gel Made?

Making sea moss gel is surprisingly easy and does not include too many steps. All you need is some freshly soaked sea moss, a blender, and a whole lot of water. Alongside the ingredients, you will also be best off having a mason jar or something similar as a container for the end product.

  1. The first step to making Irish sea moss gel is to soak the Irish moss in fresh spring water for 12-48 hours after it has been cleaned.
  2. Once the soaked sea moss is ready, place it into a strainer and roughly remove all of the excess water. You do not want to dry the sea moss, just drain the majority of the water. After this, place all of your sea moss in a blender and allow it to blend until it is a bit smooth.
  3. Finally, top of the sea moss with some fresh water and keep blending until it is completely smooth.
  4. Now all you need to do is pour your mixture into a jar and seal the lid. Let this sit in the fridge and you will eventually see it all start to coagulate and turn into a gel consistency.

Putting Sea Moss Gel In Tea

So to address the main question on everyone’s mind, can you put sea moss gel in tea? The answer to this is yes, absolutely.

Depending on the type of gel you buy, you can make Jamaican sea moss tea.

Drinking sea moss tea is a great way to ensure that you get all of the nutrients and health benefits in sea moss, without actually having to eat sea moss. Whether it is dried or raw. Sure, you can add sea moss to some meals and you can cook with sea moss powder. But using a gel to put it in tea is arguably the best option as it allows you to drink it almost unnoticeably.

A lot of health professionals will argue that you should not exceed 8 grams of sea moss per day as this is enough. The iodine in sea moss can be helpful for those who do not have it in their diet. But it can be a bit too much for other people who already have a stable supply of iodine in their diet from other foods, such as dairy and seafood.

As you only need 8 grams of sea moss a day, you could try and eat it all at once. Yet this could be unpleasant. This is why the sea moss tea is such a good idea.

Most people have several teas a day. You can split up your daily dosage of sea moss and put a tiny amount in each tea. This way, you are getting 100% of the health benefits and nutrients yet you will almost never notice a difference in texture or taste. That is almost certainly a win-win situation.

To top it all off, making sea moss tea is also really easy. Unless you are going for an Irish sea moss tea that uses the flavors of sea moss to create a unique drink, you can make any type of tea you want. It may be herbal or caffeinated, and add your gel to it.

Once the gel heats up enough in the tea (it is better to add the gel while the tea is still almost boiling hot) it will dissolve. You cannot even notice it was there in the first place.

How much sea moss you actually consume a day will depend on you and your dietary choices. Yet a lot of people say that 4-8 grams is ideal.

Should You Put Sea Moss Gel In Tea?

The question of whether you should add sea moss gel to tea will very much depend on your personal preference. Sea moss is not one of those ingredients vital to your survival and well-being. Yet it does add a nice touch of nutrients that you might sometimes be lacking.

If you hate everything about sea moss and you do not like it, then no. You should not add it to your tea. However, if you are wanting to try sea moss or are curious about what it feels like in tea then yes, I recommend it.

It is like taking supplement gummies, in a way,. They will not make you insanely healthier. But they do work in the background to keep you healthier than you were before.

FAQs On Sea Moss Gel Tea

Can sea moss be added to hot drinks?

Sea moss can be added to hot drinks! The two forms of sea moss are powdered and a gel that can easily be added to drinks. The powder will dissolve and be absorbed into the liquid quite easily and the gel will melt into the hot drink provided they are still hot. Fresh sea moss and dried sea moss as a lot more difficult to incorporate into a hot drink.

Can sea moss gel be heated?

Sea moss gel will melt when it is heated, which is what allows it to easily be combined into a tea. When introduced to a warm environment, the gel will start to melt into a liquid that will eventually mix with the liquid until it is fully incorporated and no longer possible to separate. This is what happens when you make sea moss tea as the gel will completely mix with the tea.

Is sea moss good to drink every day?

Sea moss is perfectly good to drink every day. It is sort of a middle ground as if you miss a day, nothing bad will happen. Yet, if you drink it every day nothing incredibly amazing will happen either. Health professionals recommend consuming around 4-8 grams of sea moss a day, whether it is fresh, dried, powdered, or gel.

Can you buy sea moss tea?

You can easily buy sea moss tea from specialized retailers online. However, this may not always be the smartest choice as a premade tea can be quite expensive due to packaging and delivery. A much more affordable solution is to buy some sea moss gel and add that to your hot drinks whenever you have them. It is best to take 4-8 grams a day and if you have multiple drinks a day that is hot then you can split them into portions so that you get all of the health benefits and none of the bad texture and taste.

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