Can You Put Foil in a Crock Pot? Yes, BUT!

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Scrubbing food that has burned and crusted over in a crock pot is no one’s idea of a fun time. But can you put foil in a crock pot to prevent this from happening? The answer to this question is yes, but with a few reservations. Keep reading to find out what those reservations are and in what ways you can (safely) use foil in a crock pot.

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Is It Safe to Use Aluminum Foil in Crock Pot?

Aluminum foil is mostly safe for use in a crock pot.


The reason we hesitate to emphatically recommend foil for use in a crock pot is that there are certain risks involved when doing so. But don’t fret. We won’t leave you in the dark concerning these dangers.

The following are a few of our reservations for using foil in a crock pot on a frequent basis.

The Foil May End Up in Your Mouth

If you plan to use the foil to line the inside of your crock pot, you can. However, it is important to keep in mind how common it is to scrape or knick the bottom of a pot while scooping food.

This knicking can cause shards of aluminum to end up in the dish you are serving. Therefore, it’s possible that you, your family, or your guests could end up chewing tiny slivers of foil when eating a meal.

Appetizing right? We didn’t think so.

Aluminum Compounds May Enter Your Body

The second reason we cannot enthusiastically recommend foil for crock pot use is that foil tends to leach aluminum when heated. This leached aluminum will then enter food and end up in your body.

Having said that, studies show that the amount of aluminum that enters your body from foil is low and poses little to no risks to human health.

Still, because slow cookers stay heated for such a lengthy amount of time, it could be a riskier cooking method than other faster methods that also use foil.

Can You Put Foil in a Crock Pot?

It May Make Cleaning a Nightmare

Yep, you read that right.

Most people think that lining a crock pot with foil will help during the cleaning process. The truth is that things could actually get messier.

The reason for this is that foil often rips in certain parts and thereby can cause drippings and sauce to leak out and burn in the crock pot base. Foil may also buckle under pressure when you’re trying to lift messes out.

If this happens then there goes the drippings, gravy, fat, sauces, juices, and whatever else your crock pot held– all over your kitchen counter.

It May Not Be as Practical As Other Methods

Because of the aforementioned flaws of using foil, we recommend you check out other ways to line your crock pot. Especially if your focus is on keeping your crock pot clean. There are dozens of products on the market today aimed at making cooking in a crock pot less messy and more efficient. For example, crock pot liners are designed specifically for easier cleanup.

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Can You Line a Crock Pot With Foil?

Like with toasters, lining a crock pot with foil comes with risks. But aside from the aforementioned perils of using foil in a crock pot, you may also find using foil quite useful.

As mentioned before, one of the things many people do with foil is line the inside of the crock pot with it. Most people do this to prevent food from sticking to the inside of the pot. It also can help with even distribution of heat.

How Do You Line a Crock Pot With Foil?

To line a crock pot with foil, extract sheets of foil that are large enough to stretch from one end of the crock pot to the other. You’ll also need it to cover the sides. This may take several sheets of foil, but try to use as few as you can get away with to prevent too many gaps.

When determining how large to make your foil sheets, go for the length of your crock pot plus a few inches on either end. This will make it so that the foil is long enough, even after the foil is pressed down.

Once you’ve got your foil sheets roughly measured, push them down into the bottom of the pot and up along the sides. It may take about 2-4 large sheets of foil to line the inside of your crock pot, depending on your crock pot’s size.

Can I Wrap Meat in Foil in Slow Cooker?

Yes, you can wrap meat in foil in a slow cooker. Doing this prevents your food from drying out. It also keeps it warm and can produce a juicer and more tender result. It also allows you to cook more than one item at a time without worrying about flavors melding.

Can I Wrap Chicken in Foil in Slow Cooker?

Can you cook chicken in foil in a slow cooker? Yes! Actually, chicken is a great candidate for cooking in foil in a slow cooker. Simply rinse your chicken, pat it dry, season it, and wrap it in foil (seam-side up) before cooking it in the slow cooker for 8-10 hours. What could be easier than that?

Baked Ham in Foil Slow Cooker

Another great option is to cook ham in foil using a slow cooker. This yields tender and juicy results with minimal effort. This technique is perfect to use when entertaining a large crowd, especially on major holidays.

Can You Use Foil Instead of a Lid?

You can certainly consider covering cooker with foil when making large items. This helps not only to contain larger items in your slow cooker without the lid but also can prevent your glass lid from shattering due to thermal shock.

To achieve this, place several pieces of heavy-duty foil over your crock pot to cover it entirely. Then, push the foil down along the edges to seal. In this way, the foil will function as a lid to trap heat and seal in juices and flavor. Neat, right?

Can You Put Foil in a Crock Pot? Yes, As Long As…

Putting foil in a crock pot has many benefits as detailed in this post. However, though foil is generally regarded as safe, there are a few risks that come along with using it. As long as you are aware of the potential downfalls of using foil in your crock pot, you should be safe to give it a try. We hope this has helped!


Why do you put foil balls in a slow cooker? 

Some people make medium-sized foil balls and place them in the bottom of their slow cooker to elevate food off of the base of the crock pot. This helps achieve even cooking and prevents food items from sitting in liquid. 

Is foil safe for a crock pot?

You can put oil in a crock pot, however, you should know that foil leaches aluminum which can end up in your system. Usually, the amount isn’t enough to cause any harm to human health.

What does foil in crock pot do?

Foil can help with even distribution of heat, can seal in moisture, and can keep the inside of your crock pot cleaner.

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