Can You Put Glass in the Oven? – Oven Safety You Must Know

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If you’re wondering, if you can put glassware in your oven, you aren’t alone. Many people find glass safety confusing when it comes to the oven. And for good reason! Some types of glassware are better suited for oven use than others. In this post, we’ll help you determine which is which. Join us as we delve into today’s post.

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Can You Put Glass In The Oven?

Can You Put Any Type of Glass in the Oven?

No, you cannot put just any type of glass in the oven.

The only glassware that should make contact with your oven:

  1. Glassware marked as oven-safe.
  2. Glassware that is specifically designed for oven use.

Why is this important? Because though many types of glass are safe for use in both the oven and microwave, this is not true of every type of glass. In fact, some types of glass can be downright dangerous to place in the oven.

For example, thin types of glass designed for casual use would certainly break at certain oven temperatures, and thus, increase the risk of fire and potential injury.

Can You Put Tempered Glass in the Oven?

You may be able to put tempered glass in the oven – but not always.

Tempered glass is different from regular glass in that it is thicker, heavier, and more sturdy. It is specially designed so that most of the thickness and pressure rests in the center of the glass. This central pressure makes it so that the glass breaks into tiny pieces rather than shards when broken. This type of glass is safer to use in the oven, but that doesn’t mean it’s always oven safe.

To know for certain whether or not your tempered glass can be placed in the oven, we recommend you look over the glass or package to see if it is marked as oven safe.

Can You Put Glass In The Oven?

How Do I Know If My Glass Is Oven-Safe?

Want to know how to tell if glass is oven safe?

One surefire way to know is to look at the package label, the description of the product, or even the glass itself. When your glass is designed to go in the oven, it will usually say so on the underside.

In many cases, there will be an oven-safe glass symbol printed on the package or the underside of the glass. This symbol may appear as an oven with “waves” in it, or even as an oven with a bowl in it. Sometimes, this symbol will be accompanied by numbers indicating what temperature the glass is best utilized.

Therefore, as long as the symbol doesn’t have a giant “X” over it, the item is likely safe for oven use.

Note: If you are unsure if the product you are using is oven safe, see if you can locate the product online. Sometimes, the description of the online item will include whether or not it can be placed in the oven.

Oven Safe Glass

Remember, it is important not to assume that every type of glass can be placed in the oven. Glass that is thin, isn’t designed for kitchen use, or breaks easily is seldom a good candidate for oven use.

To be safe, we recommend only using glass in the oven that is clearly marked as oven-safe.

Note: Remember that glass bakeware often gets much hotter than metal. Therefore, you should be careful when attempting to remove glassware from the stove.

Can Glass Explode in the Oven?

Yes! Glass can explode in the oven under certain conditions. You must be very careful to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Can You Put Cold Glass in the Oven?

One scenario in which glass may explode in the oven is temperature change.

Placing a very cold glass in a very hot oven is always a no-no. Allow your oven-safe glass to come to room temperature before placing it in the oven.

Can You Put Glass in the Oven at 180?

Assuming your glass is deemed oven-safe, you shouldn’t have to worry about an explosion at 180 °F.

Can You Put Glass in the Oven at 350?

Most types of oven-safe glassware are safe at 350 °F. However, if your glassware states otherwise, be sure to follow those directions instead.

Can Glass Go in the Oven at 400?

Some types of glass can go in the oven at 400 °F, but it is usually around this temperature that you really want to check the label. At 400 °F and up, utilizing glass in an oven can get dangerous–even for glass that is specifically designed for oven use! Be sure to read over your glassware and its package thoroughly to ensure 400 °F won’t be too hot.

Can You Put Glass Pyrex in the Oven?

Can Pyrex go in the oven? Pyrex glass in oven is usually safe as it was designed for this very purpose. Still, modern-day Pyrex glassware has its limits in terms of heat.

Check your Pyrex package or underside to see how hot of an oven it can withstand. Despite its noteworthy name, Pyrex may shatter in certain scenarios.

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Glass in Oven: Types of Glassware

Remember that not every glass is oven safe. Some types of glass simply aren’t designed for oven use and can become a true hazard when utilized unsafely. Consider the following inquiries when considering what types of glass are suitable for the oven.

Can You Put a Glass Bowl in the Oven?

A glass bowl specifically labeled as being safe for oven use may be placed in an oven.

Can You Put a Glass Plate in the Oven?

Most glass plates aren’t designed for oven use. Unless your plate specifically states that it is oven-safe, we don’t recommend you try it.

Can You Put Glass Pyrex in the Oven?

Pyrex is almost always safe for the oven. However, you should take special note of the oven temperatures it can tolerate.

Can You Put a Glass Pan in the Oven?

There are many glass pans made specifically for oven use. These include traditional circular pie pans and other pan types. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or check the underside for details.

Can You Put a Glass Lid in the Oven?

Be careful here. Some glass lids are oven safe at low temperatures but some aren’t oven safe at all! If you aren’t sure, we recommend you skip placing a lid in the oven. If the lid isn’t oven-safe it may shatter, or the handles on the lid might melt in your oven and onto your food.

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Can You Put Glass Tupperware in the Oven?

Some types of tempered glass tupperware may be able to go in the oven. Consult the package or the underside of the glass for details.

Can You Put a Glass Mug in the Oven?

Glass mugs aren’t typically designed for the oven. Before you place one in there, be sure the glass is oven-safe.

Can You Put Glass Jars in the Oven?

Glass jars, such as mason jars, are typically NOT oven-safe.

Can You Put a Drinking Glass in the Oven?

Can you put a glass cup in the oven? The consensus is that drinking glasses tend to be thin and can break easily. Thus, we don’t recommend placing them in the oven. Even if your glass is thick and tempered, we still wouldn’t advise you to place one in the oven– that is, unless it is specifically marked as being oven-safe.

Can You Put a Glass Casserole Dish in the Oven?

Glass casserole dishes are usually oven safe. Still, you’ll need to note the temperature of your oven. Make sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for what temperature is safe for your glass bakeware.

Can You Put Glass In The Oven?

Putting Glass in the Oven May Be Safe…Sometimes!

Whether or not glass is safe in the oven really comes down to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Of course, most Pyrex and glass bakeware are fine for oven use, but even then, it is imperative that you only use these items at recommended oven temperatures.

Glassware that isn’t marked as oven-safe should never be placed in the oven. The glass may crack, shatter, or explode. This means that whatever was in your glassware will now end up all over your oven–and in your food.

Stay safe and only use the proper types of glassware in a hot oven.


Can I put a plate in the oven?

A plate marked as oven-safe can go in the oven. However, we don’t ever recommend you place a plate in the oven that isn’t designed for this use.

Can you put glass in the toaster oven? 

Be leery of placing glass of any type in a toaster oven. Only do this if you are certain that your glassware is toaster oven safe.

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