Can You Mix Olive Oil And Vegetable Oil? Oil Mixing GUIDE

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If you have run out of some essential ingredients to deep fry your food, do not worry. Some ingredients can be replaced, while some can be combined. There are so many different variations and types of natural oils that you can use to cook your food. But deep frying your food requires a large amount of oil that you may not have prepared for.

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There are certain oils that have low smoke points and high smoke points. Oil that has high smoke points is fantastic for deep frying food. Both olive oil and vegetable oil have high smoke points, leaving many asking: can you mix olive oil and vegetable oil together?

In this article we will explore if you can mix olive oil and vegetable oil together and what you can use their combination for.

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Mixing Olive and Vegetable Oils

Can You Mix Olive Oil And Vegetable Oil When Frying

Vegetable oil contains a blend of different oils, such as olive oil. In most bottles of vegetable oils, olive oil will often be included in the mixture along with sunflower oil and sometimes canola oil.

Vegetable oil can be mixed in equal parts with olive oil as both oils have the same smoke point. This smoke point is on average 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature equals 204 degrees Celsius.

Both of these oils are perfect at frying food at high heat level. When mixed together, you will not notice the difference.

Can You Mix Olive Oil And Vegetable Oil When Deep Frying

Yes, mixing vegetable oil and olive oil together to deep fry works really well.

This combination of oils works together nicely as olive oil has a high smoke point that is high enough to be able to fry your food at a high temperature. Olive oil’s smoke point is between 374 degrees Fahrenheit and 405 degrees Fahrenheit. This equals 190 degrees Celsius and 232 degrees Celsius. This is a great temperature to deep fry at and will also fry your food safely.

As vegetable oil contains a mixture of different natural oils, olive oil is often combined in this mixture. This means you can add more olive oil to the mixture and it will not affect your oil.

Can You Mix Olive Oil And Vegetable Oil When Baking

Baking with olive is easy and can be the key to some of your recipes remaining moist and bound. You can easily substitute olive oil and vegetable oil for one another by using a 1:1 ratio. You can also mix the two oils together and bake with the two oils combined.

Baking with olive oil can affect the flavor of your baked goods as it does produce a distinct flavor. This flavor will only be light but will still be noticeable.

Baking with vegetable oil will not affect your baked goods as much as olive oil as it has a milder flavor. Using vegetable oil to bake can make your goods moist. It will also bind your cake together.

Can You Mix Olive Oil And Vegetable Oil For Marinade

You can combine both vegetable oil and olive oil together to make your marinade safely. There will be no complications when cooking with these two oils together.

However, combining these two oils for a marinade may not be the best choice. They taste a little different. As the two oils have different overall flavor, this could alter the way they cook in the marinade and how they will make your marinade taste.

Can You Mix Half Olive Oil And Vegetable Oil For A Salad Dressing

You can combine olive oil and vegetable oil to make a salad dressing easily. You will most likely not notice the difference. The only thing you may notice is that your salad dressing may become more neutral in flavor and have a blander taste. This is because vegetable oil is naturally not as flavorsome as olive oil is on its own.

However, vegetable oil actually contains olive oil as part of its mixture so you should not notice a difference in texture.

If you want to combine these two oils to make a salad dressing, simply pour the two oils into a jar and tightly seal the lid. Mix the two oils within the jar and then pour onto your salad.

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Olive Oil Vs Vegetable Oil

Both olive oil and vegetable oil can play important roles in our diet and nutrition. They provide key minerals and vitamins that the body needs. Comparing olive and vegetable oil to see which one is best is tricky.

Here is a full list of the health benefits that olive oil provides:

Here are the health benefits that vegetable oil provides:

  • Can lower bad cholesterol levels
  • Can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • A healthy oil for the heart
  • Rich in vitamin E
  • Improves the immune system

You Can Mix Vegetable Oil And Olive Oil Together If You Are Frying Food

If you are frying food, you can mix vegetable oil and olive oil together. They work perfectly well when combined. This is due to both oils having a high smoke point of on average 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius). This temperature is ideal for deep frying or just frying food in a pan.

Vegetable oil actually contains olive oil in its mixture. Adding a little extra olive oil will not make much of a difference.

We would recommend that you do not mix the two oils if you are baking as olive oil has a stronger taste than vegetable oil and can be overpowering in your baked goods.

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