Can You Put a Bowl in an Air Fryer…Or Will It End In Disaster?

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If you’ve copped a new air fryer and can’t wait to use it, you may find yourself pondering questions like, “Can you put a bowl in an air fryer? And if so, does it matter what type it is?” If this is you, you’ve come to the right place. Though air fryers function much like other kitchen appliances that easily heat food, they aren’t always the best choice when you want to use a container. Still, there are air fryer-safe container choices out there. Want to know which they are? Let’s delve deeper into this topic in today’s post.

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Can You Put A Bowl In An Air Fryer

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What Containers Can You Put in Air Fryer?

There are several kinds of containers you can use in your air fryer.

Before listing them, it is important to note that you may not need to use a container every time you decide to air fry something. By and large, the vast majority of items you air fry can be done so using the air fryer frying basket.

The frying basket is an accessory that comes with your air fryer that allows air to circulate and evenly cook food from all sides. Using a container may or may not block this process, so I recommend only using a container if you truly feel like you have to.

But back to the original question, and that’s what kind of container you can put in your air fryer. Air fryers can handle ceramic, steel, glass, silicone, and aluminum materials. Simply put, if you can place it in your oven, it can likely be placed in an air fryer.

Still, there are some materials I wouldn’t recommend placing in your air fryer at all. Interested to know what these materials might be? Keep reading for details!

Can You Put a Plastic Bowl in an Air Fryer?


Remember that you don’t want to place anything that isn’t already oven-safe in an air fryer. Plastics aren’t oven-safe as they will most certainly melt and cause a mess. This can be a potential fire hazard and plastic could end up in your food.

Not to mention all of the effort it would take to scrub your oven clean; if it’s even salvageable to begin with!

Because an air fryer often functions similarly to an oven, you cannot place plastics in an air fryer. Like with an oven, the plastics can melt, end up in your food, and may even prohibit your air fryer from functioning properly in the future.

Thus, it’s best to avoid placing plastic of any kind in your air fryer.

Can You Put A Bowl In An Air Fryer

Can You Put a Paper Bowl in an Air Fryer?

I do not recommend placing most kinds of paper in an air fryer. Because most paper-made items aren’t oven-safe, it is reasonable to assume they aren’t air fryer safe either.

Always be careful when choosing to place paper either in the oven, microwave, or air fryer as doing so may cause a fire.

Can You Put A Bowl In An Air Fryer

Can You Put a Ceramic Bowl in an Air Fryer?

You may be wondering if it is safe to put a ceramic bowl in air fryer. The verdict? Yes! Ceramic bowls are totally safe for the air fryer. In fact, some avid cooks like placing food items in ceramic bowls for air frying because they claim it helps the heat to distribute more evenly.

Whatever the case, rest assured that most oven-safe ceramic bowls are indeed air fryer safe.

Can You Put A Bowl In An Air Fryer

Can I Use Steel Bowl in Air Fryer?

Yes, as long as your steel bowl is marked as oven-safe, it should be able to be safely used in an air fryer with no problems.

Also, ensure that the steel bowl actually fits in the air fryer drum, as some steel bowls can be quite large, depending on their purpose for use.

Can You Put A Bowl In An Air Fryer

Can You Put a Glass Bowl in an Air Fryer?

A glass bowl is usually safe to use in an air fryer, but just as with steel bowls, you need to ensure they are oven-safe.

Glass runs the risk of exploding when it is not tempered or specially designed to handle high heat. Even glass marked as oven safe may not withstand temperatures over 425F (or less!) so be sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines before testing it out.

Can You Put Pyrex in Air Fryer?

As previously mentioned, tempered glass is usually safe to place in the oven, and this includes Pyrex.

However, remember that Pyrex glass can only withstand heat around 425 degrees F (or as specified by the manufacturer). As such, you must be careful regarding the heat settings on your air fryer when attempting to use it to heat items in Pyrex glassware.

Note: Never place a cold glass of any sort in an air fryer. It is very likely to explode because of the temperature change.

can you put a bowl in an air fryer

Can You Use Aluminum Pans in Air Fryer?

Yes, both aluminum pans and aluminum foil are safe to use in an air fryer. Just be sure to check the pan for the oven-safe symbol. Remember that checking for oven safety isn’t always about something melting or catching fire in the oven or air fryer. It is also about preventing chemicals from leaching into food, which is a common occurrence when heating various materials (including aluminum!).

Thus, it is imperative that you check for oven safety before using aluminum, or other materials, in your air fryer.

Can You Put a Bowl in an Air Fryer? Depends on the Type!

All in all, whether or not you can place a bowl in the air fryer will depend on what type of bowl you are referring to.

In general, it is safe to use ceramic, glass, aluminum, and steel options in an air fryer as long as these materials are deemed oven-safe.

To avoid potential, melting, fire hazards, and leaching of chemicals, please avoid the use of plastic and paper in your air fryer. Doing so will prevent major messes and hours of cleanup.

It just isn’t worth it!

Hope this helps!

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